The best trekking ideas visiting Siem Reap

The best trekking ideas visiting Siem Reap

The best trekking ideas visiting Siem Reap

If you are visiting Siem Reap, the first thing that would come into your mind is the trekking ideas. If you don’t know much about it then you should know that it is a resort town that lies on the north-western side of the beautiful and mesmerizing Cambodia. Trekking ideas visiting Siem Reap can be fundamental for your outdoor experience!

This place is blessed with art as it is full of beautiful temples and recently it has become very popular amongst the tourists and they want to visit this place due to the trekking opportunities because it is always fun and adventure.

In case you are one of those people that wants a quick adventure then you should go to Siem Reap. For the purpose of ease of all the adventure junkies out there here is a proper guide for visiting Siem Reap. Especially, for trekking ideas.

Let us start with the top three options that you have in regard to trekking in Siem Reap, it is for the people who are visiting the place for a few days.

If you have a lot of days with you then do not miss the chance to visit every bit of the place. Siem Reap has so much in the store for you, as in strenuous treks and relaxed hikes. There are well-made trails, where you can enjoy each type of adventure.

Let us make sure that we find out the top place for trekking in Siem Reap.

The Kulen Mountain Waterfall Trekking in Siem Reap

If you do not know where is this place located, then you need to focus on the northern side of Siem Reap because it has a lot to show you.

The Kulen Mountain is a popular spot amongst the tourists, it was known as the Ancient Capital back in the 8AD which was under the rule of King Jayavarman II.

Not only that it is also famous for being the ancient capital but the mountains of Kulen were also known as one of the largest stone quarries.

The stone that was taken from these quarries was utilized in order to build the temples by the Kingsmen in Angkor.

The waterfall that is situated at the Kulen mountain is also known as an ancient and heritage site because when you go over there you will be witnessing the water flowing from the top of the Kulen mountain, straight in the Tonle Sap Lake which is in Cambodia.

This is known as the biggest lake in Southeast Asia.

What will you see in the Trek to Kulen Mountains

The trek that you are going to start will be initiating from the bottom which is known as the foot of Mount Kulen and you will be witnessing the huge elephant statues over there.

These statues are built but the Jayavarman II in order to symbolize the Hinduism.

Then comes the muddy track, which is fun and difficult because you have to walk on it in order to reach the Preah Ang Jub and you can enjoy the freshwater from the spring.

There is a Buddhist temple there on the way to the top. While walking ahead, you will be reaching the Valley of Thousand Lingas that has the river water flowing along.

The Lingams symbolizes Lord Shiva, not only that you will be also witnessing the depictions of other lords such as Rahma, Vishu, Shiva, Lakshami, and Hanuman.

There are a variety of statues over there that are definitely a piece of art and a symbol of religious beliefs. If you didn’t know an interesting fact about the Siem Reap River then you should know before you visit it because it is believed that the water is a blessing as in it is blessed by the lords.

Then you will be continuing the trekking towards the Preah Ang Thom, when you reach over there you will see a Buddhist temple right there which is home to statues of Buddha that are 15m huge. These statues were carved out of the sandstone blocks.

The people come here normally for religious purposes especially from Cambodia and Asia.

You should not forget to visit the jungle that is situated below, you just have to take a moment and look around the entire range of mountains from Preah Ang Thom temple.

Most of the trekkers are interested in exploring the jungle. There is a freshwater pool in which you can swim your heart out and you will not feel tired any more. It will feel like all the hectic trekking is worth it. This is a worth it experience.

The best trekking ideas visiting Siem Reap

Time to complete the trek

In case you are concerned about the duration of the trek then you should know that it will be taking around 4 hours. In order to hike this mountain range, you need to have a day free and it is possible that it will take more than a day to cover the entire place.

You also have the option to stay at the campsite which is situated near the Preah Kral pagoda where you can spend time and witness the sky full of stars. It’s better to go with a tour company because they will be taking care of meals and all.

The Level of Difficulty: As far as the level of difficulty concerned, it is easy and one can say that it is moderate. There is no doubt that the trek is suitable for beginners.

Some of the useful tips

Make sure that you wear full clothing which is basically covering your whole body as in your legs and arms. We are saying this because you need to keep in mind that there are so many leeches you will be encountering in the jungle. They will be sticking around your legs and arms, so it is better to take the precautionary measures beforehand.

You should be carrying an extra pair of clothes with you because obviously you will be swimming and spending the night there.

You should keep lotions and mosquito repellents with you because you need to take the precautionary measures, as you are entering a jungle.

If you do not know the Kulen Nature Trials group is one of the most known tours to Siem Reap.

Going to Mondulkiri Province

It is situated near the Phnom Penh, which is known as the capital of Cambodia, not only that but it is a hub of French Colonial palaces and Khmer Empire.

