Phnom Penh Airport guide

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Phnom Penh Airport

Phnom Penh International Airport (IATA: PNH, ICAO: VDPP) is Cambodia’s leading and biggest airport with 400 hectares of land. It is situated 10 km west of the nation’s capital, Phnom Penh.

Recently, Phnom Penh International Airport has indeed been reconstructed with the creation of new facilities in early 2016. Any initial obstacles were worked out by the recent time, and people found it easy enough to arrange for both arrival and departure.

Those flying in or out of the city of Cambodia will be pleased to realize that the modular design of Phnom Penh International Airport renders immigration and security ultra-speedy check-in. Here is just about everything you may need to hear about the airport in Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh airport arrivals

The airport has sky bridges, so you can walk directly into the terminal, not across the tarmac. The Khmer and English display is bright. Either you are a transit passenger, Visa Free, or need a Visa or unsure, there are professionals at your side to guide you.

Once you enter the Immigration area gate, one of the runners who might facilitate with the procedure will probably approach you for a fee, of course. In fact, the process is fast and straightforward.

If you don’t have an image along, you have to pay an extra two US dollars, but apart from that, it’s just the visa charge. Since you are actually very lucky to be there at a quiet time, the delay is only about 10-15 minutes.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Immigration details at Phnom Penh airport

Entry tax is already charged in your payment for the flight, so you don’t have to carry any more cash to pay on departure. The Immigration counters have signs detailing this, adding that no fees are approved by the officers. You’re always going to have all ten fingers printed.

The airport of Phnom Penh is unique, while it is just launched in early 2016. As such, the design in Phnom Penh international airport is identical to most international airports around the world.

The sign is transparent, and there are plenty of clean toilets in Western-style, including a washroom near the Arrival Visa counter.

Facilities at Phnom Penh International Airport

Next to the Baggage Claim area, there is a range of Arrival Duty-Free shops as well as money exchange stands.

You’ll see a line of vendors selling phone cards (local SIM) as you leave the Arrival Hall at Phnom Penh Airport. The mobile SIM rates are all prominently displayed and start at USD2 for a 7-day ticket, for calling and internet packages.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Several companies sell prepaid SIM cards. You will have to consider which company offered the broadest and most reliable access.

If you want to buy a cheap internet package, buy a sim card from Metfone Company. This company covers the largest area of Cambodia, even you are at the temple site or a very remote area. If you really need your phone for a cheap international call, choose the Cellcard company.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Smokers are permitted to smoke in a private smoking room. It may also get their immediate post-flight fix.

Phnom Penh Airport Departure

When you reach by car, taxi, or tuk-tuk at the airport, you will indeed be dropped near the Departure Hall gate.

The check-in counters are in front of the entrance, and there are plenty of seats to wait when you arrive before the counter activates. On the left of the entrance gates, near the door to the bathroom, there is a donut stall. There is a small café on the right side of the door, under the escalator to the departure lounge.

Checking in and security

It’s easy to identify your check-in desk and get there, as everything fits in a large hall. Avoid wasting time by completing your arrival or departure form in advance to get through immigration.

Typically, the queue at immigration is not more than four people crammed, with a maximum of 10 minutes waiting for security. You will need to put liquids in a clear plastic bag, laptops, and electrical appliances in the tray here, as with most airports around the world, and don’t forget to take off your belts and shoes.

Just to alert you again!

  • Whether you’ve checked in online or have your boarding pass yet to be issued, make sure you know what’s in your bag. You’ve packed your own suitcase. Don’t bring anybody else unidentified stuff.
  • Your bag must be within your airline’s size and weight limits.
  • Baggage packaging services are available from 5 am to midnight in the check-in zone. You will locate the booth near the Departure Hall entrance.

You should use the escalator at the right of the entrance doors to enter the departure lounge and departure gates. When you get off the elevator, you can notice the immigration and security screening.

Significant Tips:

Many items must be reported. For instance, the amount of more than USD 10,000 or equivalent by another foreign currency, you are required to announce it out. Ask for a Passenger Declaration Form, and make sure all supporting documents are accessible to you.

Artifacts, sculptures, antiques and decorative objects must have approval and permit issued by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts before export and an export permit issued by the Department of Customs and Excise.

