Where do you see tigers in Thailand?

Where do you see tigers in Thailand?

Where do you see tigers in Thailand?

The important tips for where to see the tigers in Thailand!


As travel guides gurus in especially for travelers touring Southeast Asia, many people ask us this question. When it comes to seeing these magnificent beasts there are two options for you.

You can opt to see them in captivity and if you are adventurous enough you can opt to see them in the wild. Just like in other countries in Southeast Asia, wild animals belong to the government.

This means that all the tigers in Thailand belong to the government. But if a person has the license he or she can breed tigers and use them to make money.  


So where are the tigers in Thailand?


There are several places which you can visit and get to see the tigers or even play with them. For a long time, the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi was the top destination for all the tiger lovers.

This Buddhist temple got its first baby tiger in 1999.

From the outside, it seemed just an ordinary temple with monks living harmoniously with tigers and many people would enjoy being in this place.

Many would pose for photos with these big cats as others enjoyed watching the adult tigers play tricks.

But the organization was controversial and allegations of illegally breeding tigers and even trafficking were made.

In 2016 the temple was shut down after it was revealed that there was illegal trafficking of tigers with 40 cubs found dead, other 20 in jars of formaldehyde plus items made of tiger teeth.  


Are there other places where I can see tigers in Thailand?



There are several places where you can visit and get to watch the magnificent big cats.

We are going to be exploring some of these destinations and we can guarantee you that they will be worth your time.

Thailand is actually the best place you can visit if you want to see tigers. In addition to the view of the tigers, Thailand offers some of the best tourists’ top destinations for hiking lovers, awesome beaches, and you can be sure of tasting the best food ever made!

Thailand is going to make your trip memorable and the people here are very friendly.  


Which are the best places to see tigers in Thailand?


The tiger temple was not the end of seeing tigers in Thailand. There are still some top destinations that you can visit and get to see and touch tigers.

These places are very affordable and they are going to provide you with an unforgettable experience.  

Chiang Mai Tiger Kingdom and Tiger Kingdom Phuket are usually the choices since the closure of the disgraceful tiger temple.

  Where do you see tigers in Thailand?


Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai.


The tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai gives an experience that is unforgettable. You will get a chance to interact with both young cubs and adolescent tigers.

In Chiang Mai tiger kingdom you can practically do anything with the Tigers. Enjoy bottle feeding baby tigers and bravely pose with the adolescent plus the big guys.

Some people will lie to you that the Tigers are sedated but there is no truth about that.  


Did you know?


The facilities that the Tigers are provided with are very cleaning and possibly the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai might be the best place to see and touch tigers in the world.

The management assigns a guide to help the visitors and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

You can also hire a photographer to take excellent photos of your trip as you concentrate on the real fun.


  The tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai is open each and every day from 9 Am to 6 Pm.


A 2 to 4 hours trip to the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai will be enough to stick memories that are going to stay at the back of your mind for eternity.  

How do I get the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai?


You really don’t need to book a tour because there are lots of cabs that can drive you to Chiang Mai at a very affordable cost.

All the cab drivers know where the tiger kingdom since it is the place they go most anyway.

Expect to pay about 500 baht for you, your wife and two children.

You normally pay the taxi upon arrival so you can be sure the chances of getting ripped off are very minimal.  


Where do you see tigers in Thailand?


How long can I spend with the tigers?


Because there are a lot of people in the kingdom who want some time with the Tigers, each group is given a maximum of 15 minutes but the time can extend up to 20 minutes if you get their photographer.  

Are the tigers sedated?


The tigers in the tiger kingdom Chiang Mai are not sedated and they are actually very active and friendly.

One sign that they are not sedated is the fact that the adult tigers are very unpredictable even with the professional staff, and in Chiang Mai, there is no tiger that is older than 30 months.  


Is the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai safe?


So far so good, nobody has been reported dead. The professionals offer you a very safe way to enjoy your moment in the tiger kingdom. So yes! The kingdom is very safe.  


Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai


The Tiger Kingdom in Phuket.


Just like the tiger kingdom in Chiang Mai, this one in Phuket offers you an opportunity to interact with tigers of all ages and pose photos with the big ones if you want.

The Tigers are raised by hands captivity since birth so you can be sure that they are very friendly. The tiger kingdom is attractive and very clean located in Kathu Thailand.

When you are entering the kingdom, you will be required to sign a waiver just in case of an accident, but that is just procedure so don’t panic that something will happen to you.


 The tiger kingdom in Phuket is open from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening.  


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