Things to do in Khao Lak. How to go and what to do in khao Lak!

Things to do in Khao Lak

Things to do in Khao Lak

A due introduction to Khao Lak and to best things to do in Khao Lak


When looking for a base to explore the beauty of the world, Khao Lak is the best one among all other options. It is located in province Phang Naga. It is present at the top that’s why it is the ideal place to visit in Thailand.

Plenty of amazing things to do in Khao Lak, as the real beauty and charms of Thailand are present under the veil of Khao Lak.

Khao Lak is always kind of a very quiet place, I have been there in summers (May, August) as well as in January or February, and I have always seen a very relaxed and sit back atmosphere, many families, many diver centers and divers, nature lovers like me who went there mostly to do trekking.

Bottom line you do not go to Khao Lak if you are looking for night fun and parties, I promise you would really feel in the wrong place.

The way to reach Khao Lak, the way to acquire cash, atm, bank, that resort to select, things to do, things to see, leading to the most important attraction, neighborhood history along with tips and tips regarding the region.


Transportation to Khao Lak


Khao Lak is about 750 km away from Bangkok. You can travel by bus or by taxi. It is a long-distance of about 12 hours due to the bad conditions of the road.

Night traveling is not recommended as poor lightening.

An airplane is also available for this traveling.

From Bangkok to Phuket, you can come by flight and then from Phuket to Khao Lak, bus or taxi can be used.

The remaining distance is just 55 min almost.

Some luxury buses are also providing service from Bangkok to Phuket and some have a stop at Khao Lak.

So, you can go there either by bus or by air.

The following things are necessary to do in Khao Lak if you ever visit this natural place.


Things to do in Khao Lak. How to go and what to do in khao Lak!


How to get to Khao Lak?


If you will visit south of Thailand for the first time, you might have a question in your mind about the possible ways to reach Khao Lak.

This how you can connect easily Khoa Lak into your travel plan to Thailand and other ASEAN countries as well.


Get to Khao Lak By Plane


The simplest way to reach Khao Lak would be always to venture flying to Phuket from the many direct flight incoming destinations available.

The list is really huge as you can fly directly to Phuket from main international hubs such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Min.

You can also reach by flying at Krabi airport, even though it is not the closest airport. You may take the bus or a cab to Khao Lak out there. Both airports serve both national and global destinations.


Let’s take Phuket airport as your best choice!


Once you will arrive at Phuket airport, you can get to Khao Lak by taxi, a normal and regular fair price would be around 1,100-1,500 THB.

This is actually dependent upon the number of people in your crew or if you are solo or in couple, and will depend also upon where at Khao Lak you are interested in being dropped off to end the transfer directly to your Hotel or Resort.

If you believe this is pricey but is not (imagine that just a car from Phuket airport to Patong, for a 45 minutes drive, has always a cost of 700 to 800 THB). By the way, you can always decide instead to have a bus transfer from Phuket to Khao Lak.

In this case, you would need to access the main road approximately 5 kilometers away from the airport to Highway 4, here wait patiently on the side of the road to get a bus to pass.

To get a bus, choose one going bus directed to Takuapa, Ranong or Surat Thani. These bus lines stop in Khao Lak upon direct request in the road you signify.

Another way is to take a bus direct to Phuket town bus station. Once you are here you can then change to a bus to Khao Lak (this route takes about 3 h +).

Here the fares can vary from 80-120 THB; some buses will be air-conditioned, some will not be.


How far is Khoa Lak from Phuket airport?


From Phuket airport to Khao Lak is approximately 100 kilometers (roughly 1.5 hours by automobile or 2.5 hours by bus).


Getting into Khao Lak By Train


Surat Thani will be the train station of your choice.

You can be planing to reach Khao Lak from Bangkok or any other station in the route such as Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chumphon taking a train out of Bangkok-Surat.

Bangkok to Surat full route is going to take approximately 12 hours, better is on a night coach.

I would for sure recommend it, it is possible, to take Air-conditioned first class, or at least a good second class, as I am sure you want to possibly get a great sleep.


Is taking a train from Bangkok to Surat convenient?

Taking a train may be somewhat inconvenient because as soon as you arrive at Surat Thani, you’ll need to have a bus from the railway station to Khao Lak, which requires another four hours.

