The Emerald Pool in Krabi 

The Emerald Pool in Krabi

The Emerald Pool in Krabi

The emerald pool is a turquoise or green colored natural pool that is filled by the natural springs and waterfalls within the National Park it’s located in. For this very reason, it gets its name the “emerald pool”. The Emerald Pool in Krabi, known as Sra Morakot in Thai it can be accessed via the Thung Teao National Park and is a beautiful place to visit and see.

Krabi is one of Thailand’s most famous hot spots famous for its natural beauty as it has lush mangrove forests and is the perfect place for all those thrill-seeking adventurers who love to rock climb and island-hop since Krabi has over 100 small islands to visit around its vicinity.

However, we are not here to discuss Krabi in its entirety but something even more precious and amazing and that is the Emerald pool.

The Emerald Pool in Krabi

How to get the Emerald Pool

So getting to the Emerald Pool is not difficult at all, in fact, it is more than easy to get there via your own transportation. If you are comfortable taking a scooter up there that should save you the most amount of money since it only costs like 10 Baht for parking a scooter while a motorbike is around 20 Baht and a car will cost you 30 Baht.

Following easy indications!

To get to the beautiful emerald pool you must take to the highway called Highway 4 and follow it all the way up to the area called Klom Thong.

From Klong Thong, you must then take the exit to the road named 4038. Once you have hit this road there shall be clear signposts everywhere to guide you to the Emerald Pools and Hot springs.

A good top tip?

It would be to visit in during the week and try going there in the early morning just in case you are not a fan of huge crowds that travel to the emerald pool and the hot spring to enjoy there weekend.

The ticket for an adult is generally 200 Baht and for a child 100 Baht but they may charge you more if you are a foreigner.

There are even tours that you may join which include trips to the emerald pool along with some other temples in and around Ao Nang and Krabi. They will even offer you a nice little lunch within the tours.

Tour list will be available here in the near future!

The journey out of Krabi to the Emeral pools

The 1-hour journey by minivan from Krabi feels easy straight forward as it is driving the majority of the travel using the fourth street, which also passes by Krabi Airport. Tours always push into the Emerald Pool early because it is the furthest away. Preferable to opt to take the nature walking trail path to reach the main places, so you can sigh see the forests and feel more the atmosphere of the surroundings.

The Emerald Pool in Krabi

Getting to know Emerald Pool and Hot Springs in Krabi Province – Best Krabi tours

Sa Morakot” ( Emerald Pool), is located in “ Khao Pra – Bang Wildlife Sanctuary” in the Krabi Province. The Emerald Pool originates from a hot spring from the forest of “Kaho Nor Chuchi”.

The depth of the pool is 1.2 meters. Tourist is allowed to swim in the pool, but drinking the water is forbidden due to the higher level of calcium carbonate in the water. If you drink the water it can lead to medical issues such as provoking stones in the kidneys to be made. The pool is 115 meters long and it is 214 meters wide.

By its measurements it is a big pool and many people enjoy bathing in the Emerald’s Pool waters.

Tours to Emerald pool from Krabi, it is important to be mentioned that the color of the water varies according to the light and according to the time of the day you are visiting. If you want to see Emerald’s Pool true color you will have to come in the early mornings.

There are three ways to get to “Sa Morakot”:

The Main Forest Road”

  • It is 800 meters walking the path, about 10 minutes of walking and it leads to the main entrance.

Thung Tieo Sa Morakot”

  • It is suitable for people who love nature, hiking, listening to birds humming. It is 1400 meters long.

The Tina Jolliffe Nature Trail”

  • This trail is named by Mr. Tina Jollifee. (Must be Your choice!)
  • It is 2.7km long.
  • It is suitable for people who enjoy nature and hiking.

Sa Morakot” can be visited all year long.

It is open between 08:30 -15:00 every day.

The admission fee is 100 Baht for children and 200 Baht for adults.

The Emerald Pool in Krabi

Krabi Emerald Pool

Now when you enter through the entrance and have paid for your ticket you have two options on how to get to the emerald pool. There is a rather long walk around 1.4kms and then there is a small walk around 0.8kms. You may be wondering why would anyone want to talk a long stroll to get to the pool because that is exactly why you came and what you paid for but you will not lose out on walking on the path that takes longer.

The path is a treat for anyone who loves nature since on the way walking through the path within the lush green Krabi jungle you can find beautiful clear ponds and magnificent streams weaving and meandering their way through the forest.

Once you have reached the end of this track you will finally reach the emerald pool. It is a beautiful green pool that has the most perfect temperature of water for people to swim in. It is not that deep since it is around one meter deep on average and can go up to 2 meters deep.

If you want to jump in here you definitely should as it is a definite place to swim in.

The reason why the pool is green turquoise color is because of all the limestone rocks around and inside the pool. The water slowly over time has broken them down and the limestone, in turn, has made the color go green. Once you are done swimming in the Emerald pool you can make your way back or go further if you want to explore a little.

What Else To Do In the Emerald Pool

The national park is incredibly famous among bird spotters around the world for one very good reason and that is the fact that the area is famous for very rare birds. Most famous of course is the rare and elusive Gurney’s Pitta which was thought to have been extinct since nobody had sighted it for around a decade.

However, if you are interested there are two other places to visit near the emerald pool. The first one being the blue pool and then the hot springs.

The Blue Pool

The blue pool is a little further up the track and is well signposted so you can get there quite easily. The pool is a beautiful blue color but please do not run in and jump into the pool since swimming is forbidden. The water may be blue and inviting but please take note that the water to the blue pool is supplied by a hot spring directly underneath it and the water is very hot so swimming is forbidden if you look closely and at the center of the pool you will even see small bubbles forming at the surface of the water.

One of the other dangers of the blue pool is that it is in fact filled with, in certain areas by quicksand so if you do get caught in the quicksand it will be more than a problem. The place, however, is great for pictures that one can take to show off to your friends and family since the view and the setting is just amazing.

Hot Springs

Located near the entrance of the national park the hot springs charge a little more money around 90 Baht to enter. Hot springs are famous specifically because it is said that the amazingly hot and pure clean water with its high mineral and salt content is very good for easing certain ailments like arthritis gout and muscle pain.

The hot springs are a great place to visit and relax with friends and family and if you want to you can visit one of the spas that have now opened up to spend the night there. They offer a number of massages and have their own little monopoly on a few hot springs for their customers.

Krabi Emerald pool in the early morning is the place to be for a great hiking time and wonderful relax blending with the forest sounds and colors.

People who want a little change within the general touristy stuff in Krabi can always make their way just a little outside of Krabi and Ao Nang and you can explore and see some of nature’s great art and work. Visit the magnificent forest and see all the natural hot springs pool and streams that will make your day. The place is packed with items and places to see that can even cure your aching bones.

Enjoy the salty mineral baths at the hot springs and then go for a soak in the nice emerald pool to relax your bones and stiff muscles. The adventure is a definite must visit at least once in your life that you will definitely enjoy no matter what. So either book a tour now or go hire a vehicle and make your way down to the emerald pool, hot spring and blue pool and enjoy the relaxing experience. You may even want to spend the night in the spa getting even more relaxed so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday with ease.

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