Langkawi Oriental village

Langkawi Oriental village

Langkawi Oriental village

The oriental village is generally overlooked because people would rather go there just to visit the sky cab and hike to get to the beautiful waterfall near the base of the mountain. However, Langkawi oriental village is a specially designed open-air complex that houses many great restaurants and is a great place to buy souvenirs, clothes and to see some rare animals in their exhibits.

This scenic village is located in the area known as Pantai Kok on the western side of the Island.

This part of the island is generally the most packed part of the island with tourists from around Malaysia and the world buying tickets to get on to the cable car and to visit the sky bridge.

Expect to see a lot of foot traffic as people get in line to get to the various exhibits and attractions.

If you ever plan on going to the jewel of Kedah otherwise known as Langkawi then a famous staging point for some of the islands more famous attractions like the popular sky cab and the well-known sky bridge.

What to do in the Langkawi Oriental Village

The Langkawi Oriental Village is a thematically designed village based on Japanese and Chinese architecture hence the name.

The place is set up right next to a beautiful lake with paved footpaths and beautiful bridges that cross over the lake. There are a lot of things to do in the oriental village and we shall list down the best things to do while you are there.

Take a walk

Okay so this might not be the most exciting thing to do in Langkawi, but it definitely is a good thing to do.

If you are staying nearby or actually in the oriental village then definitely take a stroll around the lake and take in the beauty of this island and the specially designed pathways.

This is a very calming and soothing experience our suggestion would be to take a nice stroll around the lake and enjoy the sights.

Duck Tour

The duck tour is a famous tour that has not propped up in nearly all the places that have a combination of beautiful seas and great wildlife.

This is essentially a tour of the land routes and the bays and marinas around the area in a bus that combines into a boat as well.

The name duck tour does not mean you are going out to see ducks but actually comes from the name DUKW which is a modified amphibious vehicle that can travel both on land and in water and has been used since World War 2.

These tours will take you in a beautiful and funny looking car-bus and take you on a trip that starts first on land that goes 2kms outside of the oriental village and splashes into the water.

The duck will then take you across the man-made island and into the Telaga harbor park.

The driver then circles around this area and goes back to the slipway and onto land where they then park the duck and hose the seawater off the truck, so it does not corrode the metal. Then the driver will take you back to the oriental village.

This whole experience takes about forty-five minutes and is a great way to see the surrounding seaside.

The tour is open from 9 am to 6 pm but remember they will not depart until they have ten passengers. The ticket price is around 22RM for children below the age of four is free and for adults around 35RM.

3D Art Museum

The 3D art museum was created by sky cab in collaboration with Art in Paradise Langkawi to bring to all the tourists a 3D art museum.

The complex is the biggest in Malaysia situated on around 21,000sq feet.

The museum brings you over a hundred different interactive art pieces created by internationally famed artists. This 3D art will be as interactive as it can possibly get.

The entire museum is divided into various zones each set in a different theme.

The nine zones are the Safari Zone, the Aquarium zone, the Optical illusion zone, the Fantasy Zone, the Main hall zone, Malaysia zone, classic zone, interactive zone 1 and interactive zone 2.

Inaugurated by the famous Malaysian Prime minister Muhatir Mohammad the 3D art museum is open from 9 am to 6 pm the prices for foreign tourists are 38RM for adults and 28RM for children and a combined family ticket consisting of two adults and two children will cost 120RM.

The Time Travel Imaginarium

The Travel Imaginarium is a place designed to take you on a trip throughout the ages. Take a Virtual Reality (VR) experience down the various stages of time and enjoy a ride like no other.

The Imaginarium is Malaysia’s first, and they strive to provide you with a fun time using the best technology money can buy.

The Imaginarium consists of various parts. When you enter the Imaginarium to your front will be the ticket counter and behind you will the first age for you to explore.

They will give you your VR headset and you will set out on your time-traveling journey.

Behind the counter in the first room is the time travel passport room.

Behind that is the year X room behind year X is the Jurassic age where you will experience the fun, thrill and horror that age has to offer.

To the left of that room is the year 2020 and to the right is the year 3300. Each of these rooms provides a fun and interactive experience for all who visit. The price for each of both adults and children is 25RM. Mykad holders get a 5RM discount.

Elephant Adventure

The elephant adventure in Langkawi is a good place to spend your time. Here you can play with the elephants, ride them and even feed them.

The elephants are really friendly and enjoy human interaction. The famous elephant Lasah is a part of the elephants you can ride and play with.

