Panglao Island Activities and Attractions

Panglao island

Panglao Island Activities and Attractions

The top things to do in Panglao Island


Bohol Panglao town covers a location of 5,537 hectares and with a population of 25,558 individuals based on the 2007 census. It is politically partitioned into ten barangays: Bil-isan, Bolod, Danao, Doljo, Libaong, Looc, Lourdes, Poblacion, Tangnan, and Tawala.

Let’s explore the best Panglao island attractions

  • Alona Beach
  • Dumaluan Beach Panglao
  • Tuba Beach
  • Doljo Beach
  • Bagobo Beach
  • Bolod Beach
  • Danao Beach
  • Momo Beach
  • the Water Activities in Panglao Island
  • Aqua Panglao
  • the Hinagdanan Cave Panglao
  • the Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant
  • and so much more!


Things to Do in Panglao


Panglao Island is the most famous traveler area in Bohol. It is the traveler center for all activities, and there are numerous resorts, hotels, and dining establishments in this location.

Having stated that, it still stays a stunning beach vacation with great deals of checking out to do.

In the information below stated the leading things to do in Panglao Island.

Whether you desire the sundown area, the cliff leaps, or swimming with turtles, this list of the ideal things to do in Panglao Island has you covered.


Panglao Beach


Alona Beach


Here is where the magic takes place! Alona Beach is the primary beach on Panglao.

This is where you will discover the seaside dining establishments with incredible views of the water, laidback beachfront bars where you can consume late into the night, and many trip hawkers that are willing to bring you on a journey into Bohol or around the island.

Alona Beach is house to some beautiful guesthouses that extend back into the jungle.

You’ll discover cabanas with tropical flowers and pebble sidewalks, and you’ll likewise find modest homestays for dirt cheap. 


Dumaluan Beach Panglao


Dumaluan Beach Panglao


With shallow depths and pure crystal water, you can wade out toward the sea. Look for little seashells, little crabs, and sand dollars in the pure white sand. Take a break in the shallow water where the tide is rather mellow.

With such mild waves, lots of tourists utilize this beach to take kayaks out on the water, where they get amazing views of the island with its palm tree-lined beaches at a range.

There are a couple of stalls for BBQ and drinks for sale. It enables you to relax in the sand throughout the day!


Dumaluan Beach Panglao


Dumaluan Beach Panglao location

Tuba Beach


You can experience this beach also staying at the Cliffside Resort, Panglao, Bohol

Cliffside Resort, Panglao, Bohol


An incredible place to stay, with amazing views, sunrises, and sunsets!

Cliffside Resort, Panglao, Bohol


Tuba Beach is just around the corner of that cliff!

Tuba Beach is just around the corner of that cliff!


Doljo Beach


Sundowns at Doljo Beach will offer you life! This beach lies on the really opposite end of the island from where you enter upon a little peninsula that jets out into the sea.

The beach is well kept and not too crowded. It uses a tranquil experience far from the bars, hawkers, and travelers.

The tide can get quite low, which enables you to stroll far out into the sea where you can search for sea treasures in the damp sand.

There are a couple of resorts over here however are mellow facilities- you’ll barely even observe they’re there.


Doljo Beach location

Bagobo Beach


Bagobo Beach


Bagobo Beach lies at Barangay Libaong, Panglao Island. It is a beach with really great white sand and fringed by high coconut palm trees and other tropical ranges.

The water is clear and exposes an undersea world of such appeal that made snorkelers and scuba divers return from time to time, generating their buddies and associates.

Gradually the beach has actually gotten acknowledgment, and now two beach resorts accommodate visitors enticed by the serene charm of the location.

Providing outstanding services and first-rate lodgings are the Amarela Resort and the Bagobo Beach Resort.

Even more out of the beach is a well-known dive area, Arco Point. It is a site where a cavern brims with Cardinal and Sergeant Major fishes, white-eyed moray eels, black-finned snake eels, Raggy Scorpionfish along with groupers, wrasse, frog, angel, and butterflyfishes.