It is situated on the junction of the Mekong, Tonle Sap, and Bassac Rivers. This city has to offer you a lot, if you have a love for ancient architecture then this place is for you. The name is given before the Wat Phnom, which is also referred to as the Hill Temple. It is one of those where you will see Buddhism at its best.

There are five huge statues of Buddha that are on the top of the man-made hill and if you do not know it is 27 meters above the level of the sea.

In case you are concerned about the history of this temple then the history goes back to 1373 when Daun Penh who is referred to as the Grandma Penh amongst the locals of the area. The Daun Pehn is known for finding and saving the five statues of the Buddha that were floating in the river of Mekong.

What will you see in Mondulkiri Province?

The province of Mondulkiri, it is situated on the north-eastern side on the Phnom Penh can be reached by a six-hour bus ride.

It is a dense jungle, but still is a favorite of the tourists, the province of Mondulkiri gives you a great chance to experience it in life that how a dense jungle full of waterfalls and adventure looks like.

There are wild-animals obviously but the most you will be encountering would be the elephants and birds.

There are many local tours available there, that are taken by the local residents who would be taking you to the adventure of the jungle, and we suggest going by a tour because they obviously know better than a person who is visiting the place for the very first time.

If you are an animal lover, it will be a good feeling to know that there is a Cambodian NGO named as Mondulkiri Project that has provided shelters and homes to the herds of elephants within the jungle, there are elephant sanctuaries in the area as well.

As we have mentioned earlier that you need to be an animal lover in case you want to enjoy the elephants over there.

You can feed them, walk around with them. You will be witnessing them as they march in the jungle, it is quite a sight to see the elephants chewing on the bamboos. There are some of the tribesmen who are offering and have planned accommodations for the tourists.

They provide this facility in their homes, if you choose to stay there it means that you are living with the Mondulkiri.

There is a lot more than elephants over there, you will be getting information and knowledge about the Bunong culture and how they are spending their lives in the Mondulkiri.

Duration of the Hiking trek

In order to complete this hiking trek, you need to keep in mind that you might have to hike for two to four days of the time period.

It totally depends upon your speed and experience, in case you are not a beginner it would not take that long. It also depends on the fact that what areas you would like to cover. In case you do not have that much time then you can choose the option of hiking with the officials at the Mondulkiri Project.

Level of Difficulty

This track will be completed by the experts easily, in case you are a beginner it can be hard so we can say that the trek is easy to hard and it is obviously recommended for the beginners.

Some of the useful tips for hiking there

As it is a common tip, but for a hike which might take more than a day you should be keeping an extra pair of clothes and shoes, it is going to help you a lot. Regardless of the fact that you are going to stay over there or not, backup always helps.

You should be packing some snacks and extra food along with you because you might not like the local food there. The taste developed by them and the cooked food is different as they use different sorts of ingredients. You might not appreciate the food so you can pack your own along.

The people of Bunong are not good at providing you the essentials such as the towels, sanitary facilities, and napkins you might need to keep all of this along with you. In order to avoid the difficulty.

Another common tip is keeping the raincoats, mosquito repellents and any long socks because there can be an encounter with the leeches.

How to reach Phnom Penh from the Siem Reap

It will be taking you around five and a half hours because the distance is around 311 kilometers from the Siem Reap. When you are going to go by a van then it will be costing you around INR 900 but it is a one-way price.

In case you want to take the van then we can suggest you take the Siem Reap Virak Buntham Express. This has a frequency of one hour.

We can also give you a suggestion of stopping over at the Phnom Penh and then from there you can take a guided tour, this tour will be taking you to the trek of Mondulkiri province.

The Kep Mountains

Situated near the Krong Kampot, you will be witnessing a mixed culture over there as the architecture belongs to French and Chinese. The river of Kampot is known as a very beautiful location in the Kampot. Most of the locals and tourists prefer to enjoy the sunset by the river.

The Kampot town is known for its eateries so we would suggest not to miss that. The best part of this tour is obviously going to be the Kep Mountains and these are situated like on a distance of 30 minutes from the main city.

What will you get to see over there?

It is known as the best experience amongst the tourists, because there are dense forests with the view you will never forget.

This hike is most of the times is referred to as the “Staircase to the heaven”, which also means it is a heaven on earth and you will be ending up on the most beautiful sunset rock, a pagoda and a nunnery.

The Kep National Park consists of another beautiful and mesmerizing hiking trail which is situated in the heart of the Kep peninsula where the home to wild-life exists especially you might witness the spy monkeys there.

In case you are a professional biker, or just love to have the experience of mountain and dirt biking then the Kep Mountains are the best because you can explore the entire place on the dirt bikes.

The total duration of the hike

The hike is around 8 kilometers so we can say that you might be covering it in half a day.

The level of difficulty

It is easy and is recommended for beginners. You should start here and then cover the hard hiking treks.

Some useful tips

It is a suggestion that you should wear stout shoes and your clothes need to be full.
You should be carrying a water bottle along with back up and mosquito repellent.
You need to keep a first aid kit along.

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