Things to do in Langkawi

Things to do in Langkawi for a fantastic weekend

Things to do in Langkawi for a fantastic weekend

The region is famous for its fairy tale beaches and crystal clear waters. This is one a must-visit haven for anyone traveling to Malaysia. Here are the top places to visit and things to do in Langkawi during your next visit or your next weekend adventure!

Langwaki, or ”the Jewel of Kedah”

A beautiful archipelago of 99 islands that is located about 30 km off the mainland coast of Malaysia in the Andaman sea. The place became a tourist hotspot after it was given a tax-free status in 1987.

Underwater World

The Underwater World in Langkawi will be nothing short of a haven for people interested in aquatic lifeforms. You can take a walk through a 15 Km long underwater tunnel in which you will be able to see sharks, green turtles, and giant stingrays closer than you ever would have. There are over 500 different species of aquatic life for you to be awed by, including seahorse, mandarin ducks, flamingos, harbor seals, and rockhopper penguins. You should schedule your visit to the Underwater world right after your arrival or right before your departure as it is located only within a 15 min drive from the airport.

Langkawi Cable Car

The Langkawi Cable Car takes you through a picturesque 15-minute journey to the top of Mat Cincang mountain. Go to the top of the mountains for the best pictures ever in Langkawi The ride gives you amazing aerial views of waterfalls, islets, rainforest, and many other beautiful places in Langkawi. Once you reach the top of Mt Mat Cincang you will be able to enjoy a cool breeze and take photographs of the amazing view at the observation deck. It is open on all days except Saturdays, so plan your trip accordingly.

Paradise 3D Museum

The standard artwork galleries are a thing of the past, we need to come to the 21st century. The parkside 3D museum features over 200 artworks that seem to pop to life each time you click a picture. The three-story building hosting this museum is split into nine zones, they are classics, safari, landscapes, Egyptian, Malaysian, optical illusion, aquatic, fantasy, and castles. This place is located near the Cable Car station in Oriental Village, so you can save time by clubbing these two activities together on the same day.

Langkawi Mangrove Safari Boat Tour

The mangroves of Langwaki are filled with a diverse variety of flora and fauna for you to discover and enjoy. You will be accompanied by a guide, who will be proficient in both English and Malay. The guide will tell you about the various species that you spot and how the mangrove is an important part of maintaining the ecological balance of the region. You will also be able to enjoy a pleasant lunch in a floating restaurant. You could even plant mangrove trees during your trip, provided that mangrove fruits are available. It is crucial that you wear comfortable clothes and do not carry huge luggage with you. You can even bring towels and sunscreen if you wanna swim. Things to do in Langkawi for a fantastic weekend

Malaysian Jungle Trekking

The beautiful rainforest of Langkawi is one of the true hidden gems of the region. You can take a 6 km long trek through this ancient forest and look at trees that are centuries old.

Completely surrounded by nature

You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful symphony orchestra by birds as you walk through this dense forest. You will be accompanied by a guide who can take you through the proper trials and spot out any animals or attractions within your vicinity. The entire jungle is filled with exotic animals and beautiful scenes for you to discover and start getting excited by. You are advised, by me and all locals, to bring insect repellant along with you as the rainforest is also lush with insects. You should wear comfortable clothes to ease your trek, avoid dark colors as they tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes. Wear proper footwear and as sandals and flip flops are not allowed.

Geopark Eco Zipline Adventure

The only thing better than walking through a picturesque forest is to zipline through it. The Geopark Eco Zipline Adventure gives you amazing aerial views of the oldest rainforest in the world, the park is actually a UNESCO site. The 12 ziplines allow you soar along with eagles and seagulls and even get a beautiful view of the seven wells waterfall as you fly over it. At the final section of the adventure, you can rappel down from the final platform for an adrenaline-filled end. You will also be given a welcome drink that contains lemongrass to sharpen your senses.

Kayaking and swimming

One of the best ways to enjoy the mangroves of Langkawi is to kayak through it. You will be able to criss-cross along with the trees that thrive between the sea and land. You will be able to observe the beautiful birds, including kingfishers, herons, and kites, as you move through the forest. You will also be able to see mudskippers and fiddler crabs.

Enjoying so many of the typical everyday island life views

You might even observe a fishing station that local fishermen use as their base. You will also be able to hike through the forests. You will be provided with a local meal that will let you enjoy the unique cuisine of the locals. You could also jump into jungle pools and swim while enjoying the pleasant setting around you. You will be provided with a guide to help you out. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a change of clothes along with you. Things to do in Langkawi for a fantastic weekend

Birdwatching Tour

Langkawi is home to a diverse range of birds that excites every little ornithology fanatic. You will be able to see many birds up close and observe their intriguing behaviors. You can even spend your time searching for the largest birds of Langkawi. You will be accompanied by a local guide who can guide you to the various hotspots for birds and can identify the species for you. In this tour: You will be easily able to spot Moorhens, Little Grebes, Pond Herons, Lesser Whistling-Ducks, Little Egrets, Little Herons, Striated Swallows, and Needle-tailed Swifts. If you have kids along with you, it is best to avoid this tour as they can get bored.

Island Hopping Tour – A huge MUST

Not every island of the archipelago is bustling with humans, there are actually quite a few that are uninhabited. On the tour, you will visit some of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago, including Beras Basah, Singa Besar, and Dayang Bunting. You could lay back under a palm tree in these islands and enjoy the unspoiled landscape.

Such a natural experience!

You will be able to see monkeys and peacocks living in their natural habitat without being affected by human interventions.

You will also be able to see the majestic eagles soar from the sky to catch food on the water’s surface. You should wear comfortable clothes and bring along sunscreen and a change of clothes. You can also participate in activities like parasailing, snorkeling, and banana boat.

Fishing Trip by Boat with a Local

Catching fish can be a relaxing and adrenaline filled activity at the same time. In this trip, you will be accompanied by a local who will teach you the basics of the art of fishing and take you to the various hotspots of fish across the Andaman sea. You will be able to catch snappers, groupers, and many other varieties of fishes. Pack enough potable water and snacks to get you through the duration of the trip.

Sunset Cruise

You will be able to spend your evening on board a beautiful boat and enjoy the amazing sunset. You will be provided with unlimited drinks during the cruise and a delicious BBQ dinner that will leave your taste buds excited. This will be the beautiful romantic gateway that you and your partner have wanted for a very long time. You could also jump into the waters to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the region, but do bring your own towel if you plan on doing this.

Jet Ski Tour of the islands of Dayang Bunting

While a tour on a motorized boat driven by someone else is fun, it is nowhere as fun as hopping on a jet ski and speeding around the beautiful islands of Dayang Bunting. You can enjoy
  • the rocky outcrops
  • scenic hills
  • the abundant jungles of the region
You can even trek through the beautiful forests or kayak through the calm waters. You could even jump in and swim in the largest freshwater lake in Malaysia. If you do not know how to operate a jet ski, there are trainers there to assist and train you. Chose carefully your best option for the Hotel or resort, to make your stay plenty of satisfaction! I used to get my weekend Hotel in Langkawi.

Pantai Cenang Beach

This is one of the busiest beaches towns on the entire island of Langkawi. The beach of Pantai Cenang is dotted with delicious restaurants, pleasant cafes, and shops. Most of the hotels and resorts in the region are also located within a short distance of the beach, so you will be able to take a pleasant walk to the beach every day directly from your room. The region also has many excellent spas that let you enjoy a relaxing time right next to the waves.

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