The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

I love outdoor activities a lot, and on my research the best place to go experience them I came across Langkawi. It a place that has attracted me a lot, and has triggered me to write this article to tell more amazing outdoor activities Langkawi has to offer.

Langkawi has an archipelago of 99 islands with an additional of five small islands only at low tide.

It is located in the Andaman Sea a range of 30 km off the mainland coast of northwestern Malaysia.

Langkawi’s total landmass is 47,848 hectares. The island two-third of its part is dominated by forest-covered mountains, natural vegetation, and hills.

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)
The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

On my further research about this island Langkawi; I came across very amusing data that on 1 June 2007, Langkawi was awarded a World Geopark status by UNESCO. It means the island has conserved it areas and has many outdoor activities to offer.

Best 8 outdoor activities in Langkawi

Outdoor are my favorite activities, and I think you enjoy them too. Langkawi is one of the few places in Malaysia offering the best outdoor activities.

Starting from the gorgeous beaches, waterfalls, bizarre rock formation, jungles and rainforest, it means there are a lot of outdoor activities there. Here are the best outdoor activities in Langkawi.

Pulau Payar scuba diving

Paula Payar Scuba diving is one of the outdoor activities in Langkawi which lets you experience the colorful corals and marine life at Pulau Payar Marine Park.

The park is unique in that it is made up of four islands. Paula Payar is the largest and other three small isles.

They are Pulau Kaca, Pulau Segantang, and Pulau Lembu. They are all located 45 minutes away from Kuah Jetty.

There are two means of transport either you take a catamaran or a speedboat to reach this popular marine park in Malaysia.

The diving tour takes around 2 hours and is done at 15 sites set within the vicinity of the four islands.

Examples of the most popular sites are

  • Sunken Boat Point
  • Coral Garden
  • Sponge Reef
  • Grouper Farm
  • Shark point
  • House Reef
  • Lembu Rocks

All these sites provide you with a lifetime experience where you get close sight of large fish which are rarely seen from shallow water as well as seahorses, angelfishes, mantel rays, and barracudas.

Charges to this diving excursion differ from one operator to another but approximately range near RM390.

The package is inclusive of hotel and round trip boat transfers, diving equipment, entrance fee, insurance, and meals.

Don’t worry even if you are a novice or non-certified diver, and I was one a one time because there is a professional divemaster to assist you.

They will help you by taking you through a diving introduction course and provide one on one guide on ear equalization, hand signals, mask clearing, breathing and finning techniques as well as handheld dive excursion.

In this outdoor activity in Langkawi, there are additional enjoyments such as swimming, snorkeling and probably additional scuba diving.

The best time to visit Langkawi to enjoy this outdoor activity is in between the months of March and November. It is the right time when the weather is sunny as well as good visibility in the water.

Horse riding

Horse riding in Langkawi tour leads you to very exceptional and unique places on the island. The tour will lead you to the verdant rainforest, traditional villages, hidden waterfalls, and pristine beaches.

The Langkawi horses Equestrian Centre conducts the horse riding.

The ridings are scheduled to take place in the morning or evening, and with differing itineraries, levels to suit everyone may it be the novices or the professional riders, and time duration.

The horse riding is planned within The Perdana Stables, Langkawi Horses Equestrian Centre which is just a 10 minutes’ walk from the Oriental Village Langkawi.

The ride is scheduled to take place 2 hours to the picturesque Telaga Tujuh Waterfall in Gunung Mat Cincang.

There is a guide who will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you all about the jungle’s urban legends, traditional medicinal plants, and wildlife.

The guide will be there for you as the riding horse for the first timers is challenging. It will be a fantastic journey through a rain forest in Langkawi, which is over 550 million years old.

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

There are different operators of this popular horse riding outdoor activity, and their prices range from RM 440.

It is a lifetime experience to explore the countryside of the Langkawi islands.

You shall get the chance to see the built-in traditional Malaysian architecture, visit the rain forest to spot animals like macaques, monitor lizards, and hornbills.

In the riding package, there are quality riding gears like safety hats, saddles, and tacks, hotel transfers, meals, among others.

Langkawi Sailing

Sailing in Langkawi is one of the outstanding outdoor activities where there are plenty of protected anchorages.

Langkawi over the last years has attracted many sailors and became a sailing point from all over the globe.

The sailing destinations include the annual Langkawi Regatta.

Langkawi is an island today with four marinas and other basses equipped with top-notch types of equipment for yacht around the islands.

There are marinas that are part of resort development providing all the amenities of first-class resort hotels as well as yacht services.

There are several operators located at different locations.

All of them offer sailing services where you can hire a manned boat from them for the day and explore Langkawi caves, hidden islands, and beaches.

You will have access to duty-free shops as well as other business facilities.

There are berths that can fit mega-yachts of up to 60 meters long and with a low tide depth of 3 meters.

There are also boats that have direct electricity, water supply, fuel, and offers wireless internet services.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge is another outdoor activity in Langkawi, and it offers the best sight of Langkawi Island.

The sky Bridge is set 660 meters above sea level; hence, the best place to observe Langkawi panorama. The Bridge is 125 meters long and is designed in a curve manner. It dominates the mountain landscape.

