Pai tours and attractions

Pai tours and attractions

Pai tours and attractions

What to see and what to do in Pai, Thailand.

Pai is located 135 km from Chiang Mai City, at the end of a winding highway with 762 curves, this beautiful and picturesque little village is the kind of location you’ll sign up for a day and remain, well forever. Although it is now well and truly on the beaten track, that doesn’t imply you should skip Pai tours and this amazing location that has a reputation for being like a “Thai mountain island.”

Despite its tiny size, if you already travel across Northern Thailand, Pai is a must-visit. Besides getting some of the best street food that you have ever had in South East Asia, Pai has quite a few neighboring tourist attractions if you want to do more than just be a yogi/hippie for a couple of days.

Actually, Pai’s hippy enclave has been attracting backpackers and alternative styles for years, probably one of the finest locations in Northern Thailand.

Here, I will write about the most attractive spots which are a must to see in Pai, northern Thailand.

In Pai, there are loads of amazing activities related to the field I described above, but I am trying to narrow it down to these ultimate trip tasks for you to explore. Here’s the list of the absolute best stuff to do in Pai, Thailand, from what to do, where to go and even where to stay.

How to get to Pai from Chiang Mai

You have a few alternatives to consider if you want to get from Chiang Mai to Pai. Various modes of transport are feasible to travel between these locations with flight, bus or taxi.

There are not many flight operations between Chiang Mai to Pai during the day. However, it may be a good deal for you to book your flight in advance if you have a tough schedule. The price should be ranged from 80-110 US Dollars.

If you are looking for a fast journey, you should use a Taxi. However, you can book a bus ticket if you prefer to take your time with a slower, more accessible travel alternative.

Travel costs will rely on the means of transportation you choose for your journey. The most costly choice is a taxi ticket -it will cost you around 125-159 US Dollars. If you want to save on travel, it is better to take a bus that costs as little as 7-10 US Dollars as a bus ticket.

Pai tours and attractions

How far is Pai from Chiang Mai?

If you travel by land, knowing the distance from Chiang Mai to Pai is essential. Your journey will be 140 miles (225 km) in total. The flying range is about 92 km (58 miles).

Chiang Mai to Pai travel time may differ depending on the means of travel you choose. All things considered, it should take 3 to 5 hours for the entire trip.

  • Important things you should know about buses from Chiang Mai to Pai
    It’s cheaper to take a bus from Chiang Mai to Pai than a taxi. Quite often, the cheapest transport choice is a long-distance bus. Busses usually create stops along the way for the toilet and/or dinner.
  • Select higher-class busses if possible for a more comfortable travel experience. Often such busses have air conditioning, smooth reclining seats, Wi-Fi, toilets, etc.
  • Busses are better booked in advance, just like plane tickets, so you can secure a nice seat.
  • Bear in mind that delays are feasible when booking a bus. However, it still pays to get at least 15 minutes before the planned departure to the bus station.

Pai tours and attractions. The Pai canyon

In some tourist brochures, Pai Canyon is defined as the response of Thailand to the Grand Canyon. It would be placing it slightly to say that stretches a point. Pai Canyon is geographically fascinating and offers some spectacular views, but you’re going to be disappointed if you’re expecting to be blown away by nature’s raw power and jaw-dropping scenery.

However, with the green valley below and hills beyond, the views are enjoyable to provide a vivid contrast to the canyon’s brown and red earth. It should also be a good place to see the sunset.

Pai Canyon is about 8 km south of the town center of Pai. The place is simple to locate just off Highway 1095 if you have your own transportation. Pai Canyon generally takes you to the trip alongside other places such as the Memorial Bridge and the Temple of Wat Phra That Mae Yen. These places are usually put into the itinerary of the day tour from Pai.

How to get to Pai Canyon

Renting a scooter is the best way to get between Pai’s many tiny sights and attractions. The price of the rentals starts at USD 5 a day.

If you’re not comfortable on two wheels, look for a songthaew (pickup truck transportation with bench seats in the back) and negotiate on a cost before getting in. Taxis and tuk-tuks in Pai are not prevalent.

Pai tours and attractions

What to know before visit Pai Canyon?

  • Pai Canyon entry is free.
  • Cold beverages and snacks can be found at the trailhead.
  • Trails are subjected to the sun in the canyon; there is not a lot of shade.
  • Getting to the first point of view needs many stairs to walk up.
  • Travelers with a height fear may become nervous about walking past the first point of view.
  • The tight tracks and absence of railing make it unfit for tiny kids to go far into Pai Canyon.