Bagobo Beach location


Bolod Beach


Bolod Beach lay at barangay Bolod and located on the south part of the island, which is about two and a half kilometers east of Alona Beach The beach has a one and a half kilometer range of white sand, the most significant coastline in the location.

It has to do with 5 minutes by boat from Alona and is an ideal location of the residents considering that a public beach is positioned there.

The city government has actually installed huts there for a minimal charge of P150 per day, with a new P30 if one requires to utilize the electrical outlet for one’s radio, CD or whatnot. The shallow depth of the water makes it perfect for households.

For personal privacy, outstanding services, and complete facilities, Bolod Beach has the Bohol Beach Club, the Dumaluan Beach Resort, and the heaven Sky Sea Resort.

Ten minutes from the beach is the famous BBC dive website, which includes a hole on the wall, a cavern formed like a chimney where you can come across various colored gorgonians, fishes, and sponges.


Danao Beach


Danao Beach lies at Barangay Danao, Panglao, Panglao Island; Bohol. Like Alona, its nearby neighbor, it possesses excellent white sand, calm azure waters, bursting water life, and is likewise house to some well-known dive areas.

The beach and dive areas of Danao have actually gotten acknowledgment; therefore, a couple of resorts have actually been put up to accommodate the consistent drip of visitors.

Top-notch resorts using comfy quarters, services, and facilities are Bohol Sea Resort, Bita-ug Beach Resort, Kalipayan Beach Resort, and Alumbung Resort.

The Kalipayan Dive near the Kalipayan Beach Resort includes a wall dive at the start which slopes at the end of the dive.

A lot of fascinating is at 7-12m where one view numerous vibrant and enormous corals and confronts myriad fishes of all sizes and colors, particularly little Barracuda, black and yellow Harlequin Ghost Pipefish, Comet, Banded Pipefish, and the Blue-finned or Titan Triggerfish.



Momo Beach


Momo Beach Panglao


Momo Beach is also blessed with white sand and calm crystal blue waters. It lies in the northern part of Panglao Island, particularly in the Barangay of Tangnan of Panglao town. The beach is reasonably unidentified and is purchased from by the residents.

Momo Beach is nearer to Doljo beach than to Alona Beach, which is 20km away, a 40min trip away by motorized banca or 20min by vehicle.

If you rented a motorbike, Momo Beach from Alona Beach is a very fun drive cutting the island in half and passing trough really nice roads and island scenery.

There are no resorts yet at Momo Beach.


Momo Beach Panglao


A fantastic wall and slope diving website can be discovered near the beach with a depth of 40m where nudibranchs, leaf fishes, red-eyed goby, harlequin filefish, pajama cardinal fish and lots of type of juvenile wrasse are spotted.

Neighboring is the Momo Beach House, a charming shop resort set on the coasts of Panglao Island, Bohol.

Momo Beach House provides spectacular beach and sundown views, nature-inspired architecture, and tasty al fresco dining at homestyle-inspired Beach Tree Café, and environment-friendly facilities and a unique bed-and-breakfast ambiance in all visitor spaces.

Facilities consist of the Beach House swimming pool, the child-friendly Beach Hut, and devices for water sports and activities.

Momo Beach is also blessed with white sand and cool crystal blue waters. The beach is reasonably unidentified and is bought from the residents.




Momo Beach Panglao location


Panglao Activities


Enjoy a Massage on the Beach


If you are not thinking about a massage, it can be difficult to shake the relentless and friendly massage girls who have their massage beds established under dubious canopies on the beach. They virtually form a human wall to get you to come in. It is rather excellent.

If you are thinking of a massage, then you’re in luck! Lay down and let these skilled masseuses work their magic. Costs are sensible, and the view is ideal.

When you’re prepared, the massage ladies are there all day, so you can simply rock up. Or if you would choose a massage at a later time, you can set up home calls and have them concern your space- this is ideal for rainy days.


Yoga Panglao


After being tangled up in confined busses or took a seat too long on tiring flights, your body most likely requires a little TLC. Yoga Vibe Panglao is simply the location to get your muscles extended, and your soul is feeling back in sync with your body.

