Langkawi Yoga Experience

Langkawi Yoga Experience

Langkawi Yoga Experience

The term yoga, meaning yoking or binding from the Sanskrit term Yuj, is often interpreted as a union or discipline technique. Yoga is more than just physical postures, unlike stretching or fitness. Only one element of yoga is physical exercise. Currently, most yoga practitioners are involved in the third limb, asana, which is a physical posture program intended to purify the body and provide the physical strength and endurance needed for lengthy periods of meditation.

Yoga at dawn, sunrise, and sunset by a beautiful sandy beach or cascading waterfall?  There are some of the best yoga studios to seek for an incredible yoga experience in Langkawi, Malaysia’s magnificent island.

Malaysia’s Langkawi tropical paradise island is the ideal location for your yoga retreat.


Langkawi Yoga

Langkawi Yoga aims at providing the highest quality of education and has created a streamlined way of learning for non-yogi or yogi practitioners seeking a better knowledge of the way of life.

Langkawi Yoga teaches an extensive and balanced Ashtanga Yoga program that involves exercises and breathing methods of Hatha Yoga as well as meditation and fundamental theoretical research. Instead of emphasizing physical culture for its own sake, the core curriculum recognizes the deeper opportunities of yoga by learning meditation and promoting inner-directed consciousness that ultimately leads to higher self-knowledge.

Location: Ambong Ambong Retreat, Jalan Teluk Baru, Pantai Tengah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Opening Hours: the place is being operated daily from 7:00 am- 9:00 pm.

Tel: +60 19 652 0683


 Ambong Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat

Ambong-Ambong Langkawi Rainforest Retreat provides an only-adult getaway in a tropical environment. It is situated in the rainforest on a steep hill. It is conveniently located in Pantai Tengah, enabling you to escape throughout your free moment on a quiet sandy beach with a nice book! Ambong-Ambong is looking forward to welcoming you to the wellness retreat.

The program at this unique spot is designed for those who can’t be too long away from their obligations but still want to take some time away to experience something different. Through regular yoga courses, you will be prompted by an experienced yoga teacher and enjoy the gastronomy of healthy, deliciously cooked meals three times a day while soaking in the crisp, clear rainforest air.

What can you do besides Yoga?

Cruising in the southwest of Langkawi along lovely islands. Exploring the incredible nature and rock formation together with the naturalist. After a brief stroll in the jungle, take a swim and enjoy a secluded beach.

Location: Jalan Pantai Tengah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Opening Hours: the place is being operated daily from 8:00 am- 12:00 am.

Tel: +60 4 955 8428


 Yoga Now Malaysia

If you are new to yoga, you will be given a thorough introduction to this ancient exercise by a yoga retreat. If you are already an experienced yoga practitioner then in a peaceful and lovely environment you will be able to deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga retreats at Yoga Now Malaysia are based on traditional Hatha Yoga, a combination of Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) and relaxation that has benefited millions over a thousand years.

The intensity and understanding that yoga exercises require assistance in training the mind in order to bring more consciousness into everyday life. Yoga is about being in the present, living to the fullest every moment, and getting more out of life.

You will find it very flexible here at Yoga Now Malaysia including courses level or even demanding at your comfortable time. Here, all yoga retreats are accessible to all levels, welcome beginners. You can begin any day of the week (subject to accessibility) at any time of the year. To guarantee that you receive full attention, the retreats and workshops are intentionally tiny. Yoga mats, towels, and drinking water are provided.

Most participants join a yoga retreat here with the expectation of quiet and peaceful introspection. Please notice that the retreats are not appropriate for those who expect a full moon party environment with lots of social interaction despite the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere at Yoga Now.

Location: 609-3, Kampung Paya Mempelam, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

Tel: +60 16-271 5082


 Rumah Holistic

Rumah Holistic is considered as the best place experiencing Wellness retreat due to its tranquility and naturalistic. It is a homestay away from the hustle and bustle of nature. Going back to the basics, appreciating and caring for nature, recharging and rejuvenating our body, mind, and soul. Experience the jungle’s simple lifestyle.

Examine nature, be adventurous. NO WIFI! Free the mind! This is also a well-known wellness retreat & spa on the island of Langkawi called Rumah Holistic. Please make sure that you’re fit enough as the walk is hilly and the climate can be very humid, depending on the season. It’s dark at night walking along the jungle trail, bringing a torchlight is advisable.

HERE, if you like being surrounded by nature, Rumah Holistic probably the best place experiencing yoga, meditation, spa and massage, nature walk/cycling, natural fish spa, fruit and vege detox, Tai Chi Qi Gong, and nature homestay.

Location: Lot 160 Kampung Ranggot Besar | Mukim Padang Matsirat, Langkawi 07100, Malaysia

Tel: +60 19 339 1831


 V Integrated Wellness

The V Integrated Wellness is an all-person strategy of high quality in spa & wellness, holistic therapies, beauty treatments, exercise courses, good cooking, workshops for body and soul education & lifestyle. They strive to assist you to achieve a more aware way of living at all stages. An ancient metaphor for the interconnectedness of all life, inspired by the Tree of Life. To cultivate your life force, this unique studio offers creative and integrative instruments to promote healing, rejuvenation, and long-term health learning.

The Core Wellness Programs, which are dedicated to conscious living and personal renewal, go far beyond primping and extravagance to produce outcomes. Each program includes a range of therapies and services carefully chosen that complement each other.

Working in synergy, they maximize your transformative journey’s ultimate result, enabling you to attain your personal objectives, and reach a state of full well-being.

All courses include a Holistic Lifestyle Assessment with Wellness Program Advisor who will suggest customizing the most appropriate program to really satisfy your individual requirements.

Here you will be able to discover yourself with any kinds of activities and programs such as detox, Ayurveda, deep relaxation, anti-aging, soul connection, and past retreats.

Location: Jalan Teluk Datai, Langkawi 07000, Malaysia

Tel: +60 4 959 1088

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