Phnom Penh Airport Stores

Airside terminal amenities at Phnom Penh International Airport are available at Plaza Premium. In the Boarding area, opposite Gate 9, you will find them. At such a spot, you have plenty of duty-free shops to choose from.

There is a wide selection of international products, including local crafts, food, and souvenirs. Local products are much more costly than those in convenient stores, but a good range of high-quality items are available.

Phnom Penh Airport Food

Traveling involves the pursuit of excitement, the discovery of cultures, and the search for delicious dishes that taste as good as wandering. Cambodia Airports trusts in supplying tourists with tasty and healthy meals because, on a travel day, no one should compromise their palates.

As a result, the international airport of Phnom Penh opened many new restaurants and built an open-air courtyard for passengers and the public alike.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

While the increase in pedestrian traffic at Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia Airports has expanded its food services and confidently launched a brand new gallery of food.

Several stores have long been standouts at Cambodia’s airports. Burger KingThe Pizza Company, and the Yoshinoya Japanese chain, the gallery also houses several restaurants that have never seen before in a Cambodian terminal are now presented.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Tourists to Phnom Penh International will enjoy a meal on Fresh Market’s invigoratingly fresh salads, participate in Bonchon’s Korean fried chicken, or take part in the delicious espresso served at Segafredo Cafe.

Emperors of China offer universe-class dim sum in an affectionate and polished set for those looking for premium Chinese dishes.

There are here indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Several other chairs and tables are now on brand new balcony, located on the Park Cafe roof just beyond the Arrival Terminal. The terrace guarantees to be a restful place for passengers to appreciate their food and drink.

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Phnom Penh Airport Map

Picture and map

Phnom Penh Airport to City and from City to the Airport

You may take a taxi or Tuk-Tuk from and to the airport. A taxi between the airport and most areas of the city would cost you from USD 9-15.

The price can differ based on the distance and traffic within the destination region.

If you’re coming from the airport, you can reserve fixed-rate taxis and tuk-tuks as you arrive. You are probably charged a tuk-tuk set fee of USD9 and a car set fee of USD12.

A new rail service links up the airport to Phnom Penh’s central station. Every way costs you US$ 2.50. The ride takes about 30 minutes without stopping. It is not that advanced compared to the other train services in other countries, but if you’re uncertain of the other methods, it definitely provides an alternative.

Try to engage with the services that are available for the pick-up zones. The drivers will have uniforms, and the specifics of their identity will be shown. It is probably beneficial while you can interact in a common language with the driver to get his contact number so that you can later. You may use his services to get around the city and then return to the airport.

When you reserve your transport through your hotel, you would then pay extra to return to the airport.

Taxis and Tuk-Tuks are generally waiting near to hotels and hostels. Right over the New Market, a big yellow market, there is a wide transport zone for cars, taxis, and long-distance buses. Hence, you can salute another down the street and work out a deal yourself.

Additionally, the growing amount of available tuk-tuk and taxi apps eliminate the burden of trading your fare.

Uber and Grab have both recently introduced in the region, with the home-grown edition of the service being PassApp from Cambodia.

When traffic and road work increase in the capital, you may want to allocate a little additional time to get to the airport, particularly during peak hours in the morning and evening.

An hour is supposed to be enough. If it’s early morning or late at night, it’s more than enough for 45 minutes.

Here are suggested transportation between the city center and Phnom Penh airport on some websites. However, be alert that the operation may not always be accurate with time management.

Travel by Bus

The airport is linked via bus line number 3 to the public transport system. The bus runs from 5:00 AM to 8:30 PM and costs USD 0.40/person/trip. If you move to another coach in the area, you have to pay for an extra charge.

Express Bus is a new operation to the airport, an express bus can take you to the city center from the airport. It will cost you 5 USD. Tickets can be bought at the ticket counter in the Arrivals zone or contracted hotels or with the drivers when you get on the bus.

What to do at Phnom Penh Airport

Phnom Penh Airport is a pretty good place to start scheduling your stay, whether you have a stopover, overnight sleepover, or just pass quickly.

Further details on amenities and facilities available inside the airport can be found here, including information on airport lounges, wifi, phone charging points, lockers, 24-hour food options, nearby hotels, and so on.

Here is the full run-down on what to anticipate on your day at Phnom Penh Airport to help you manage your connecting flight or overnight sleepover.

Phnom Penh Airport has two terminals: international and domestic.