An amazing point of view for incredible pictures and videos!

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

The cable car leads visitors up to the peak of Gunung Mat Chinchang to where the Langkawi sky Bridge is situated.

To get up there, first of all, you will take a 15 minutes cable ride then walk 20 minutes through steep terrain.

The right time to get there is on a clear day like other days the island is covered, and crowds will not get to see far. But when it’s a clear day, there is a lot to see, such as the mountains as well as the beaches.

Charges differ from one operator to another to get you to the place.

The charges to the cable car are RM 35 (UAD 8) and additional charges to enter the Bridge RM 5(USD 1).

Langkawi Island Hopping

Island hopping lets you have the opportunity to explore the islets of Langkawi archipelago.

You will travel through jet-ski, which is fast enough will let you explore every part of the Langkawi islands.

The hopping takes 2-4 hours where you will visit Malaysia lake waters to ancient limestone caves. There is also swimming in the lagoon with turquoise water.

In this outdoor activity you will;

  • Enjoy the top Langkawi islands; Singa Besar, Dayang Bunting, and Beras Basah
  • Have the chance to watch eagles race out of the sky to snatch food from the water surface
  • You will Soak up yourself with rays on blissful beaches and stroll unspoiled landscapes

You will pass by Langkawi Tours by Eagle Adventure Holidays, Gm 1269, Lot 1697, Pantai Cenang, and Langkawi 07000 Malaysia and Cherok Kechik, Mukim Kedawang,

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

Island hopping is one of the outdoor activities which will offer you an unforgettable visit to the Bat Cave, Gua Kelawar and get to see other magical caves.

Langkawi Open sea climbing

In this outdoor activity, open sea climbing, you will be climbing on a unique island with no beaches.

Langkawi geologically is an island with two rock formation, and you will meet Singa Formation and Chomping formation.

The Langkawi offers 180 degrees view of the whole cove as well as oversight of the main island on one side and the open sea on the other side.

You will experience a breathtaking and majestic view though the Via Ferrata route to the peak.

Expect to tour the small island, Jong Island, and off Dayang Bunting Island. The journey is 3 hours long where you will be in Dayang Bunting Geoforest PARK Pulau Dayang Malaysia exploring.

The charges to this tour differ from one operator to another. But in the package, it includes climbing equipment and climbing shoes, bottled water, private transportation, and hotel pickups.

Langkawi Jungle trek

Jungle trek is another outdoor activity in Langkawi. Langkawi termed as the dreamy destination with its jungle-clad island core means there is a lot to explore.

There are over 99 centers bounties such as islets to be explored.

You will hike through Langkawi tropical rainforest with a guide who shall walk you through many places to explore the jungle’s diverse plants, birds, and animals.

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

It is a lifetime opportunity to learn different species that you will encounter from soaring to colorful butterflies.

The hiking is scheduled for a group of up to a maximum of 15 people and agrees if to departure in the morning or evening.

There is the provision of bottled water to help you stay hydrated. Many packages offer convenient pickup and drop off services to your hotel.

You will experience a short ride from selected beaches, resorts and regions head directly to the initial point at the edge of Langkawi tropical rain forest.

For the nature lovers, this outdoor hiking activity in Langkawi is ideal as you follow in the footsteps of your guide along with numerous tree species as well as admiring butterflies and birds.

You will see some mammals roaming the jungle grounds.

When you start your journey through the jungle, you will learn all about flora and fauna on Langkawi.

The jungle trek will start well accompanied with an English speaking guide and be returned back to your hotel along the Langkawi’s main beaches.

Langkawi Dinner Cruise

The dinner cruise is yet another outdoor activity in Langkawi where you take an evening trip which takes you on a leisurely trip across the Andaman Sea.

You will pass among deserted islets and limestone cliffs as you enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner.

Chagres varies according to the provider and is inclusive of a BBQ dinner, personal insurance, open bar, and hotel transfers.

As the yacht sails past Langkawi islets, you get a chance to enjoy chilled soda, wine, fruit juice, and beer at the open bar. You can opt to take a dip in the saltwater Jacuzzi.

There is a net attached to the side of the boat which serves as a safety measure, and you can laze about in as the boat sets out.

In this dinner cruise activity, you can end up catching a glimpse of spinner dolphins and flying fish along the way.

There is an extensive buffet that is served for dinner before the yacht returns to the main island.

The best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

When you arrive on the main island, you can enjoy local delicacies like chicken satay, beef rending, oriental, young papaya salad, assorted vegetables, baked bread as well as coleslaw.

The dinner cruise is ideal for all and more exceptional for traveling couples and honeymooners.

It is tranquil and hassles free excursion offer to untouched islets, breathtaking sunset views and exotic marine life.

There is so much to engage in Langkawi, and these outdoor activities will give your lifetime memories to live to tell.

You will discover varieties of marine life not found in other places, experience the culture of Langkawi locals, and visit the unique rainforest in the world among other activities.

Langkawi weather is cool and supports all outdoor activities at any time of the year. Let travel to Langkawi today and

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