Visiting the Langkawi Underwater World. An educating and outstanding experience

Visiting the Langkawi Underwater World. An educating and outstanding experience

Visiting the Langkawi Underwater World

It took me days of research, and I came across one fantastic place. I can hold without sharing with you all the details of this place. It is a beautiful, unique and outstanding place to visit, especially if you love aquatic animals. The Langkawi Underwater World

I have envied to travel to a place where I can get a chance to watch marine animals.

Langkawi Underwater World is one of the islands well known as an attractive place in Asia. It spread across to nearly six acres. It situated at the southern end of Pantai Cenang beside the Zon duty-free shopping Centre.

It is a big whitewashed building house which is more than 200 different species of marine and freshwater fish such as rockhopper penguins, harbour seals, giant rays as well as the Amazonian arapaima, the real biggest freshwater fish in the World.

Langkawi underwater stands as the largest marine and freshwater aquaria in South East Asia.

It is a place built to advocate and bring out the relevance of conserving aquatic life. It also used to create an understanding of the deep and unbreakable bond between the man and nature.

Besides this, it is an entertaining place for tourist who wishes to explore the underwater marine life. It is a preservation place for almost all marine animals that come across your mind.

Langkawi Underwater World is a large very famous aquarium with over 200 marine and freshwater species, underwater tunnel and 3D theatre. It is just located at a convenient place, Pantai Cenang.

Langkawi underwater world complex is divided into three main sections: Tropical Rainforest, Sub-Antarctic, and Temperate.

The Sub-Antarctic is mostly the most famous section due to the “penguinarium” houses cute little rockhopper and black-footed penguins. They influence many people to crowd in this section to get a good look. Other attractive places include an Educational Resource Centre, A three-dimensional theatre, and Cafeteria. There is also walk through an underwater tunnel tank which houses a number of fish such as giant stingrays, sharks, and turtles.

All this make Langkawi underwater world a special and magnificent place to visit. It is a lifetime experience you will live to tell. Furthermore, there are also top activities you can engage in this place.

Top three best activities in Langkawi underwater world

There are many activities you set in Langkawi underwater world to give you a thrilling experience. I will give the top best ones which you should try out.

Langkawi Underwater World admission ticket

It is an activity where you will get a ticket to Underwater World Langkawi, located Jalan Pantai Cenang Jalan Pantai Chenang, Langkawi 07000 Malaysia.

You will get your great chance to see one of the largest aquariums in Malaysia. More so you will check out over 4,000 different aquatic species which are inside the park. It is an opportunity to learn all about animals which live in a different environment such as Temperate, Tropical Rainforest, and Sub-Antarctic.

You will go through the gigantic underwater tunnel, which is 15 meters long. There you will see the giant stingrays, sharks, and green turtles. There is also an opportunity to take a pic of the penguins at the” Penguinarium” as they swim.

If you a nature lover, this activity is a must-visit. You will discover what lies underneath the deep waters of Malaysia. It will also be an educational, entertainment and knowledgeable experience.

Grab this chance to see more of the aquarium’s fascinating creatures and also attend the feeding schedules and get to learn widely about them. After done going round, there is a shopping Centre and café for a quick break and shopping.

Langkawi Underwater World and Crocodile Farm Tour

It is another key activity in Langkawi underwater world where you get close to Malaysia diverse wildlife. It is a 3 hours tour around up to the crocodile farm tour. It is s farm home to over 1,000 crocodiles of all sizes. You will get to learn how crocodiles breed and where they live. It is also an opportunity to watch as they feed as the guide tells about their life cycles.

Later you will head through the underwater tunnels and see the colourful knife fish, stingrays, and catfish as they swim overhead. It is where a place where you will gain the insight of Malaysia ecosystems. You will also get a chance to check out penguins, flamingoes, fur seals and more.

There are hotel pickups, professional guide, no food and drinks and no gratuities. You can choose if to visit in the morning or the afternoon according to your schedule.

Get to explore one of the dangerous marine mammal ponds from where it breeds, jumping pond, periodical pond to show pond. Get also to have a look at the crocodile habitats and watch as they feed in a controlled environment.

Private Full-Day Langkawi city tour with Underwater World

Langkawi Full Day Tour is the best activity which will give full experience the Island rich history as well as fantastic sights. You will enjoy by visiting Atma Alam, Eagle Square Kuah Town, Cenang Street and second-largest aquarium Underwater World.

It is one kind of tour to underwater World through 15-meter long tunnel comprising of 600, 000 litres of seawater. The tunnel houses numerous fish and ocean animals.

There are different attractions comprising of a freshwater fish section, the Koi Pond, the seashell Display, the coral Reef section, and Reptilian Section.

The underwater World in Langkawi shows calm, tropical rainforest, and sub-Antarctic biological systems. It is a place which comprises dynamite “penguinariums” with a submerged passage for tourists to see swimming penguins.

Besides these activities, there are key spots or section you should not miss when you visit Langkawi Underwater World visiting. They include;

Preview tank section

It is the largest fresh fish in the World. It is more than 8 feet and here you will see Tapah fish and freshwaters stingray; it is arapaima, Jurassic fish section.

Langkawi Underwater World. The River Ecosystem section

It is a section which is comprised of three connecting tanks with a river flowing. You will get to see species of freshwater fishes from South East Asia, North America, Africa, and Amazon as well as Australia.

All the fishes in the display include also:

Bala shark, Albino Patin, tropical Garfish, and Redtailed catfish. In this spot, you will also get a chance to see reptiles like Leopard Gecko, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Chinese Water Dragon, and Small snakes.

Langkawi Underwater World. The Tropical rainforest

It is a spot where you shall walk through aviary, which gives you an experience of being in the heart of Tropical Rainforest environment. You will have the opportunity to see the playful Ruddy shelduck and flamingoes. You will check out the flight birds like Doves, Cockatoo, and Macaws which flutter in this section. There are also Knifefish, Giant Gourami, Arowana, and Cute Furry Marmoset in the display.

Langkawi Underwater World. The Temperate section

In this spot, it features African Penguins and South American Fur Seal. It is a walkthrough 8-meter tunnel where you get to see African penguins swimming.

Langkawi Underwater World. The Sub-Antarctic section

In this section, you will get to see the Rockhopper Penguins. You will learn how they got the name out of jumping from rock to another rock. They are the smallest crested penguins.

The Hexagonal tank section

In this section which is comprised of the hexagonal tank, there are many fish species in 70,000 litres of seawater. There are also white tip shark and blacktip shark.

The Koi pond section

It is a section situated in an outdoor lush and vibrant tropical scenery with splashing sound of the cascading waterfall. Here you will see the Cichlids, and Japanese Carps together with Sultan Fish.

Langkawi Underwater World is the largest freshwater and marine aquaria in South East Asia. Upon the day it started its operation on 26 August 1995, it has attracted many tourists from all over the world to come and experience the true nature. Don’t be left out without visiting this unique place in Langkawi, Malaysia.

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