Travelers perceive that the airport has improved better systems of security and looks cleaner than in previous years.

A variety of restaurants, cafes, and shops are open, plus free WiFi. Passengers in the economy class can actually enter a lounge, which contains showers, at the airport by paying an extra cost.

Can You Sleep at Phnom Penh Airport?

The airport closes at night, from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM, so it is not allowed to stay overnight.

The hotels which are located near to the airport provide a taxi service for a fee for a restful sleep.

Airport Lounge

Whatever standard of service you are flying, there is a lounge you may reach by paying at the entrance.

You may be acquired a lounge pass or a lounge membership program like Priority Pass. For more information on the lounge itself, visit the specific suite page to check out where you can gain entry to the lounge with just a ticket to the economy class!

Plaza Premium Lounge, Phnom Penh Airport

In the convenience of the Plaza Premium Lounge at Phnom Penh Airport, you can queue for your plane. In the next section, you’ll find useful details for economy class travelers, such as a lounge area, hours, facilities, and lounge access.

The lounge is located in Phnom Penh International Airport, International Departures Zone, Mezzanine Level. Please be noted that only customers on international departure flights can use the lounge.

The lounge will be operated from 4:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

Services and Facilities at Plaza Premium Lounge, Phnom Penh Airport

You can enjoy getting rid of stress from your flight delay in a comfortable air conditioning room. Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are accessible. All other providing facilities such as champagne and tapas bar, disabled access, flight information monitor, newspapers and Magazines, shower room, television, wellness spa (extra charge), and free Wi-Fi are offered.

Lounge Passes

You may obtain a one-time lounge pass if you really want to ensure a seat during your layover or before a flight. Lounge passes, irrespective of airline or service category can be acquired by any passenger.

Advantages of Lounge Passes: you will be ensured the preferred period for a seat in the lounge. The passenger will be able to changes and refunds up to 24 hours before arrival.

Downsides: online GBP pricing. If the length stays within 24 hours of arrival, it is means non-refundable. The online price is GBP 24.00 per person (3 hours) or GBP 40.00 (6 hours).

Membership Programs

Priority Pass: You have direct exposure to more than 1300 airport lounges across the world with Priority Pass.

Three membership plans are available

  • Standard – US$ 99 ($32 per day)
  • Standard Plus – $299 (10 free visits to the lounge and $32 per subsequent visit to the lounge)
  • Prestige – $429 (unlimited visits to the lounge) per year.

Pay at the door

This lounge welcomes customers at the door when there is available space. Door prices are:

  • 2 hour lounge package = $39
  • 5 hour lounge package = $55
  • Shower package = $17
  • Kids (age 2-11) receive a 30% discount

Available Airline Lounges

You could also have full rights to the lounges mentioned below if you are a First or Business Class flyers. Check online for more information from the airline’s website.

  1. Bangkok Airways Boutique Lounge – Venue: International Terminal, Airside
  2. Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge – Venue: International Terminal, Airside.

Hotels near Phnom Penh Airport

Since you are not attracted to sleeping at Phnom Penh Airport, here is a list of the closest hotels to the airport:

  • CCC Hotel – also identified as Cambodian Country Club & Hotel (5 minutes from the airport). Shuttle bus, USD 5.00 each way, is available upon request.
  • 9 Dragon Hotel & Restaurant – Airport transfers are available on request at 8 USD each way. The location is just five minutes away from the airport.
  • Dara Airport Hotel: Shuttle bus is available on request 8 USD per way for one or 12 USD per way for two. The location is just five minutes away from the airport.

Additional amenities, facilities, and activities to do at Phnom Penh airport

ATMs / Cash Machines

Do you need money? ATMs are at your service. Various fees can be applied. If you are traveling internationally, be sure to check your bank’s pricing structure and your regular withdrawal cap. You might also want to alert your travel plans to your account.

Those ATMs are located at the landside and airside.

Baby care facilities are accessible in 4 spacious rooms providing hot water and confidentiality. It is located at check-in after ticketing booths (international departures after escalator).

  • For International Departures, the location is after Dufry
  • For Domestic Departures, the site is at the car park, opposite Nham Pochentong

Notice: This venue has a changing table, not a private room, but the washrooms.

Currency exchange – services are available by CAB. It is located at check-in zone, Gate 9 Boarding, and Arrivals (near the Lost and Found).