The bus ticket to Khao Lak ought to be usually around 300 THB.

See the railroad available tickets and options as well as the schedule.


You can also get to Khao Lak by Bus

A simple way to reach Khao Lak can be also choosing a bus transfer.


Keep in mind that there are no buses then have departure point or arrival point at Khao Lak, but they will all be passing by Khao Lak, so you’ll be able to stop there.

Should you choose a bus from Bangkok, Chumphon, Phuket, Ranong, or even Surat Thani, they all come through Khao Lak.


Where buses will stop in Khao Lak?

The majority of the buses would make a short stop at Nangtong Supermarket, situated straight in Khao Lak center, some other bus lines can stop by in the BKS (Baw Kaw Saw) Bus Terminal.

BKS is a tiny terminal, it is situated near the brand new market in Khuk Khak (approximately 10 mins drive to Khao Lak Center).


Bangkok to Khao Lak bus


If you’re traveling from Bangkok, it is possible to choose a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal (“Sai Tai Mai” in Thai). It departs around 19:30 PM and requires approximately 11-12 hours.

The purchase cost is all about 970 THB to get VIP 24 seats bus., I guarantee you need to get the 24 seats, there is enough space to relax and nap, space that you won’t get on the other more packed buses setups.

Please look for costs and program in 1StopBangkok.


If you decide to go from Bangkok airport in Bangkok to Khao Lak remember you will need to move from the airport to Bangkok city center bus station.

Much better! Bus from Bangkok to Khao Lak, you can reserve a night bus or bus from Bangkok to Khao Lak Center, it requires approximately 11h. Get VIP 24 seat bus so you can get some good sleep!


Chumphon to Khao Lak bus


if you are in Chumphon you can take the bus directed to Phuket. It is a 5 to 6 hours day trip to get there at Khao Lak.

This bus line, once arrived in Khao Lak, will stop by near the Nang Thong Supermarket, on the opposite side of the street. This Bus price is normally about 270 THB.


Phuket to Khao Lak bus


I talked already about the Phuket bus options for you. More choices at the bus station in Phuket, Have a bus Takuapa, Ranong or Surat Thani.

Tickets cost approximately 90 THB plus it takes approximately 2.5 hours to Khao Lak.

Departure time in 06:30, 09:00, 11:40, 13:00, 15:40, 16:20, 17:00, 17:50.


Krabi to Khao Lak bus


Buses departing Khao Lak can be found close to Nang Thong grocery store or in the BKS bus channel in Khuk Khak.


From Koh Tao or Koh Samui to Khao Lak


You need now to take the ferry to Surrathani then a bus (4h) out of Surrathani into Khao Lak.

Other choices you have


I know that your choice will also depend on the holiday budget that you already planned. From any of these destinations, in particular from Krabi, Phuket, Surrathani, you can also choose to get a cab or a minivan, based upon your travel time available too.


By Krabi, a minibus is into Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.

By Phuket, a minibus is into Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.

By Surrathani, a minibus is into Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.

By Krabi, a car to Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.

By Phuket, a car is into Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.

By Surrathani, a car is into Khao Lak. All travel brokers in Krabi market tickets.


If you like to hear from me, the easiest way to get to Khao Lak is arriving at Phuket airport! The easiest and the most comfortable road too!

Well is always drove motorbike from Phuket to Khao Lak during my visits, this being said, I am very familiar with Phuket life and Phuket to Khao Lak has always been part of my time.


Phuket Airport to Khao Lak Taxi or Khao Lak to Phuket Airport


One thing is very important to consider:

Do not wait to be there outside the airport to get a taxi, it could be your worst choice to get a random driver at a high price. Save your time and money booking it before!

The taxi rate from the airport is a lot more expensive if you choose one on the spot.

If you are looking for an affordable taxi service from Phuket airport to Khao Lak or from Khao Lak to Krabi, Phang-Nga or other destinations, plan ahead and book your taxi. Facts:


  • Book in advance and save money
  • If you take a taxi on arrival it’s a lot more expensive
  • Unfortunately, there is no direct share vans or buses between the airport and Khao Lak
  • Taxi is the easiest, fastest and best way to reach your hotel in Khao Lak


The driver will wait for you at the airport with a sign at your name, he will then drive you safely to your hotel or destination.