You can drop in on early morning yoga, sunset yoga, or yin/restorative. Some assemblies are held right on the beach and others in a lovely beachfront cabana.

The instructors are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and delighted to invite you to their class.


Attempt to go out on a Bohol countryside trip to Chocolate Hills


Chocolate Hills is a remarkable landscape, and any experience on Bohol is enjoyable. It is a long drive from Alona Beach, so if you are resting there, make sure you prepare a couple of other areas along the route such as the Tarsier Sanctuary or Twin Falls in Dimi Ao to make the journey worth it.

Among the best ways to check out Chocolate Hills is with a Bohol Countryside Tour.

Since you get to do a lot simply in one day for under $30, this trip is terrific! In simply one day, your countryside trip will take you to the following locations.

  • Check out the world-famous Chocolate Hills with its 1,268 cone-shaped hills that turn brown in the summer season.
  • Be amazed at the neoclassical architecture of the Baclayon Church, which was finished in 1727
  • Stroll through the stunning Bilar Manmade Forest, a mahogany forest extending in 2 kilometers long
  • Visit the historical Blood Compact Shrine, and find out about the story behind its name
  • Enjoy a tasty regional buffet lunch on a drifting dining establishment that travels through the Loboc River
  • Meet the tarsiers at the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary, which was developed to secure the world’s tiniest primates


Water Activities in Panglao Island


Go Scuba Diving


Off the coast of Panglao are some dive sites which are sure to leave an imprint on your memory.

There is Balicasag Island, where you will encounter dive-worthy topography consisting of deep slopes and high walls where abundant reefs have actually established.

Moreover, Pamilacan Island, where it is possible to see and swim with dolphins, whale sharks, and even Manta rays.

You will discover lots of dive stores that more than happy to take you out for some undersea experiences. Two of the most reputable dive stores in the location are Bohol Divers Club and Alona Divers.


Snorkeling Boat Trip


You can lease a snorkel and swim simply off the coast of Panglao where you’ll see many fish and some reefs; however, if you actually desire a cool snorkel experience, then work with a boat to take you to the best locations.

The captains of the boat will understand the best snorkel areas to travel to, consisting of Pamilacan Island, house to a little reef island with great deals of vibrant fish.

There is an opportunity for you to see dolphins, Manta rays, and whale sharks, even without diving deep.

The guides supply the snorkels, but do not supply any sunblock! Bring some with you!


Parasailing in Panglao Island


Go on a stimulating experience in the islands of Panglao by joining this parasailing activity. This leisure kiting expertise offers you the very best point of view on the island integrated with the adrenaline rise of landing and flying on the water.


Alexis Cliff Dive Resort


The most convenient place to get to and most likely the safest dive. In general, it is most likely the best and most popular cliff dive in Bohol. It is in Panglao, which is a fantastic rate as almost every traveler is settling in Panglao.

There is a diving board established at Alexis Cliff Dive Resort.

There is an entry charge of about $1; however, you get to delight in numerous tourist attractions for the rate of one entry charge. 

You have the sardine balls waiting right here at the reef simply like in Moalboal.

You can delight in the usage of the huts, benches, and stairs down to the ocean for a swim.

You have the diving board for cliff leaping.

I would state it has to do with 5-6 meters high, and while you require to leap out a couple of meters for the deepwater, it appeared quite safe throughout the day.


Exploring Panglao Island


Virgin Island


Virgin Island is not a lot more than a sandbar a couple of meters off the coast of Panglao; however, it is definitely stunning. As Virgin Island is quite near the mainland, you can kayak over here by yourself, or you can select to work with a boat to zip you on over.

Go on a starfish hunt in the water, take a look at the little spots of mangroves, or seize the day to have a fast image shoot on a beach that appears as it remains in the middle of no place.

It is a piece of good news while there are a couple of modest stalls established with coolers of treats and drinks.


Hinagdanan Cave Panglao


Hinagdanan Cave Panglao


The opening to Hinahdanan Cave is simply a little hole in the ground. You may miss it if you are not trying to find it carefully. To check out, you’ll rise into darkness, utilizing a tough set of stairs, and the trip will start.