This star-studded movie star was a cast member in the movie Anna and the King.

This famous movie star has appeared in many other movies and TV shows so why not go and enjoy spending some time with the famous movie star.

Let’s be honest not many movie stars will take their limited time out to entertain the average joe so why not have it while you have a generous host like Lasah who loves everyone.

There are three adventures you can take the first being the fun ride package which for a couple costs 240RM.

The second one is the Geo Park tour which for a couple of costs 370RM and the last is the river adventure package which costs around 420RM.

Segway tour

The Segway tour is a fun way to see both the oriental village and the surrounding jungle.

The Segway can be rented from a booth in the village and does not even cost that much for oriental village Segway adventure it costs 17 RM and for the jungle tour, it costs 30RM.

The Segway tour in the oriental village just means you can take the Segway and go around the village at your own leisure.

However, if you do want to go up to the foothills of the beautiful mount Mat Cincang then that too can be arranged.

The shop owner will even take a group photo of your group ride away on the Segway if you ask.

The Segway is a great environmentally friendly way of traveling through the oriental village and the surrounding forest.

The Anjung Spa

Are you tired and want a little time for yourself?

Maybe you want to treat your mind body and soul to a little relaxation. Then why not go to Anjung spa.

This place is famous as a fish spa. Where you can put your feet in a tank full of water and tiny little fishes that specialize in eating away dead skin cells.

This process allows the skin on your feet to become much better, healthier and smoother.

The spa generally focuses on short treatments for various things.

They specialize in reflexology massages of the head, back, and shoulders.

If you do want special treatment, then go for the Anjung Sakti which is a special massage designed to incorporate both Malaysian and Hawaiian massage techniques.

I guarantee you that you will leave this place with a new lease on life and way more relaxed than you came in. the spa is open from 10 am to 7 pm daily.

ATV Adventure

If you love exploring the jungle, then you know that traveling through a rainforest on a quad bike is a totally out of this world experience that is fun to do.

The company operating the tour offers various ATV’s and different areas to explore.

The best one is the Ulu Melaka waterfall tour which takes you through the beautiful rice paddies and traditional villages that are surrounding the region right up to the waterfall where you can spend time enjoying the beautiful scenery all from the view of your own personal quadbike.

There are nine quadbikes to choose from ranging from 90cc’s to 330cc’s.

Animal Farm

Now if you have small children with you then what better place to take your young children to an animal farm with all different sorts of animals.

A farm is a beautiful place with mountain views and everything in between.

The farm plays host to a variety of animals like deer, rabbits, ducks and various other animals.

The children really love visiting the animals and seeing them jumping, hopping and waddling about.

The cost per person is 1RM so should be a definite place to visit if you have small kids.

Wildlife Park

For a more interactive experience with Langkawi’s beautiful animals, you can always visit the Wildlife Park.

Even though the place is a lot more expensive than the animal farm the park is host to a larger variety of animals that you can interact with. The place has peacocks, monkeys, raccoons, deer, flamingos, meerkats and even iguanas.

All of which can be interacted with. Just remember you have to buy the food packs at the park to feed the animals. Ticket prices do vary, and they have special offers going on for families. The normal rate is 39RM for an adult and 22RM for children aged 2-12 years.

The family packages include two kids and two adults with two packs of food for 120 RM. Three adults, one child and two packs of food for 136RM. Four adults and two packs of animal feed for 160RM. You can even hire a private guide for 20RM.

Langkawi Tiger Exhibit

This is a private endeavor by individuals who want to raise the importance of the beautiful and majestic creatures known as tigers.

This initiative was started in 2010 so that Malaysian tigers could not only be protected but that awareness could be created about these magnificent beasts.

The main attraction at the exhibit is the feisty tigress called Zanah.

She was born in the Malaysian Zoo and brought to Langkawi. The area is free to visit and you do not have to pay a single penny since it is an educational center created to raise awareness. The tigress is released into her exhibit and from 2 meters away you can watch her play in her exhibit.

You can see her play with her toys and swim in the pool. This is truly a great place to visit and learn about the tigers especially by looking Zanah.

You will not only learn a lot but feel a sense of attachment towards this beautiful looking creature that although it is supposed to be a predator acts like an overgrown house cat.

Langkawi Oriental village


Langkawi is a great place to visit and so is the oriental village even though it is overlooked the place has a lot to offer and has a lot to see.

People generally just go there to get on the sky cab and miss the potential of this beautiful village.

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