About Khao Lak


Khao Lak was ruined by the Tsunami of 2004, today fully reconstruct, the little city supplies all essential commodities for your amusement.

Between its gorgeous laid black beaches, low-key restaurants, Khao Lak has everything in it. It is the well-known scuba diver mecca.

Divers come here during all the seasons and enjoy their lives at best.

Beautiful coral reefs, rich marine life, and turtles of different races welcome the tourists.

Khao Lak is simply bursting with nature. A natural place where the serene environment is waiting for you is Khao Lak.

You go there and everything there will be attractive and simply make your tour awesome.

Different color turtles will feel you like you are in the world of animal, and only for you turtles are showing off themselves.


There is also a turtle festival in Khao Lak which is celebrated in the first week of March every year.


Khoa Lak attractions, for all types of travelers


Khao Lak always amuses all types of visitors. During high season from November to April, Khao Lak is full of visitors because, on the never-ending shore of Khao Lak, a number of sports are played in that season.

Water sports, beach volleyball, scuba diving are the main activities in that season on the shore of Khao Lak.

During the low season, from May to October, Khao Lak also has visitors but in fewer numbers.

That numbers are more than all other visitors on other beaches because Khao Lak rough beach allows people to dive and play a number of sports.

This festival is celebrated every year during the first week of March. Young turtle hatchlings travel to the sea from the Thai Muang national beach.

Young volunteers are also part of that celebration. They are often aware of the turtle conversation and the projects about that conversation that they were going on.


Khao Lak beach and which one to visit?

Khao Lak Beach

Which one to the visit?


Khao Lak Memories Beach

Beautiful sandy beach from the big hotel, if you’d like a quiet stay or a great spot to unwind away in the crowd, that is it, on the shore a wonderful pub restaurant (Memories Bar), very friendly staff, you are able to as well lease a surf plank in the surf shop and pub owner Chin.

One of my favorite locations!

How to get there: Drive north of Khao Lak, pass the gas station 1 km on the left you’ll visit an elephant camp, then turn left just before that, a little sign indicates the dirt road to memories shore then keep going till you discover the ocean.


Khai Lak North Bang Niang Beach

Bang Niang, 3 kilometers north of Khao Lak is the 2nd principal touristic village in the region, the shore has hotel all of the way, should you move down the main road to the shore then turn all of the ways up!

You’ll discover a wonderful restaurant on the shore and no longer resorts then, a pleasant please to get a cherry shark along with lunch!!


Khao Lak White Sand Beach. Where I spent most of my time!

Manner north of Khao Lak White sand Beach is among the shore around Khao Lak.


Khao Lak White Sand Beach


Nangthong shore

At the Middle of Khao Lak


Bangsak Beach

North of Khao Lak, a great deal of nice hotel up there, but it is just a bit.


Merlin Beach

South of Khao Lak, pass on the mountain and the Khao Lak Lam Ru National Park, this beach as a stage, which I will inform you whether you come and visit !!


Beach Hopping in Khao Lak


If you are exploring Khao Lak, then you should visit Khao Lak beaches. They are near the best dining places.

They are present at the walking distance so a visitor can easily go there and enjoy themselves. Nang Thong Beach is a popular spot due to its location.

You don’t need any transportation to visit that beach and it is simple to explore the beauty of Khao Lak.

Khao Lak beach is located about 5km from on land and it is more peaceful and less populated as its counterparts. Mostly, people come here and stay for days to regain their peace of mind.


Beach Hopping in Khao Lak


Famous events in Khao Lak

The Turtle Festival Khao Lak


Turtles come to the shore from November to April to lay their eggs.

Turtles are amphibians as they can live both on land as well as in water so that there is no issue for them to lay eggs on land and then their young ones move towards the sea.

For conversation purposes, turtles are kept in the nursery.

They keep turtles in the nursery until turtles are large enough to release back to the sea.

If you are in Khao Lak during this precious time, then you should visit turtle conservatory or to the beach itself.



of seven species of turtles, five are present in Khao Lak. You can see five species of turtles there hence, Khao Lak is the largest habitat of turtles.

Turtles may find all types of food and all luxuries in Khao Lak, that’s why they are there to show their presence and to amuse all visitors.


The International Tsunami Museum:

As we all know that destruction occurs as a result of the tsunami, so does the Thai tsunami. A number of people were killed in that tsunami. It was a great breakthrough for Khao Lak.

