Langkawi sky bridge

Langkawi sky bridge

Langkawi sky bridge

With thousands of visitors pouring into the island via ferry or plane the island is considered to be a tropical paradise with its Langkawi sky bridge, lush green mangrove forests and beautiful rivers and waterfalls that carve their way through the 99 various islands that exist in the archipelago.

Langkawi also is known as the jewel of Kedah, is one of the most famous and popular places to visit in Malaysia. Even though Malaysia is a favorite tourist destination among many of the South East Asian countries Langkawi itself takes the cake.

What type of bridge is the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

It was built as a Cable-stayed bridge, this is a type of bridge that looks somehow similar to a suspended bridge, and it is for this reason very beautiful structure to host a high pedestrian bridge, offering really amazing panorama and a structure that also fits for incredible pictures.

The bridge, in fact, has high towers with 125 meters long walking deck that is held by cables, the cables hold and connect the deck directly to the towers forming a beautiful structure.

How long is the Langkawi Sky Bridge?

125 meter of a walking deck, so, 125 meters of incredible pictures spots.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi sky bridge is one of the most traveled to places on the island. This magnificent curved bridge finished construction in 2005 and essentially connects to parts of the mountain called Gunang Mat Cincang which are Langkawi’s second-highest points which are about 2170 feet above sea level.

The bridge can be accessed:

  1. via a grueling hike up to the top of the mountain
  2. via the sky cab

Via the sky cab, the experience takes you to a two-segment journey all the way up to the mountain to the viewing deck.

From there one has to take the sky glide which is an elevator which will take you take you the top.


The sky bridge was designed by the famous architect Peter Wyss and has a total length of 125 meters long in a curved design. The width of the bridge is about 1.8 meters and is beautifully designed in such a manner that people can get the maximum experience from the bridge.

The bridge has triangular-shaped viewing platforms that are built as rest spots as well for people.

The panoramic views from the bridge are awe-inspiring making the viewer seem very small in comparison to the world.

The views offered from this bridge are some of the best in the world. You can see the island and its surrounding areas with the settlements on the ground and all the lagoons and turquoise water in the distance.

How to get to Skybridge?

Well, to get to Skybridge you must start at first at the oriental village which is a beautiful place in its own right.

The village itself is based on the design of the Japanese and Chinese architecture and has a beautiful lake in the middle. The oriental village is the staging point for many different tours and attractions.

The piece dé resistance, of course, is the beautiful viewing platforms at top of mount Gunang Mat Cincang.

The ticket booths are in the village so you must get down there call beforehand in case the weather is bad or there is a lot of traffic.

Tickets offices

The office of the ticket booths will be able to inform you if such an event does occur. To get to the top you can actually go in two ways.

What are your options?

The first and easiest method, of course, is going via the sky cab. This beautiful cable car was created before the sky bridge.

Important to note

Once you buy the tickets which are around 60RM for adults you must wait for the cable car to arrive.

How are the cable cabins?

The cable cars do not stop so you have to walk in while the cabin is still moving. The cable car can take up to 6 people per cabin. The only source of ventilation is the window like slits in the cabin or gondola.

Once you have gotten into the cabin you will then take off at a 45⁰ incline which is the steepest in the world for a cable car.

The first part of this journey will end at the middle platform which is situated in the middle of the Mount Mat Cincang.

  • Here you can either get off and enjoy the views from the viewing platform or get back on another cable car. Remember though that if there is a lot of traffic then it would be best for you to just skip the middle platform and continue on to the last stop in the cable car ride.
  • The ride takes a total of 15 minutes from start to finish and lets me assure you it is a short but sweet experience with the views you get to experience from that height. Once you reach the top platform you will be at the top of Gunang Mat Cincang.

As soon as you step off will be treated to stalls and cafés selling souvenirs and food. They are slightly expensive but then you are paying for the view and the souvenir to remember this majestic place.

Once you have gotten out of the gondola we suggest you buy a souvenir and then head up the stairs situated on both sides of the platform. Going up the stairs you will be treated to a view you have never seen before. You can see the entire land of Kedah from this height and actually understand why Langkawi is considered the jewel of Kedah.

But this isn’t why you are here. If you want to get to the sky bridge directly you cay buy a ticket for the sky lift. This is a vertical lift that will take you to the sky bridge from where you can enjoy the beautiful views.

The other option you have from having the platform which the sky cab drops you off at is to walk to the sky bridge. This is of course free. All you have to do is take the stairs down to the platform where you will have a short walk through the rainforest.

The path is steep and mildly dangerous but then again what is the point of an adventure if you do not have some fun. At the end of the path you will reach the sky bridge. From where you can enjoy the mesmerizing views from the peak. Even seeing the coast of Thailand and Indonesia from this distance.

Another way to visit the sky bridge of Langkawi is to simply go to the parking once you have bought your ticket, and then move on up towards the trail. From here it is a 2-4 hour hike up to the top of the mountain.

You can also enjoy the beautiful waterfall which has formed seven pools of water which you can swim in too. The journey to the top is very difficult and exhausting but it is really worthwhile although we do suggest that you do the hike but on the way down and not up as it is less time consuming and less exhausting.

Langkawi sky bridge. The prices

The price of the sky bridge only is about:

  • 5RM for and adult
  • 3RM for a child

But if you want to use the Sky Glide then it is:

  • 15RM for an adult (which includes the price of the bridge)
  • 10RM for a child (which includes the price of the bridge)

If you do choose to go via the sky cab then the price is:

  • 55RM for adult
  • 45RM for a child

Really! go for it!

The tickets are not expensive and the ride is worth far more combine it with the view and you have the best and cheapest experience you can get.


Truly a great bargain for anyone who is interested in nature, hiking, and loves mesmerizing views.


The island of Langkawi is also famous for its limestone monoliths that jut out of the water formed over 500 million years ago. Langkawi is truly a very diverse place to visit given the magnificent biodiversity and range of various species that live on the island like crocodiles, birds of prey, dolphins, otters, monkeys, monitor lizards, and many others.

However, even though Langkawi has so much to offer one of the most famous attractions of Langkawi is not the beautiful animals and the ecosystem they live in but the Langkawi sky cab and the Langkawi sky bridge that tourists from both Malaysia and abroad like to visit.

The sky bridge is one of the best places to visit in Langkawi due to the amazing views one is greeted to from the top of the Gunang Mat Cincang. The area panoramic views of all of Kedah and the surrounding islands make peoples head spin. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience and a place everyone should visit at least once in there lifetime.

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