A guide will stroll you through the cavern, informing you a bit about the origins of its development.

The cavern is a little scary, with spike-like cavern rocks suspending by the thousands with bats flying all around the ceiling.

There is a cold swimming pool at the base of the cavern where you can swim if you attempt! There are not any weird animals swimming around. Nevertheless, the swimming pool will be cold. When you just live!


Hinagdanan Cave Panglao


Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant


Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant


For a healthy, natural choice, dine at Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant on Panglao.

This dining establishment motivates regional farmers to grow without fertilizers and pesticides, to compost their scraps, and to utilize well-rounded eco-friendly farming approaches.


Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant


Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant teaches their famers brand-new farming techniques and approaches to assist them in moving towards these eco instructions.

Consume a fresh meal in their dining establishment of check out their store where you can purchase natural honey made from their very own bee farm!


Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant


You can also enjoy many other kind of water sport such as 

  • Banana boat ride (Aqua Sports)
  • Glass bottom boat
  • Flying fish
  • Jetski Seadoo
  • Wakeboard
  • Seawalker




Philippine Tarsier Recreation Inc


Tarsiers are the endangered and little primates that are belonging to close-by Bohol. It is stated that without preservation centers, consisting of the Philippine Tarsier Recreation Inc., that these little animals would go extinct.

At the center, you’ll stroll down a stunning jungle course surrounded by abundant green trees and foliage. Search for in the trees, and you’ll see sets of huge round eyes gazing back at you.

The tarsiers are as enthusiastic about you, and you have to do with them. Other tarsiers will be in harmony sleeping under huge leaves and not even discover you’re there.


Trudi’s Place


For a seafood banquet, look no more than Trudi’s Place. Found right on the beach with palm trees overhead and live music playing at night- it does not get any more into nature than this.

The squid adobo is to pass away for, and the grilled squid with garlic butter is even more divine if you enjoy squid. They’ve got the juiciest prawns and the tenderest fish.

As real seafood enthusiasts experience, absolutely nothing goes much better with seafood than a cold beer, and Trudi’s Place has the least expensive! It’s a win-win all around.


Explore Aqua Panglao


Experience the blue-green, blue waters off the coasts of Panglao and the reef bursting with biodiversity through the bottom of your transparent kayak!

There are green sea turtles, clownfish, schools of vibrant fish, polyps, urchins, and more, all of which you can see up individual and close.

The team at Explor’ Aqua will catamaran you and your transparent kayak out to the best reefs and lagoons, then set you totally free to paddle.

This is a specifically fantastic way for individuals who can’t swim to use the water.


Sanctuary Resort Restaurant


You most likely visualize a romantic dining establishment that needs no shoes with candlelit tables on the beach when you think of dining on an island. Sanctuary Resort Restaurant has this, plus comfortable bean bag seats with low tables so you can take pleasure in a relaxing meal with your toes in the sand. 

You can purchase a variety of meals here from western to Filipino seafood banquets. Attempt the hamburger, which will snuff out any yearnings you’ve been having for food from the house, or opt for the tuna sashimi for a fresh taste of the Visayas.


Tarsier Botanika


Take a couple of hours to step far from the beach and into a botanical paradise. Tarsier Botanika is a café, arboretum, resort, and wildlife sanctuary all in one.

For your dining experience, select in between garden seating or seaside tables where you can take pleasure in a cup of coffee with some dessert, or a conventional Filipino meal.

Check out the garden where you’ll be welcomed by friendly grey parrots who enjoy to chit chat and have their heads scratched, in addition to a couple of tarsiers who like to invest the day snuggled up in the trees.

Stroll down a long wood course in between cactus gardens, completely manicured wetlands, and gorgeous tropical flowers.


Panglao Market


Sunday might be a day off for the majority of people; however, for plenty of individuals on Panglao, it ends up being the busiest day of the week and a time to capture up on the chikka-chikka before the start of another week.