Other nearby attraction from Pai Canyon

Memorial Bridge

The ancient Memorial Bridge is just one mile south of the canyon on the right. Walkthrough the bridge of history and read about the history of war. You are able to purchase snacks and beverages there. It’s free to enter, and it takes about 20 minutes to see.

Pai tours and attractions

Land Split

Drive 3.1 miles south from Pai Canyon, then look for indications for Pam Bok Waterfall to turn left. If the little path goes through the left side of the temple, it means that you’ve discovered the correct one.

The seismic activity triggered the Land Split in 2008. There are some dried fruit and homegrown meals provided by friendly farmers in the region and visitors are invited to sit down for a chat. It is actually free to go there, but a tiny donation is highly appreciated. It will take about 30 minutes to complete this journey.

Pam Bok Waterfall

Consider going down the same street as the Land Split to the Pam Bok Waterfall if you’re dressed to get wet.

The picturesque waterfall at the end of a gorge offers the perfect way to cool off after roasting at Pai Canyon. During the dry season peak, falling is hardly a trickle.

To appreciate it, you’ll have to wade a little. It particularly good options during the hot afternoons of April and May.

The Bamboo Bridge

Continuing past the waterfall takes you to the Bridge of Boon Ko Ku So. During the rainy season, the bamboo bridge wanders through rice paddies that are especially green and picturesque.

As with the property split, a large portion of the reason for visiting is the friendly people operating the cafe at the start of the bridge. It is absolutely free, and it takes about 30 minutes to do this.

Wat Phra That Mae Yen

Phra That Mae Yen is made up of two buildings and a few little golden chedis. Before the entrance to the temple and the big Buddha, you can see throughout Pai so you can’t miss it. It is also said to be where, particularly during sunset or sunrise, you can see a spectacular view of Pai.

This attractive site has a harmonious, serene environment to admire Amphoe Pai’s huge panoramic view. During the noon and sunset, the perfect time to enjoy the countryside. There is only Phra Ubosot in the temple region, and a 3-meter-high white bell-shaped chedi with a round pedestal, and the exceptional Burmese-style umbrella.

Visitors can choose between two ways to go up there from the trailhead.

Driving is a pleasant way to recommend, or climbing the Naga staircase (353 steps) is also an exciting way to practice.

Small coffee shops and food and beverage services are available in the surrounding area.

Mae Yen Waterfall

Tucked away in the mountains, waterfalls have a mostly flat terrain. Again once you can get to the falls, the trail that meanders through the valley cuts across the stream at different points.

As the route at certain points passes through the water, I would advise you to wear shoes that can get a bit moist.

Boil in the Hot Spring in Pai

Anther attractive spots to visit the Huai Nam Dang National Park region is in a place where you can reach a mean temperature of 80 Celsius.

Spring steam dominates the morning site creating intriguing sights. Furthermore, the region is wealthy in teakwood and appropriate for camping overnight.

Pai tours and attractions. Explore with a Scooter!

Take note of this advice in your itinerary, all the best things to do in Pai can be readily accessed by scooter, take a map and go! For a fun day of the expedition, small sights and attractions can be mixed.

The green landscapes, rural highways, and fresh air make driving in Pai a true pleasure.
Rentals for scooters cost such little as $5 per day. If you’ve never been on a scooter before, there are informal courses available.

Many tourists are learning to drive in Pai and some are also learning to crash whilst there. Even if it’s rare for local people to wear a helmet, still you are highly encouraged to use it.

Pai tours and attractions

Pai activities

Go Fishing

Not in the stream! Alternatively, go to the pleasant Bueng Pai Farm where you can pay for fishing in the lake where many big species are cultivated. There are equipment, hooks, buckets, and guidelines; catches are published, of course.

As is often the case when fish are not biting, the environment is a lot about the experience. Cold beverages are accessible, as are bungalows in the cooler early mornings if you want to remain out of town and fish.

Drink Tea at the Overlook

The place just outside the tourist attraction of the Chinese Village. It is a grassy hill with a few benches and pleasant valley views. The paltry entrance fee involves a tiny pot of tea to enjoy in your own peaceful corner on top of the mountain is what its best.

Locally referred to as the Chinese Village, Santichon Village is not catch up your time that much. It will only take 20 minutes of your moment unless you decide to attempt archery, horseback riding, or any other tourist activity.

Visit the afternoon market

Conserve your cash and enjoy a local experience by walking to the evening market to purchase your new fruit, that’s where many Walking Street carts and restaurants get theirs! Travelers courageous enough to walk deeper into the core, as with many markets, and haggle a bit is compensated with better rates. Keep an eye out between May and August for mangosteens, the Queen of Fruit.

