The Best Outdoor activities in Nha Trang

The Best Outdoor activities in Nha Trang


Nha Trang is termed as one of the tourist’s paradise in Vietnam. It is among the 29 places with beautiful bays all over the globe. Nha Trang is located in southern Vietnam and is well known for its beaches, diving sites, and offshore islands, so every time will be a great opportunity to test outdoor activities in Nha Trang.

Nha Trang is a coastal resort city that attracts many tourists. The resort city offers favorable climate conditions to all kinds of tourists.

When I came across these factual details, I felt the need to know more about Nha Trang outdoor activities you can engage with after visit. I love outdoor activities so much, and I wish you enjoy them too.

In my further research, I realized Nha Trang offers the best outdoor activities that I can appreciate. It has prompted me to write this article to tell you all the best outdoor activities the Nha Trang resort city has to offer.


Nha Trang Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities in Nha Trang.

You will have the chance to have a close and personal time interaction with the sea creatures and thriving coral reefs.

Scuba diving is more enjoyable between the months of April and August even though Nha Trang weather is appropriate at any time of the year.

In April and August: there is visibility in the East Sea and can go up to 30 meters and with temperatures ranging in between 28 degrees and 30 degrees.

Most of the time the scuba diving excursions in Nha Trang occur at Hon Mun Marine Protected Area, which is 40 minutes boat ride from Cau Da port.

The place as deep waters and you can swim through the tunnels and be able to see various wide types of small colorful tropical Fish, pufferfish coral reefs and moray eels.

Moray diving site: is one of the most common and well-known diving sites, and it as a minimum depth of 18 meters. The Moray Beach is ideal for divers of all kinds, and a great place to spot both hard and soft reefs and other numerous marine species like back frogfish, clownfish, razorfish, flying gurnards, pipefish, giant moray eels, and seahorses.

Madonna Rock diving site: Another diving beach located in Hon Mun Marine Protected Area is Madonna Rock and has a minimum depth of 25 meters with other several caverns at varying heights. The place is accessible only via boat, and the caverns do provide shelter for many fish species that breed there. You will have the chance to see lionfish, giant morays, and scorpionfish.

Despite many dive shops available, some of the dive operations I recommend in Nha Trang include sailing divers, Rainbow divers, and Angel dives. Scuba diving offers affordable prices range in between VND 1, 250, 0000, which is inclusive of equipment rental, hotel transfers, lunch, and entrance fee to the marine park.

Nha Trang Private fishing tour

Private fishing is another outdoor activity you can engage in Nha Trang. Private fishing brings you an opportunity to feel like a fisherman.

It is a lifetime experience together with your partner in a boat surrounded by turquoise water. You also get to enjoy leisure day and a cold beer while waiting Fish bite the bait.

In the private fishing tour, you will have to enjoy the following;

  • Chance to Fish, swim and snorkel at almost famous islands in Nha Trang
  • Chance to release your stress as you enjoy the fabulous view of these islands.
  • Opportunity to enjoy delicious Vietnamese food at a local restaurant.
  • Suitable pick up and drop off at all hotels in Nha Trang city center.

I like this tour because it gave me plenty of flexibility to customize the itinerary, you can do that too,  to your own preferences.

Pay one time for all with Nha Trang Private fishing tour

The private tour is inclusive of the following;

  • English local guide
  • Private transportation
  • Lunch
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Private boat
  • All entry or admission fees
  • Mineral water
  • Fishing pole
  • Insurance cover
  • Of course, they do not include other gratuities or personal expenses.

In this private tour, you will a stop at Hon Mun Island, and you will have the chance to fish and snorkeling area for more than one hour. Have another stop at Hon Mieu Island where you shall eat and have a relaxing place duration of two hours thirty minutes.

Outdoor activities in Nha Trang

Nha Trang Bicycle Tour – Ohh yes this is the MUST here!

The bicycle tour is another outdoor activity you engage in Nha Trang.

The bicycle tour is a fun, healthy, and inexpensive outdoor activity, where you will have adequate time to explore the tranquil countryside of Vietnam.

The journey is six kilometers along with the coastal town exploring plenty of historical sites.