It indicates an early start to get to initial morning mass at the church of San Augustin and after that a brief walk to the middle of town where the once-a-week primary market is currently in complete swing. For the stallholders, it implied an even previously begin to the day to establish their stalls.

Waking prior to dawn, they are on their approach to the marketplace to get the best position well prior to 5 am, and it is typically the girls of the family who will sit all the time offering the household produce till about 8 pm.

It makes a long day, and one can forgive the ladies if they begin to go to sleep plunged over the onions or potatoes throughout the heat of midday, just to be rudely woken up when somebody desires to purchase something.

It might be a hand or more of bananas, surprisingly, did you realize there are 22 various types growing in the Philippines?

Or a newly cut pineapple, or possibly a kilo or two of the mangoes that Panglao is well-known for.

The marketplace is a hive of activity all day, although the best of the items appear to get nabbed up early in the early morning when the chefs and purchasers from the island’s numerous resorts show up to restock their diminished cooking area larders with fresh products, instead of venturing into Tagbilaran and its broader market near Island City Mall.

Outside the primarily covered hall at Panglao, the dry items are accumulated: brooms and brushes made in your area by industrious hands, a couple of pieces of handcrafted furnishings, stacks and stacks of bright clothes, some brand-new and some undoubtedly pre-owned, and piles of hand-thrown pots for all various celebrations.

All over there is the sweet odor of fruits competing and pervading the environment for attention with spices and stacks of salted and dried fish.

The fish stalls are simply a couple of meters away in another shed where hectic homemakers are being ensured that everybody was just captured last night.

They definitely appear that they were available in with the early morning tide, their eyes shiny and brilliant, the intense silver shine still on their glistening flanks and the gills looking a healthy color.

The octopus and the squid, simply generated from the regional fishing boats, look a bit shaky, obviously. However, they will tighten when they enter into the wok.

At the back of the stalls are the regional meat manufacturers, but the best pork tenderloin cuts typically go to the visitors by means of the resorts before anything else.

If you arrive a bit far too late, you may simply discover a couple of pigs heads gazing up at you.

Yet, do not fret; they make an outstanding meal also if you recognize how to prepare them appropriately with some fresh veggies to make a nourishing stew.

SUNDAY might be the day when the pious of Panglao head for the regional church or chapel, even so, it is likewise a hectic day for the regional homemakers, and it is considered the most significant market day.


Panglao regional church


Panglao Island Beach Front Resorts


Bohol Divers Resort

Lies at Barangay Tawala in Panglao town, 20 meters far from Alona Beach.

The resort functions above par lodgings: 12 La Residencia Houses, 12 Villa Suites Rooms, 18 Chateau Rooms, and 1 Chalet House, which is beachfront. It takes pride in 2 pools, a dining establishment, beach bar, reef dive store, outside video games centers, and more.


Muro-Ami Seaside Resort

Lies straight at Doljo Beach of Panglao Town. The resort provides low-cost, basic space lodgings with aircon. Moreover, the resort has a bar and dining establishment specializing in seafood.

The resort assists its customers by delivering roundtrip land transfers from airport-resort-airport.


Palm Island Resort 

It is positioned right at the white sand beach of Doljo, near Ananyana Beach Resort and Muro-Ami Seaside Resort at barangay Doljo of Panglao Town at Panglao Island.


Palm Island Resort 

It is positioned right at the white sand beach of Doljo, near Ananyana Beach Resort and Muro-Ami Seaside Resort at barangay Doljo of Panglao Town at Panglao Island.

The resort uses 15 space lodgings at the following classifications: double aircon, double non-aircon, small/med/big homes, and a dorm room.

Aside from other facilities, all spaces are supplied with electrical fans and cold and hot shower.

The resort has likewise a dining establishment serving seafood, a multi-purpose hall, a pool, and sports centers.


Bagobo Beach Resort & Restaurant 

Lies straight at Bagobo Beach, Libaong, at Panglao Town. The resort provides essential spaces that are either with electrical fans or air-conditioners.

The homes are located in the middle of a well-kept garden with high coconut palm trees and other tropical plants.


