Langkawi mangrove tour and Kilim Geoforest Park

Langkawi mangrove tour and Kilim Geoforest Park

Langkawi mangrove tour | Kilim Geoforest Park

The Kilim GeoPark is a natural wonderland that is situated within Langkawi. The collections of 99 islands otherwise known as the jewel of Kedah is already a place of jaw-dropping beauty, however, if you want to get the full experience of what Langkawi’s amazing beauty has to offer then taking a Langkawi mangrove tour of the Kilim GeoPark is a great place to start.

Kilim Geoforest Park

The area is most famous for having plenty of tourists who love eco-tourism and as such the place befits all those people who love to get in touch with Mother Nature since this place has everything from lush green rainforests which is a classic sign of Langkawi’s beauty.

It is also home to some amazing hot springs, limestone rocks, beautiful blue lagoons some hidden amongst the cliffs, amazing fine grain beaches and of course seascapes.

In essence, all of these soul touching views crafted by mother natures artistic hand are all neatly brought together in 100 square kilometers of land and river.

How to Get To the GeoPark

To get to the Geo Forest Park one has to make their way by the Kilim River. To do this you must book a tour since the tour guides have boats that will take you via the river. Different private tours can cost anywhere from 200RM all the way up to 500RM which generally take you through all the places worth visiting like caves filled with crocodiles, fish farms, lagoons for you to swim in and beaches to relax on.

The total tour prices depend on if it is private, public, how many places they want to take you and of course the length of the tour will matter. All tours start from the Tanjung Rhu bay area or the Killing jetty both of which can be found at the northern end of Langkawi.

To truly experience the Kilim Geo Park a guided tour is the best option since the tours will take you to the best spots. The Kilim Geo Park includes several islands like Tanjung Dendang and Langgun not only that, but it also has several river basins included within its territory.

What Do You Get to See On The Tour?

One of the best experiences you can have outdoor in Langkawi, the famous Langkawi mangrove tour

The tours will take you on a boat through Kilim River that passes through dense green rainforests that consist of mangroves along the riverside and seashore. These mangroves protect the land from the soil preventing soil erosion and acting as barriers from the water and air.

The forested area that consists of the mangroves is also called the wetland mangroves. Next, to these beautiful trees iconic of many coastal and river areas within South Asia, you will find strutting out from the side of the river and some from under, huge limestone rocks that although are rocks look like small hills and mountains.

These rocks have spent over five hundred million years forming and they are incredibly beautiful to look at. The river and mangrove wetlands also play host to a number of beautiful animals.

If you are lucky you will spot squirrels climbing up on trees gathering food.

The beautiful monkeys that hang about from trees and howl at people passing through on the boats. If your luck is with you, you will even spot some huge crocodiles lazing about the river or basking in the sun on the riverbank.

Sometimes you can even spot a huge monitor lizard standing still as if waiting for something, other times you can see them diving right into the water.

The river is also home to some beautiful fishes and water-loving animals like otters, dolphins and even a variety of 40 different types of fishes that swim within the river delta but do not frown just yet.

The area is also famous among bird watchers since some of the most beautiful birds of prey are seen flying around the forest or perched high in their nests. Some of the most magnificent white-bellied sea eagles are spotted in Kilim which is very difficult to spot anywhere else.

You can even find kites hunting for their prey and even beautiful kingfishers. The most famous attraction of the Geo Forest Park, however, is the Reddish Brown Eagle that is sometimes seen flying about.

Once you pass through the initial river ride and take in the beautiful sights and sounds the mangrove wetlands have to offer you will travel for around ten minutes until you reach a fish farm.


This fish farm is not just where you look at some fishes and get excited about how they breed them. No, the fish farms in the natural park are famous for having a collection of various different fishes like the shooting archerfish that will jump out of the water to get pieces of bread from your hand or why not get in and feed a beautiful stingray while you are at a farm?

This experience is great and relaxes one especially feeding the beautiful stingrays.

Once you are done with the fish farm you will be taken on a boat ride back through the river until you the boat is shut off and you are floating in the river. This is usually a huge open space were surrounded by cliffs. Here you will find several boats floating above the water.

The boatman will take a bag out and throw into the water some chicken skins and out of the forest and sky, huge eagles and kites will fly up and then swoop down on to the rivers watery surface to clutch within their magnificent sharp claws chicken skins.

This is the eagle show. Some eagles will even take the skin mid-air before it even lands in the water. The eagles put on a spectacular show and are truly a treat for anyone who loves huge carnivorous birds.


You are taking to the beautiful fossil island known to the locals as Pulau Anak Tikus. The boat will be tied to a small jetty or dock from where all the passengers and the guide will disembark.

The guide usually shows you some fossils on the side of the path.

The fossil the guide will be showing you are four hundred and eighty million years old just about the same age as those limestone rocks give our take a few million years of course.

The guide will lead you all the way to the other side of the island along the beautiful island you can see different fossils and plants. Some magnificent birds will also be circling overhead looking for some food to hunt.

The island is not that big actually its very small for an island but as soon as you have walked all the way through to the other end of the end island you will realize that the boat has traveled all the way across the island to this part and moored there waiting for you to hop on and take you to your other destination.

Once you are done with this the boat will ferry you off to a place called the hidden cave. It’s called the hidden cave because the cave is hidden behind some of the island’s oldest mangrove tree roots.

To get to it the boat will moor at a platform where you will get off and climb down some steep stones and then cross a wooden bridge. You will come to a beautiful lake surrounding by limestone rocks and mangroves.

Once you are done exploring the mangroves lake and the beautiful cave hop back into the boat to get going to the Tanjung Rhu beach. Keep in mind this is only given in certain itineraries so make sure your one has this.

The boat will speed through the river and you will reach the beach. Here you can have lunch and relax on the beachside. Buy some souvenirs and swim in the sea.

Please make sure to read your tour guides list of places to see since good tours include lunch and if you do want to swim make sure you pack towels. Although the stalls on the island have everything you need for a price of course.

Some tours include monkey feeding so after an hour chillaxing at the beach and having your lunch you will be taken to the rivers shore. Where beautiful cheeky monkeys will jump out of the trees wanting you to feed them peanuts.

Impatiently howling at you because they want food. Although some people do get scared the monkeys are harmless and are just having fun playing around with the people who visit them.

From here you will be taken to crocodile cave. Do not let the name fool you because there are no crocodiles in the cave just some limestone rock formations. Be wary though you can only go through the cave if it is low tide otherwise you will just see it from outside.

The majority of the Kilim Geo Park tours end at the bat cave. This is one of the best parts of the tour and is a fitting end to the beautiful journey.

Here you will enter a cave that has beautiful bats hanging from the roof of the cave just looking at you or trying to sleep.

Within the cave are some amazing formations stalactites and stalactites formed millions of years ago.

Near the cave both inside and outside are some really old plants one of them is even called the living fossil due to its age. Once you are done exploring the tour is finished and you are brought back.

Langkawi mangrove tour and Kilim Geoforest Park are always great choices from the selection of the best outdoor in Langkawi (Langkawi activities)

Relevant conclusion!

The Kilim Geo Park is one of Langkawi’s greatest attractions and is a great place to see especially if you enjoy nature and animals.

The tours promise to be a combination of both a thrilling experience and a beautiful sight for sore eyes. So, if you are planning a trip to Langkawi make sure you book your self a great tour of the Kilim Geo Park.

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