All the businesses were disturbed as a result of destruction. The buildings were made flat and raze to the ground.

Everyone was in a miserable condition. Then the destructive parts of the island and other things are placed in a museum as a memorable.

It was a great tsunami in the history of Khao Lak. Khao Lak museum is a live proof of destruction that was occurred at that time.

A police boat was there about 1km on the road to and tsunami that destroyed all things with that boat and the people on it. That boat is still there in that place as a memory.

All the family and friends of the locals were killed in that tsunami.


Soak in Khao Lak Hot Springs


After the tiresome trekking in Khao Lak, reward yourself by soaking in hot springs. There are two hot springs in Khao Lak located at some distance and away from each other.


  1. KAPONG HOT SPRING: it Is located in Khao Lak Ram Lu. It has an entrance fee as well so double-check the fee from your hotel. Don’t forget to enjoy this hot spring as it acts as the reliever of pains and other tiredness of the whole long day.
  2. BAN BOR DAN HOT SPRING: it is located near the Thai Muang national park. It is also hot spring and a good addition to the natural beauty of Khao Lak. People often visit this place after the tiresome tasks and then take a deep breath here. it has also an entrance fee.


Khao Lak National Parks Trekking


National parks are also a museum of live animals. In Khao Lak, there are two national parks and both of them are amazing to visit.

A worth-visiting thing in Khao Lak is a national park. Two national parks are present. One is Thai Muang national park. It is 125 square meter and it has a variety of animals and other things.

The next one is Lam Ru national park. Both have a number of tropical forests and waterfalls. You can enjoy waterfalls there and hot spas also.


Khao Lak Lamru National Park


Things to do in Khao Lak. How to go and what to do in khao Lak!


Khao Lak Lamru national park spelled Lam Ru or Khao Lak-Lam Ru, is the park in Khao Lak.

Khao Lak region is surrounded by mountain and subtropical evergreen woods and waterfalls, regions of the region are to protect and known as Khao Lak Lamru National Park.

The park covers 4 distinct districts with an entire surface of 125 square kilometers.

This park’s coast component was damaged from the Tsunami of 2004, today has regrown, there isn’t any trace of the damages, fortunately.

The maximum mountain of the playground culminate at 1,077 m, two chief rivers cross the region, Phang-Nga river and Takuapa river, together with these rivers a big ecosystem of the mangrove draw marine and animal life.

The most typical visited part of Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park is that the cliffside only 3 kilometers south of Khao Lak.


The Way to Reach Lamru National Park?


When you are in Khao Lak:

Drive south leadership Phuket, only after the police station up the mountain you’ll come across the park’s entrance.

There are 2 entrances, the first one is if you would like to visit the restaurant or perform the three km trekking (bring some sneakers ), the trek is a tiny route, not recommend when you have children.

Very pleasant trekking on the edge of this woods with two or three pleasant viewpoints.

The trail’s conclusion to arrive with a beach in a bay that is great, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. It is possible to go up with all the path to the road and back to the road into the police station.

The second entry is much more for the family, using a massive trail going down to the shore.

Easy accessibility, you are able to spend the afternoon there, there’s a tiny rack who sells drinks and water right on the shore.


Things to do in Khao Lak. How to go and what to do in khao Lak!


When you are in Phuket


Lamru national park is situated 120 km north of Phuket. Drive northwest of Phuket management Khao Lak, a couple of kilometers after passing Taplamu village (near the pier), a mountain road begins and you’re able to come across the entry of the park around the side of this road.


Lamru National Park restaurant

There’s a wonderful restaurant having a sea view, Thai neighborhood food served it is quite yummy, and seafood is a. Do not anticipate any European meals, this can be Thai style restaurant with food that is good.


Lamru National Park Climate

The climate is exactly the same has Khao Lak Seasons, using a sterile \hot season and a rainy season please consult Khao Lak Seasons.


Lamru National Park admission fee

200 baht for adults and 100 baht for kids.

Open Daily involving: 6 am-6 pm

Lamru national park became the 66th park in Thailand in 1991. If You’d like more info you can contact the national park and wildlife division in 76-485-414, 076-485-243 or visit their site at: Khao Lak–Lam Ru National Park


What you will see?