Azir’s Place

Along Doljo Beach in Panglao town, a 15-minute right from Tagbilaran City.

The location provides 10 to 12 individuals with 3 basic bedrooms and one attic space at the 3rd flooring.

All areas have cable television, a personal toilet and bath with cold and hot water, big beds and all totally air-conditioned. It has a Jacuzzi on the lawn.

The cooking area is totally provided, and a caretaker will be offered to function as an individual assistant.


Bita-ug Beach Resort

It provides air-conditioned native-style homes with spaces having a personal toilet and bath, TV and a private entryway.

The resort likewise takes pride in a dive store, a pool, dining establishment, and a great white sandy beach. Provider varies from space service, laundry, massage, and manicure.

It lies at Danao Beach of barangay Danao, Panglao Town.


Whites and Greens Beach Resort 

In the lovely Bolod Beach along with Dumaluan Beach Resort and Bohol Beach Club. It does not use 5-star hotel features.

Nevertheless, it is still amongst the leading locations to chill and loosen up for its low-cost lodgings and really verdant environments.


Coral Point Dive Resort 

At Bil-isan, Panglao Town, at Panglao Island. The resort includes a concrete structure real estate air-conditioned spaces offered with personal restrooms and flushing toilets, cold and hot showers, and 2 single beds.

It has swimming and a dining establishment swimming pool for restricted water training, state-of-the-arts diving devices, and a huge boat.


Amarela Beach Resort 

It includes a yellow vacation home with 24 suites and spaces geared up with aircon, satellite TV, and web gain access to.

This two-story structure houses antiques, regional sculpture, basketry, paintings, and books.

The resort uses Continental, Filipino, and English foods served by trained personnel. In the middle of trees and Bermuda lawn is a pool.

The resort lies at Bogobo Beach, Libaong, at Panglao Town.


Bohol Sea Resort 

Straight on the white sandy beach of Danao at Panglao Town, Panglao Island.

The resort is under German management and possesses 20 air-conditioned spaces and cottages in various classifications.

All cottages and spaces are offered with a toilet and bath with shower, WC, small bar, and balcony.

The resort has an open dining establishment, a mixed drink bar, a swimming pool, a swimming pool bar, and a dive base.


Dumaloan Beach Resort 

Lies right on Bolod Beach at Panglao Town. The resort provides basic spaces and suites for their visitors’ convenience. Facilities consist of a swimming pool with Restaurant, bar, and jacuzzi, function hall, video KTV, web coffee shop, memento store, recreation rooms, aqua sports, and Medical Clinic.

Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours in Panglao Island


Panglao tours

Bohol Firefly Watching Private Evening Cruise with Dinner


See countless twinkling fireflies brighten the night throughout a personal night of firefly seeing on the water.

After supper at a dining establishment, including premium natural food on Panglao Island, take a leisurely boat cruise down the Abatan River.

Your useful guide assists you take in the marvels of nature’s nightlife as you meander through the mangroves.

Take pleasure in round-trip hotel transportation by personal automobile from Bohol and invest the night delighting in the natural appeal and regional food of the Philippines.


Half-Day Panglao Island Tour


This Panglao trip takes you to an exciting and enjoyable trip around the island of Panglao, where a few of the world’s most beautiful beaches lie.

The tour will take you to the popular Hinagdanan Cave with its gorgeous landscapes and the Bohol Bee Farm, where you can take pleasure in natural and natural food. 

You will likewise get to go to the churches in the towns of Dauis and Panglao.

You will go to the Shell Museum, and finally, we will take you to Alona Beach, which is house to a few of the very best resorts on the island.

The trip may be provided for simply a half-day tour or whole day trip.

You may take pleasure in swimming on the beach or in the cavern. Simply make sure you bring an additional t-shirt or fabrics.

Have a good time and take pleasure in the trip. Be well prepared with all set of your video camera, and chill out!


Bohol Eco Tour


Discover Bohol like no one else. You will settle in personal locations and understand how we reside in our area in the chocolate hills.