You can find a market which is located south of the walking road in Pai town.

Pai tours and attractions

Nightlife in Pai

Hey, yin and yang are all about it, right? Pai is an anomaly.

Many tourists come up expecting a quiet, hippie city where organic juice is the only tap choice instead of the usual three beers product from Thailand.

They will quickly find that the nightlife in Pai can stay at the top. It also often comes to sunrise! And that’s a big Wow for this tiny town.

The variety of open-air socializing choices is great for such a tiny location. Pai has a decision for all moods, ranging from live performances at the Mojo Cafe and Edible Jazz Cafe to hard-hitting songs.

For anyone left standing, the after-hours Don’t Cry Bar runs very late. Let’s rock your night guys after a tiring day guys.

Try martial arts

The only choices in Pai are not yoga and reiki. You will discover tai chi, qi gong, and other inner discipline ads. Many are published by Pai-based educators offering private courses at neighboring health retreats.

There are two great Muay Thai camps and a neighboring Chinese kung fu retreat for self-defense and severe shaking. All accommodate learners of all levels; packages of housing and training are provided.

Accommodation in Pai, Thailand
Here are some beautiful, clean, affordable prize accommodations you should consider while taking a trip to Pai.

Pai Homey

Located in Pai and within 200 meters from the Pai Bus Station, Pai Homey offers a ticket service, non-smoking spaces, a garden, free Wi-Fi and a shared lounge.

With a tour desk, this property also offers a terrace for visitors. The rooms have a Mountain View balcony. Each room at the resort has a patio overlooking the garden.

A desk, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom are provided in the rooms at Pai Homey. Guests can enjoy an à la carte or American breakfast.

Pai Night Market is 300 meters from Pai Homey and 2.2 km from Wat Phra That Mae Yen.

Baan Kung Kang De Pai

Located in the Mae Hong Sorn northern oasis, the colorful Baan Kung Kang hotel features a big outdoor pool with panoramic mountain views.

There is free Wi-Fi. The air-conditioned rooms at the Kung Kang De Pai include a terrace, a TV and a minibar.

Guests can relax by the poolside at Hotel Baan Kung Kang or take a bike tour of the nearby farmland and windmill.

Local cuisine and international dishes are served at the hotel’s restaurant.

Just 1 km from Pai town center and Kung Kang Temple, Baan Kung Kang De Pai is a 15-minute drive from the night market. A 20-minute drive from Pai Airport.

Family House Zen Boutique Resort

This hotel has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, and a coffee shop. Free WiFi is also available, free self-parking and free airport shuttle.

In addition, there is a dry cleaning, tour/ticket support, and a garden onsite.

All 23 rooms feature comforts such as sofa beds and refrigerators, as well as free WiFi and satellite, LED TVs. Balconies, room service, and coffee makers are also available for guests.

Puri Pai Villa

Puripai Villa, one of Pai’s most luxurious resorts, Mae Hong Son Province, offering a private retreat for tourists of all kinds, from honeymoon couples, family on holiday, to discerning travelers looking for an isolated natural getaway for a personal vacation.

The resort is situated on a mountain amidst lush garden landscapes with a breathtaking panoramic perspective of the lovely hills of Pai, where visitors wake up to be surrounded by a celestial ocean of fog in most mornings.

Puripai Villa is just a few minutes’ drive from Pai Airport and a 5-minute drive to Pai City, renowned for its quiet and comfortable atmosphere, beautiful natural resources and colorful, laid-back walking road to browse through and shop.

B2 Pai Premier Resort

This property features an outdoor pool, a 24-hour front desk, and free self-parking at this smoke-free hotel. WiFi is free of charge. All 42 rooms are equipped with free WiFi, refrigerators, and cable flat-screen TVs.

The Heart of Pai Resort

The hotel offers dry cleaning, a 24-hour front desk, and assistance with tour/tickets. Free WiFi is available as well as free self-parking.

There is also a beautiful garden. All 35 rooms are equipped with free WiFi, balconies or patios and satellite flat-screen TV. Refrigerators, free bottled water, and in-room massages are also available for guests.

Hotel Des Artists Rose of Pai

This hotel has a coffee shop and concierge facilities in addition to a restaurant. Free WiFi is available in as well as free self-parking. Tour/ticket support, a garden, and a picnic area are also available on site.

All 14 rooms offer conveniences such as refrigerators and coffee making facilities, as well as free WiFi and cable LCD TVs. Other facilities are minibars, free bottled water and showers accessible to visitors.

