Top things to do in Battambang, Cambodia


Top things to do in Battambang, Cambodia

It seems at first sight that Battambang is a sleepy, rural town with little to do. Fortunately, Battambang has more to do than it first meets the eye! When you arrive in Battambang, there’s an inherent feeling of relaxation.

Here in Battambang, a quiet and peaceful compared to the Capital city of Cambodia Phnom Penh or Siem Reap Angkor Wat. It is true that you can cross the street without almost being run over!

Battambang is the perfect place to relax. Most tourists discovered it hard to relax in the incredible temples of Angkor, the busy city of Phnom Penh and the terrifying Killing Fields after all the excitement during the first portion of their journey.

Escape from a busy town and relax in the countryside in Battambang


Right, maybe you’ll find Battambang tedious somehow. But wait, take your time to explore the town and its backlands as much as anyone! And I believe you will appreciate the rural Cambodian life in the Battambang backlands.

Battambang by Bike

Rent a bike! It’s certainly the simplest way to get in contact with local people and the best way to find a location in the area.

There are many bike rental shops in the city, and your hotel may also be able to give you some bicycles.

Prices are affordable, for a standard bicycle everywhere between 1-4 USD. With 1-2 hours of biking fun, just follow the river Sangkea up north and you’ll encounter lots of local children, excellent food stalls, tiny towns and lots of peace and quiet. You can go to the temple of Ek Phnom all the way up north.

You can buy a tour package if you don’t want to get straight to the significant spots that have already listed in your itinerary.  


Explore local livelihood and countryside in Battambang by a full-day cycling tour

You’ll spend your day exploring the Battambang landscape on a bike visiting Cambodian families producing traditional goods (such as rice paper, dried bananas, Bror Hok, bamboo sticky rice, and rice wine).

These products have been manufactured in the same form they have been for generations. In the community that makes up over 70 percent of the population of Cambodia, you will learn first-hand about everyday life.

You will be adored by visiting a Buddhist temple and learn about the values and procedures of Buddhism.

Explore and discover the history behind French colonial architectural locations. Bamboo Train is optional whether you want to include during your day trip or not. It may according to the time permitted as well.

Battambang by Tuk-Tuk

Tuk-Tuk is one of the well-known transport for tourists in Cambodia. Grab the one and discover Battambang town.

But, never forget to negotiate the price and the destination. Battambang’s tourist spots are truly spectacular: the bamboo train, Killing Caves, ancient French buildings, and lovely temples hidden in the forest.


Experience Kun Khmer (Khmer Boxing)

Instead of spending time on a busy Saturday night waiting in line, ensure your seats to Kun Khmer’s famous Cambodian martial art.

Spend the evening in the heart of the Province of Battambang, a hotbed for popular Kun Khmer fighters and talented up-and-comers, watching these local kickboxers take each other in the ring.

Khmer Traditional Wooden House

Located in Battambang Province’s Wat Kor Village was known as the homeland of many traditional Khmer buildings, most of them constructed from 1920-1956.

There remains today an exciting house belonging to Mr. Nuon Chea, Brother Number 2 of the Pol Pot regime. But his family no longer owns this house.

It belongs to somebody else who purchased this house from local people in the early 1980s.

This house was constructed during the French colonial era, although it is not known the precise date, however, the original, solid construction continues intact despite its era.  


Mrs. Bun Roeung’s Ancient House

This is one of about 20 Khmer heritage buildings in Battambang Province. Built almost a century ago of now-rare hardwoods and surrounded by orchard gardens, they have broad verandahs and exude another era’s atmosphere.

The Ancient House of Mrs. Bun Roeung is accessible to tourists and the proprietor can offer you a brief tour in English or French.

Recently, the owners transformed the back part of the house into a distinctive homestay, particularly cherished by history fans and architecture. The cost includes breakfast is 60-90 US$ per night.

Khmer Food Cooking Class in Battambang

It such an interesting thing to do in Battambang while this city is famous for its food menus as well. To involve in this program, you will get an informative and entertaining cuisine class.

Bring back home with Best Cambodian recipes cookbook and share it with your friends and relatives. This way you don’t have to worry about remembering everything you have just learned.

Of course, the best thing about cooking is to enjoy the outcomes later, and this is no exception. Get prepared to enjoy some really delicious meals.

Snung Temple

Characterized by three separate brick stupas, situated on a mountain 30 meters long and 20 meters wide, in the region of Snung pagoda, 22 km from the center of Battambang town.

The temple is comparable to other temples in the 12th century, based on the current gate style.

Another new temple was constructed behind the temple.


Sek Sak Resort

A famous natural resort since before the civil war, Sek Sak spreads along the riverbank of 500 meters of crops, trees, and bamboo. Visitors could also hit up other appealing locations such as Po Pus Pich Chen Da Dong Tong and Sa Ang, which are located 5-6 kilometers away from the prehistoric site.

Sek Sak is situated in the municipality of Treng, Rotanak Mondul District, 50 kilometers from Battambang provincial town along National Road No. 57.

Cambodian Vineyard, Battambang

Halfway between Battambang and Prasat Banan, in a region renowned for chili pepper manufacturing (collected from October to January), the only winery in Cambodia develops Shiraz grapes to produce wines.

It tastes unlike most of the wine you’ve ever met, but it’s quite earthy and complicated in fact. The winery is located 10 km south of Battambang and 8 km north of Banan Prasat.

Formally recognized by the Ministry of Industry, Mines & Energy of Cambodia, Banon wines belong to the exclusive winery club whose vintages are greatly improved by adding ice cubes.

Banon wine, which has a celestial fragrance and a smell compared to turpentine, is also produced here. Sampling takes place in a beautiful pavilion in the garden.

Private photo session with a local photographer in Battambang

For those who want to see the exciting stuff about local products, including the most famous tourist attractions, true village life, and then you should explore this quiet region on very simple to drive and safe highways with photography tours.

You are going to meet the locals in the community and see how they’re living, working and eating. People in Cambodia are very friendly and appreciate meeting visitors, so when they meet you, they will welcome you warmly with their smiles and hello.


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