Cycling in Nha Trang is one of the popular ways to get around the city done by both locals and tourists. All the historical sites are grouped together; hence, you will leave no stone unturned.

The bicycle tour costs around USD 65, but prices vary according to the operator.

Each bicycle tour is done with a minimum of two cyclists and a maximum of 10. The prices range from one tour operator to another. On the cycling tour, there is an English speaking tour guide, hotel transfers, meals, entrance fee, cycling equipment, and drinking water.

  • The cycling takes a full day to all countryside Nha Trang as to offer. There is one scenic route along the coastline; where you visit Po Nagar Cham Tower and the White Buddha, Chong Rocks, Ngoc Son Pagoda, before making a stop at Ninh Ich Village.
  • The tour gives a chance to interact with villagers and get to know there daily routines such as cultivating rice and making local handicrafts like conical hats.
  • Finally, you will stop at Ba Ho Waterfall, here you get another chance to enjoy recreational activities like hiking and swimming. Later, when the day ends, you will be back at Nha Trang city.

There is also a half-day bicycle tour that stops at Nha Trang Cathedral, Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar Cham Tower as well as Chong Rock and Dam Market.

Island hopping from Nah Trang

This is the Best Outdoor activity in Nha Trang if you love swimming, snorkeling, boating.

Island hopping is another yet outdoor activity in Nha Trang, and it is a tour that will take you to Nha Trang neighboring islets. It is a full day activity with a chance of sightseeing; fun-filled activities together with other tourists as you enjoy live entertainment.

As Nha Trang weather is calm most of the time, this outdoor activity is done on a daily basis.

Most of the operators sell a package inclusive of hotel transfers, lunch, and snorkeling gear rental. When you start the activity, you will stop at Mun Island, Tam Island, Mot Island, and Mieu Island. You are given one hour at each stop point to explore as much as you can.

During this Island hopping outdoor activity, you will enjoy snorkeling; swimming, sunbathing, lunch served with drinking are as well seasonal fruits, live entertainment by local guides, among other fun activities.

The entire Island hopping tour provides you a lifetime opportunity to experience Nha Trang colorful coral reefs as well as many marine lives through the boat glass flooring.

When you reach Tam Island, you enjoy water sports activities such as jet-skiing and kayaking. There are beachside relaxation sites where you are able to see the local fishermen catching cuttlefish, flower crabs, and shrimps.

The Island hopping tour gives you the opportunity to visit one of the oldest Island Hon Mieu Island built-in 1971. The Island looks like a massive pirate ship that is made of concrete.

Outdoor activities in Nha Trang

Nha Trang Hiking and waterfall adventure – My all-time favorite 

This is the Best Outdoor activity in Nha Trang if you love hiking and nature.

Hiking and waterfall adventure is an outdoor activity where you take a trip to the countryside of Nha Trang city.

The tour or activity is a perfect antidote for those who love nature. You will travel to the far ends of the town, and you will enjoy the trip. As you will travel to the rural sites and get to see historic buildings and lush gardens.

Outdoor activities in Nha Trang

In this tour, you will be guided while using your own motorbike to all scenic spots such as Nha Trang waterfall. Most of the operator’s packages include breakfast and lunch, snacks, professional guides, hotel picking and drop off bottled water, and coffee or tea so worry about carrying anything.

You will discover the secrete countryside spots which are not easy to locate alone. You will learn how locals make the sweet rice paper and incense.

Hiking and waterfall adventure is one of the fantastic outdoor activities where you fully understand Nha Trang what has to offer.

The tour has many stops such as a local family, Ancient house, the waterfall, Plantations, jumping at the waterfall and other activities.

Outdoor activities in Nha Trang


Nha Trang is one of the tourist destinations with its unique and historical sites. The weather is quite favorable such that it supports all kinds of outdoor activities. The Nha Trang Islands visits offer lifetime experience.

All the outdoor activities will enable you to learn the art, history, and culture of Nha Trang locals. The scenic historical sites such as the National Oceanographic Museum give you a lot of information about marine life.

I am sure you love outdoor activities as and these best five activities will give you a lifetime story to tell after you visit Nha Trang and engage in them.

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