Important tip!

Go early in the event that you would like to find somethings, creature hides through the heat of the afternoon.

It’s possible to discover mammals species such as langurs, macaques, black wolves, and bats.

Tons of little reptiles, the Bengal monitor lizard is a frequent sight, little lizards laying on that the suns and at times tiny snakes and vipers. (snakes are fearful of sound, which means you don’t see them frequently ).

Plenty of birds such as the mini-set, sea eagles.

Perfect location for nature lovers who wish to observe butterflies and Thailand species.


The vegetation

The evergreen forest is compact and large trees such as rattans, epiphytes, on the lower portion of the woods it is possible to discover giant ferns, orchids, jungle vines, mangroves.


To remember about Lamru National Park

Is Lamru National Park trekking appropriate for Children?

Should you choose the path, you get simple access to the shore of Lamru national park, very acceptable for children.

Lam Ru National Park

Do I want to choose the right shoes to do Lamru National Park trekking?

Yes, we advise you to take some shoes to your trekking, the trail to the standpoint isn’t really big and tons of tree roots and branches.

Can I snorkel at Lamru National Park shore?

Yes, you can, the beach is quite good to spend the snorkeling is good once the sea is tranquil. Being close to the price the visibility is not fish and many others are close to the stones.

If you’d like crystal clear water snorkeling, then combines our Similan islands snorkeling excursion.


Khao Lak waterfalls


A number of waterfalls are present in Khao Lak. Some are in national parks and the others are in open areas.

After trekking, you should go there to explore natural water and to exhibit your swimming skills. cool water will fill your soul with happiness and ever remain greenery.

Shoes are recommended as most places are slippery. Hence, shoes a re-included in protective measures.


Khao Lak market



Going to the night market is an awesome thing to do . in Khao Lak, a well-known market is present, Bang Niang market. It remains open the whole night.

You can buy what you want and there are also present some traditional things that are made by locals. You can buy those things and help the locals as they please you during their visit and try to facilitate you in every aspect.

That market is the face of Khao Lak. No one can deny the importance of Bang Niang market in Khao Lak.


Khao Lak Spas and Massages


After a day clambering around waterfalls, diving in the sea, the best way to relax is to go into the spa and take a massage.

Thai massages have ancient roots and even are considered a spiritual thing. There are a number of spas and massage centers around the Khao Lak. The best thing about that spas is that they have both western pampering and old healing Thai massage.




Don’t forget to taste Thai foods during your visit to Khao Lak. These foods have the best taste ever and no other food in this world can compete with Thai foods.

Try to visit that amazing place, so you can understand the basic natural things that are not present in other parts of the world.


The end of your Khao Lak time is coming soon?

Bus from Khao Lak into Bangkok


There’s not any less expensive way compared to the bus.

The bus journey is a lengthy journey bus it is possible to catch the bus out of Khao Lak and it’ll drop you afterward 11 or even 12h in the bus terminal in Bangkok.

The very idea is once again by night bus, so you also may leave at the conclusion of the day and arrive early afternoon in Bangkok following a fantastic night of sleep…

Or not really great depending on how great of a sleeper you’re.


Things to do in Khao Lak. How to go and what to do in khao Lak!


There are two options, both authorities buses that leave from Khao Lak bus channel, you’ll need to have a taxi to acquire the bus terminal, and 8 kilometers north of Khao Lak, the passing is somewhat before then the personal buses that allow you to arrive really early dawn in Bangkok.

You’re able to find a ticket or you may purchase a ticket from us to get exactly the exact identical cost (you may actually spend less, by conserving the cab ride to the purchases terminal).

All buses obtained baths, blankets and you receive dinner along the way in a grocery store.

There’s the typical buses or even the VIP Luxurious buses, which provide you more space for your legs and foot along with a chair that could incline horizontally.

The personal buses are excellent also, the principal benefit is the fact that it renders afterward, making you can go on our excursions or snorkeling excursions and liveaboards and grab the bus straight following in the middle of Khao Lak.

The bus stops in the middle, you need to reserve your ticket you can purchase it with us in our office and we’ll check availability for you.

If you go to a dive excursion or even liveaboards that you definitely want to wait for 24h before flying night bus is a terrific way to prevent the wait and maintain your traveling and vacation time economically spend.

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