Pai Country Hut

This hotel has tour/ticket help and a garden in addition to coffee/tea in a common region. There is a free buffet breakfast, free WiFi in, free self-parking and free airport shuttle service. Free WiFi, balconies and ceiling fans are available in all 22 rooms.

Reverie Siam Resort

Reverie Siam Resort is located in the town center which is considered as a nice shopping region. This hotel has a restaurant and a bar/lounge with 2 outdoor pools. Free English breakfast, free WiFi, free self-parking and free airport shuttle service are given.

Other facilities include a coffee shop, a conference room, and a pool for children. All 19 rooms feature thoughtful touches such as bathrobes and slippers, as well as conveniences such as sitting space and fridges.

Bueng Pai Farm

This hotel offers an indoor swimming pool, dry cleaning, and a picnic area. Free WiFi is available as well as free self-parking. Other facilities include a safe at the front desk. Free bottled water and mobile fans are available in all 12 rooms. Guests can also enjoy showers and free toiletries. There is limited housekeeping.

Where to eat in Pai?

Welcome to a pleasant walking road location in the core of the village of Pai, where you can enjoy genuine Thai cuisine or enjoy delicious salty or sweet crepes (sandwiches) or other culinary delights.

Daytime jazzy music lounge bar, electro happy and evening psytrance for the whole world trance family. Inescapable!

When asked about their ideas on Pai by many travelers, most of them will rave about the food and the wonderfully strange hippy vibes, of course. Somehow this little mountain town succeeds in having almost every kind of cuisine.

Not only is the food awesome, but it also gives an excellent atmosphere, decent prices, and employees that make you feel like family.

There are lots of restaurants for you to choose from, but I’ve developed a list of top Pai restaurants so that you can dine at the best!


Available in meat, vegan options. A typical Thai restaurant that serves Thai dishes with signature. There are vegan choices in the form of tofu rather than meat, or the possibility of newly prepared meat-free meals. The variety of beverages usually includes shakes of coconut and fruit, all non-dairy. Open from 11:00am to 9:00pm Tue-Sun.


Pai’s most famous all-day dining restaurant begins with an open-air breakfast and as the day turns to night, enjoy with its steakhouse and grill come to life inspired by a multitude of local and celebrity chefs.

The Blue Ox serves a broad range of American Classics and ancient favorites as well as local and imported steaks, pasta, salads and some of Pai’s finest Thai food.

Adding to the culinary trip is a comprehensive drink menu with custom cocktails, worldwide spirits and one of Pai’s biggest wine choices.


Available in meat, vegan options. Charles & Lek is a famous restaurant with lots of veggies and light flavors, making core Thai-style food.

There’s also vegan chocolate. The place will be open daily from 11:00am-2:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm.


You can never go wrong with Ganesh for those who are looking for some basic, but fantastic, Thai food. The size of the aspect here is enormous and very inexpensive at about 50-60 Baht per plate.

The employees here are known to be extremely friendly, so it’s no surprise that so many people make their journey to this location every day.

Make sure you’re trying the Khao Soi, maybe the best in Pai! Ganesh Bar & Restaurant is open daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm


What I can say about this restaurant is that the tables and chairs are as simple as the decoration, yet the superfluous design of this restaurant makes it perfect for its delicious and inexpensive dishes. It’s a straightforward taste of the menu.

You will discover outside the restaurant a range of specialties and a comprehensive menu inside.

Choose one of their snacks, like their delicious vegetarian spring roll or a pancake if you are not totally too ravenous.

Also, Karsa Long Thai Food serves a full breakfast from only 60 Baht every day. Come for lunch or dinner and enjoy one of the many Thai dishes, which made of tofu, chicken, swine, champagne, fish, shrimp or blended fish.

This restaurant has all the main dishes, including curry, Pad See Ew and much more that make this country’s cuisine so unique.

They start to serve their customers from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm.


Witching Well is one of the city’s most famous restaurants and since 2006 it offers great service and a unique atmosphere in Pai.

Here you can begin your day with a wonderful breakfast, have a beautiful lunch, or dine with a glass of wine, with the Mediterranean Fusion Kitchen.

The restaurant is named after the well in its courtyard, and everyone who visits the place is impressed by its distinctive aesthetic and fusion dishes.

Five primary segments of the menu include breakfast, starters, main courses, drinks, and desserts. Their pumpkin salad, penne sausage, mushrooms and grilled pork with black pepper sauce include in the category of their most delicious dishes.

They start to serve their customers from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.