Duty-Free & Shopping-Dufry

Duty-Free is available on arrivals and departures for an international flight.

Operating hours are 4:30 AM, the last flight schedule. However, there is a small list of shops for souvenirs and clothing stores.

Food & Drinks

There are over 30 landside and airside restaurants and coffee shops accessible.

There are no alternatives for 24 hours, but the majority of food vendors are open daily from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Information Desk

There is an information zone to help if you have any questions. It is located at the check-in hall on the arrival terminal.

Luggage Storage & Lockers

The airport has no longer provides luggage storage due to safety reasons.

Luggage wrapping

By covering your bags in plastic, secure your bags from stealing and damage. It is offered for a fee. The place is located at Check-in, and being operated from 5:00 AM – 12:00 AM.

Massage Area

Rest N’ Go massage chairs are available (Domestic and International Airside).


The spa provides full spa facilities to walk-in guests.

It is operated with the Plaza Premium Lounge. The prices start at 13 USD. It is located in Premium Lounge and begins to run from 5:00 AM – 1:00 AM.

Health Care

There are first aid services available should you feel unwell or hurt yourself. Visit the Help Information Center.

U Care Pharma is located at International Terminal, Airside. It is operated from 6:00 AM until the last flight.

Airport Postal Services

Postal Services – send off your last-minute postcards at the post office at the airport. It is located in the zone for check-in.

Prayer Rooms

Prayer Rooms are located at the airside, near Gate 5.

Rest Zones

Competent resting areas, quiet areas, or rest areas are not accessible.

Taking a Shower

It is available for US$ 15 in the Plaza Premium lounge.


There is a smoking area Airside, at Gate 9.

What Airlines fly to Phnom Penh?

Phnom Penh airport is operated by the following airlines:
Air Asia
• Air China
• Asiana Airlines
• Bangkok Airways
• Cambodia Airlines
• Cambodia Angkor Air
• Cambodia Bayon Airlines
• Cathay Dragon
• China Airlines
• China Eastern Airlines
• China Express Airlines
• China Southern Airlines
• Emirates
• EVA Air
• Hainan Airlines
• Hong Kong Airlines
• JC International
• Jetstar Airways
• Korean Air
• Lanmei
• Malaysia Airlines
• Malindo Air
• Qatar Airways
• Shandong Airlines
• Shenzhen
• Silkair
• Spring Airlines
• Thai AirAsia
• Thai Smile Airways
• Turkish Airlines
• Vietjet
• Vietnam Airlines
• Xiamen Air.

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

From Phnom Penh to Battambang

Phnom Penh Airport guide

Q&A incited by Getfutura Web Design Phnom Penh

Questions and Answers Section

Q. How far is Phnom Penh airport from city Centre?

A. Phnom Penh airport is located approximately 10 km from the city center, in the northwest. On average it takes 30 minutes to 1-hour drive, depending on your choice of transportation and traffic jams.

Q. How much is tuk-tuk in Phnom Penh airport?

A. Generally, a ride of up to five minutes is about 1-1.50 USD. There is usually 3USD across the city and anything between a short trip and a city-wide ride is 1.50-2 USD.

Q. How much is a taxi from Phnom Penh airport to the city?

A. Ticket prices vary from 12 USD – 18 USD, based on the area you need to go to the city center.

Q. Is grab available in Phnom Penh?

A. Grab is the uber of SouthEast Asia, offering ride-hail services and has arrived in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Q. What money does Cambodia use?

A. The Cambodian Riel is Cambodia’s currency. Our currency rankings show that the USD to KHR rate is the most prevailing exchange rate for Cambodia Riel. The currency code for Riels is KHR, and the currency symbol is ៛.

Q. How many terminals does Phnom Penh airport have?

A. The airport has two terminal towers, one for domestic operations and one for international flights. It has recently added a new VIP service unit,

Q. Do you tip in Cambodia?

A. There is no regular amount of extra to leave for Cambodian services providers, like restaurants, drivers, and hotels. Nonetheless, a tip will always be appreciated by the company’s staff.

Perhaps 10 percent of the total bill (in some restaurants) is around the median, but if you feel the service was outstanding, feel free to leave more.

Q. Is it better to use Riel or USD in Cambodia?

A. Don’t be stressed about changing money. The U.S. dollar is the second official currency of Cambodia.

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