Feel Bohol like a native, the surprise treasures, following the Boholano lifestyle. Our travel plan, The huge market, Traditional breakfast, Tarsier Sanctuary, Man-made forest, Bamboo hanging bridge, Snack market, Nature forest park, Filipino lunch in the rice field. 

Moreover, you will meet and share time with residents in a remote town, Chocolate hills, Swim in a waterfall Discover Bohol with the Eco Bohol Nature Tour, 10 hours personal trip around Bohol. 

The tour will pick you up in your lodging in Panglao or Tagbilaran, and dropoff you off in Loboc, Tagbilaran, or Panglao Island.

We not just reveal you the finest, as we desire you have the more close experience, we likewise present you to our households, we desire you to see direct what the life of Boholano in the rural environment.

The travel plan is beyond the remainder of the trips, some locations you will be alone.


Bohol’s Panglao Island with Island Hopping


Bohol's Panglao Island with Island Hopping


Take pleasure in a morning Dolphin Watching after a pick up from your hotel. See the gorgeous landscapes of Panglao Island up until you reach Balicasag Island.

Stay there and have an alternative to swim in the Fish Sanctuary and see Nemo and other sea animals.

You’ll be all set for another island hopping in the Virgin Islands. Departing from the island, you will have a land trip to Panglao location.

Go to the popular Hinagdanan Cave and another site that consisting of the Bee Farm, the Dauis Church, and the Shell Museum.

If you have more time up until your hotel drop off, along the way, you can likewise check out Alona Beach.


Panglao International Airport


The brand-new airport’s style adheres to global requirements and intends to deal with the increasing traveler increase in the coming years.

Building and construction were finished in November 2018, and its operations started in the same month.

Developed on a location of 216ha, the airport is a Greenfield architecture, and it is ten times larger than the old airport. Tagbilaran Airport was developed on a location of 850m ² and managed around 800,000 travelers a year, whereas the brand-new airport can handle 2 million guests a year.

Bohol-Panglao International Airport is the premier eco airport built on Panglao Island, Bohol Province, in the leading site of the Philippines.


Facilities at Panglao International Airport


The terminal structure homes international and domestic check-in hall, pre-departure lounges, workplaces for direct passenger-related services and constructing management, worldwide and domestic luggage claim locations, along with concession areas, consisting of duty-free stores.

The general public concourse location at the entryway of the terminal structure has access to public toilets, automobile leasing, bank and an airline company ticketing workplace.

The location is linked to the parking area location and the guest terminal curb.

The airport complex likewise consists of a control tower, air traffic control service (ATC) operation and administration structure, station house and airport upkeep structure, navigational help, and supplementary structures structure.

Energies such as powerhouse, the supply of water system and sewage treatment system are likewise part of the complex.


Questions and Answers Section about Panglao


How do you get to Panglao Island?

There are 6 ways to obtain from Cebu City to Panglao Island by ferry, taxi, bus, car ferry, or plane.

  • Take the ferry from Cebu Pier 1 to Tubigon Cebu.
  • Take a taxi from Tubigon to Panglao.


What is there to do in Panglao?

Enjoy with many activities here in Panglao such as 


  • Massage on the beach
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Island Hopping to Balicasag/Pamilcan
  • Food trip
  • Water Sports/adventure water 
  • Go Spelunking


What is there to do in Alona Beach?

Many activities are waiting to entertain the tourists who bound for the spot. 

  • Diving and Snorkeling. Alona Beach is referred to as a first-rate dive location. 
  • Relaxing. Alona Beach is an excellent location to simply relax and unwind. …
  • Food and Nightlife. 
  • Bohol Bee Farm. 
  • Hinagdanan Cave. 
  • Chocolate Hills. 
  • Tarsier Sanctuary.


How do I get to Panglao from Bohol?

Here is the most affordable way to obtain from Tagbilaran to Panglao. 

From ferryboat pier, leave the primary location far from the crowd, then get a local tricycle to Dao bus terminal for 10 pesos. From there, take the jeepneys/buses for Alona Beach for 25-30 pesos. Well, the journey takes less than an hour.


Going from Cebu to Bohol


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