This restaurant is worth checking out if you prefer international cuisine. Many critics say you can have delicious Cuban sandwiches, veggie burgers and pesto pasta.

Try a flavor of pleasure for nice caramel cheesecakes. Drink some delicious coffee or excellent juice.

This place’s intimate atmosphere enables you to relax after a hard day of work. The well-trained employees at this location show elevated hospitality.

Great service is highlighted in your reviews by visitors. Fair prices are appreciated while the divine decoration is ideal for the interior of this restaurant.

The place is open Monday-Saturday from 09:00 am-09: 00 pm.


Grunge Burgers can be enjoyed by both vegetarians and carnivores! Right on the primary walking road of Pai, this little joint contains burgers with their huge parts and homemade cold cuts.

Grunge Burger beef patties are spreading and are beautifully cooked, adding bacon, avocado, mushrooms or home-cooked BBQ sauce (or indeed everything).

Your black bean burger or chickpea burger is sure to fulfill you for vegetarians and vegans. Grab your seat in the restaurant or enjoy a burger on the walking street.

The place will be open daily from 11:00 am-10: 30 pm.


Sometimes everything you need is a nice piece of pizza in life. For this reason, Baan Pizza is here in Pai.

Located on the east side of the primary footpath, Baan pizza has attentive and friendly employees and offers a pleasant environment.

Your thin pizza, baked in a wood-burning fireplace, is ready to be served and covered by a great amount of cheese and toppings.

Try one of their homemade pasta dishes if you’re not in pizzas. Make sure you have a beer or local wine accompanying your delicious Italian food.

The place will be open daily from 11:00 am-11: 00 pm.


On the sleepy side of Pai, there is a small cafe called Cafecito. A regular choice of homemade desserts and local coffee is served in its kitchen.

As a vegetarian, all dishes are accessible.

This delightful restaurant has most of the Mexican dishes, we understand since traveling to South-East Asia, which you love.

The proprietor has frequently toured Mexico to develop her abilities, which can be seen in the beautifully presented food.

The hip little restaurant has also perfected with its Mexican decor, moreover, you have a choice to enjoy your great meal inside or on the courtyard.

The place will be open daily (except Thursday) from 09:00 am-05: 00 pm.

Pai one day trip from Chiang Mai

Privately travel to Pai from Chiang Mai for a day. Pai is a tiny town in northern Thailand recognized for its pleasant environment, distinctive beautiful mountain views, and nature.

Pai tours and attractions

One day trip plan to Pai

You will be picked up early in the morning of the day from Chiang Mai to Pai and travel for around 3.5-hour drive up Highway 1095. Pai is a tiny but charming town surrounded by hills, fields, and streams with a quiet atmosphere. Chiang Mai’s route to Pai will bring you to some of the greenest mountain nations you’ll ever see.

The tour involves visits to the city of Pai, the Chinese Santichon Community, the Historical Bridge, Love Cafe Coffee, the Buddhist Temple, and the waterfall. While enjoying the scenery at Coffee in Love Cafe, you can order a drink or cheesecake dessert on the terrace. Furthermore, you will visit the Historical Bridge from Chiang Mai to Burma, constructed in 1942.

The next stop is the temple of Wat Phra That Mae Yen which lies on top of a mountain and provides some good landscape of Pai to those who make the climb to the top.

Pai tours and attractions

Two days of Pai from Chiang Mai

Situated on the banks of the Pai River in northern Thailand, Pai draws visitors from all over the world — but it’s a challenge to arrange to lodge and reach faraway destinations.

This extensive trip includes your lodging and meals, allowing you to relax and enjoy the lovely Pai.

The tour will include the trip to hit destinations including the Mok Fah Waterfalls and Pai Grand Canyon, including your Chiang Mai hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Two days trip plan to Pai

Day 1: -Chiang Mai – Pai 7:30 am
-Visit the Mok Fah Waterfalls
-Visit the Pai Canyon.
-Take a trip to the scenic garden of flowers and have a coffee at Yellow House & Coffee in Love, a nice little coffee shop.
-Finally, another place to see beautiful views of the Pai valley will be at Wat Pratart Mae Yen.
-Check-in at the Pai walking road resort.
-Have lunch and enjoy Pai’s distinctive walking road.

Day 2: Pai – Chiang Mai
– Take a tour around Pai City
-Take a half-hour mineral shower at Tha Pai Hot Spring
-Stop at the 2nd World War Memorial Bridge crossing the Pai River.
-Return to Chiang Mai at 6:00 pm and arrive at your hotel.

Pai tours and attractions



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