What I can do in Anlong Veng district

What I can do in Anlong Veng district

The top things you can see and do in Anlong Veng district!

Why Anlong Veng should be in your next trip schedule? The small district of Anlong Veng, alongside the Thai border, would probably not function on many people’s tour itineraries!


There are good reasons for the adventurous and the curious to make the 150 kilometers trip north from Siem Reap.  

The remote Choam/Chong Sa-Ngam border crossing

If you drive Just 15 kilometers far from Anlong Veng border, along a paved road with good condition, you will reach to the international border between Thailand and Cambodia.

This border will be opened daily from 7 am – 8 pm. To rent a car from Anlong Veng to the border will cost approximately 8-10 dollars, which is around 3-5 dollars for a motorbike.

An international standard of a casino, operated by Cambodian good experiences hotel and gaming operator, is located just next to the border.

The services of gaming and accommodation are provided 24/7 by well-trained staff.

I guarantee that this is a place of excitement and comfortable accommodation.

Moreover, you can enjoy tasty Thai-Cambodian food that comes along with beautiful scenery from the top of Dongrek  Mount and many other pleasing matters.

I bet you would have an unforgettable trip that ends up with entertainment.


Anlong Veng: An attractive historical site

Anlong Veng is not only just a good place for gaming activities, it actually was the ultimate territory underneath the Khmer Rouge rule and, to this day, but the regime also retains a presence in the area.

For nearly a decade, this used to be the final stronghold and domestic to Pol Pot and other infamous leaders.

The area’s Khmer Rouge is a vital part of modern-day Cambodian history and evidence of the human capability for evil.

The most significant places that you should never miss are the two houses of Ta Mok, one of which lies on top of a cliff overlooking the Dangrek Mountains, and you’ll also see the remains of Pol Pot’s house.

Furthermore, you can visit his grave and the vicinity where he was once sentenced to jail.  


Pol Pot’s Grave

To know about the civil war in Cambodia or Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot and Ta Mok would be a keyword to be discovered.

It’s a peculiar spot here, first-rate in most cases for how thoroughly unremarkable the site really is. So it is followed by the question, how do you mark the last resting region of the monster?

Under the zinc roof, a lump of clay is covered with many glass bottles, most of which are buried in half of the ground.

Here is an artifact where the body of Pol Pot was burned down in 1998, where the government planned to conserve and develop among all 14 of the last Khmer Rouge shelters in The northern border region (Cambodia-Thailand).

In the case of a man, whose real name Salot Sar, responsible for the loss of the lives of nearly 2 million Cambodian people, there is little more than a stainless steel structure, which is shaped in a large rectangular block with a little Blue net.

His grave has been looked after by a man who lives in the area.

The man had tried to decorate the gravesite by planting some flowers in different colors.

You may have to spend 1$ for each person to visit this place.


Ta Mok’s house

Ta Mok, a Khmer Rouge leader, who died in 2006. His death did not seem to be significant to regular Cambodians, however, his home which was constructed in the early 1990s near the lake bare is a visitor attraction site nowadays.

At approximately one kilometer from the roundabout of Anlong Veng district, Oddar Meanchey province, to the Chong Sa-Ngam border, less than two hundred meters, it is always hectic to bring tourists to a nearby land where there are three wooden houses and a workshop built at the front. In the workshop, there is an empty metal cage that is larger than your dog’s cage.  


The cage is well-known to keep the prisoner during the time.

Under the mango trees next to the last wooden house, a broken car which is known as a mobile radio station during Ta Mok’s period is placed to show to the tourists.

People walk out into a wooden house with one of the largest pillars and say nothing until they finish their tour around the house.

In this house, the picture of Angkor Wat temples of Preah Vihear is painted on the wall.

The house does not have a back wall, it looks like it’s open to the lush greenery that grows under black firewood.  


Anlong Veng Peace Center

An Initiative of The Documentation Center of Cambodia in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.

This center is committed to memory, reconciliation, and peace-building, and it achieves these goals through peace research and genocide education.

The headquarter office is located in Anlong Veng which is known as the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge regime.

The Center is not only ambitious to grant an essential perception of Cambodia’s violent history, but it additionally seeks to bring a basic perception of distinctive theories on warfare resolution and transformation.  


What I can do in Anlong Veng district


Anlong Veng tourism, food, and accommodations

Anlong Veng, which is located along the way to Preah Vihear and to the Thai border, can also travel from Siem Reap just only two hours, this region has been developing rapidly, with at the moment

  • 14 guesthouses

  • 19 restaurants

You might not be supposed to seek for a five-star hotel in this place. Nevertheless, you can find clean and affordable accommodations in town easily.

Anlong Veng actually has a small choice of places to stay and there are not many to distinguish them accept Botuddom Guesthouse which stands above the others.


Besides that

  • Monorom Guesthouse
  • Uddom Rithy Guesthouse
  • Sophea Guesthouse
  • 23 October Guesthouse
  • New Lucky Star Guesthouse

may become your second choice to stay. At the top of Dangrek Mount, the border of Choam, you will see the splendid scenery at Ta Mok’s old house, specifically at Phnom Dangrek guesthouse. Or you can throw away the opportunity to air at Sangam Resort & Casino.  


What I can do in Anlong Veng district


Entertainment places in Anlong Veng?

There are not many places to find entertainment places, nightlife activities, brand shops, or expensive restaurants in Anlong Veng. However, if good, solid local food, few restaurants will be recommended to note in your trip plan. Let’s say

  • New Lucky Star restaurant
  • Thu Thea restaurant
  • Hea Long restaurant
  • Monorom restaurant
  • Sieng Hai restaurant

should be listed in your memo. Plus, if you don’t mind with local street food, small restaurants located surrounding the roundabout would be your destination to seek for.  


What I can do in Anlong Veng district  

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