Langkawi Island Hopping

Langkawi Island Hopping

Langkawi Island Hopping

Langkawi is known as the jewel of Kedah to Malaysian people and anyone who goes there will know exactly why it is called by this name. The islands of Langkawi are ninety-nine in total, each with their own special attributes. For this very reason, Langkawi is very famous for island hopping which is also one of the cheapest and most amazing experiences you can have during a visit to Langkawi.

Who would not want to go on an adventure to some of the most serene golden sandy beaches with turquoise waters that are iconic of the Andaman Sea?

How to book the tour

If you are a group of eight to ten people then you should directly go to the boat operator and the book the boat like that because not only will this save you money but it will also mean you get your own private boat.

Generally, the hotels themselves do offer these packages but they are of course more expensive than the rest since they add their cut into the mix.

The other option for you is to go to the stalls in Pentai Cenang which are the most cost-effective and cheapest in the area. If you are in a location near the jetty then you can easily get the pick and drop service in the package.

How much is island hopping in Langkawi?

The individual ticket rates cost around forty-five to fifty-five Malaysian Ringgit’s. Prices of the tickets will, of course, vary due to the season and the type of tour operator you are booking.

What is island hopping Langkawi?

A great adventure outdoor to discover Langkawi islands! The Island Hopping

As soon as you arrive in the scenic holiday paradise island of Langkawi you will see a million advertisements for Langkawi Island Hopping tours. These ads have all the same itinerary and generally offer the same experience so should always go for the one that is in your price range and also suits your needs the best.

All of the Langkawi boat tours will take you to three Islands that even offer the chance for you to do some snorkeling and scuba diving. These tours take around three and a half to four hours and are a really great way for you to see the beauty that truly is Malaysia.

The majority of these tours will allow provide a pick and drop service directly from your hotel doorstep to the tour staging area. These tours start generally from two areas the first one being Teluk Baru jetty and the second one being star cruise jetty that means if you are staying in a hotel near these locations then your tour should not be a problem at all.

Most of these tours operate two types of boats one of these are larger boats that can accommodate around 20 people and then there are these smaller boats that accommodate around 8 to 10 people depending upon the demand at that specific time. Our suggestion would be for large families to go to a tour operator or a large group of friends with eight to ten people so that you could have a boat to yourself this way you can enjoy all Langkawi has to offer with friends or family.

Generally, these tours start of the traditional minivan picking you up from your hotel room taking you to a nice place where you can eat which is usually a place next to the jetty. Since these tours operate at around 9 am in the morning you get to have a nice breakfast with the people you are about to go with. This breakfast can consist of many things but usually, it is fruits and chicken sattay which is really delicious with the herbs and spices beautifully complimenting the succulent chicken.

Can you snorkel in Langkawi? On Langkawi Island Hopping there is always plenty of time to snorkel and the spots are really interesting and I consider this experience more for sightseeing and picture than for simple snorkeling activities.

Next, you are all herded into the boats depending on the tour bookings this can be anywhere between eight to twenty people and then you shall set off from the beach to your first island-hopping adventure.

  • Pulau Dayang Bunting

Now! This is the first island that you and your tour will reach once you have set off. Your boat will zoom through the water and reach it within fifteen to twenty minutes.

This beautiful island is a UNESCO world heritage Geopark.

The boat will moor at the beach and you will be given one hour of time to explore the beautiful island where you can take a nice stroll across the beach to a stairway that will take you up a short walk over the mountain. This may seem like a hassle but once you get there you will be mesmerized by what you see. As soon as you walk down the flight of stairs you are greeted by a beautiful lake aptly named the lake of the pregnant woman.

This beautiful lake was created when a cave collapsed long ago leaving the water to pool up at form. The lake of the pregnant lady is filled surrounding on all sides but the iconic lush green forests that are a familiar sight in Malaysia.

Once you get to the lakeshore you can participate in a number of activities that held there for tourists like massages the most famous skin treatment is the one where the fishes eat the dead skin off your feet and they feel good as new later on. Within the lake, you can see limestone jutting out of the water.

If you stand at the shore of the lake and towards the mountain, you can see what looks like a pregnant woman that is several months pregnant lying down. This why this gorgeous lake is called the lake of the pregnant lady a truly fitting name. You can also swim in the lake which is free but if you want to go in the paddle boats which can seat around three people then that will cost more.

Another great thing to see on the island is to see the miracle border. After a short walk, you will see a place where the sea and the lake are separated by a really thin layer of rock formations that give it the appearance as if the water is separated. Once you have spent the one hour on the island as you wished you will make your way back to the jetty and hop back onto the boat to make your way to the next island.

  • Pulau Singa Besar

This is the second stop on your island-hopping journey. The islands name in English translates to the island of big lions and no do not worry there are no lions on the island but even if there were some you would not be going to see them anyway since you do not get to explore the island.

This island, however, is still a visual treat with the dense rainforest surrounding the island as a great wall against intruders. The reason why you are here is that the island is home to several hundred eagles and at this point in the tour you will get to experience these great birds of prey perform marvelous feats of acrobatics in the sky.

The boatman will stop the boat near the island and will start throwing pieces of chicken usually the scraps like fat and skin into the water.

As if on cue these beautiful birds of prey will swoop from their nests up into the sky and dive into the water to collect their reward. On a good day, you can see around three to four hundred of these magnificent creatures circling the sea for a nice chicken treat. This whole scenario unfolds within twenty minutes. Once this is over the boatmen or tour guide will stop and then ride off to the next location.

  • Pulau Beras Basah

The island name translates to the Island of wet rice. This is the last island on your island hopping tour and you get to enjoy this magnificent place for quite some time. The island is the perfect place for beachgoers who love the sun sand and of course the sea. The island offers pristine golden beaches that are just beautiful to see. The island has a stall for you to relax and have some snacks and beer.

The stall also offers activities like a ride in a banana boat, parasailing and of course jet skis.

The beach is sometimes crowded due to the number of tourists that visit this island.

This place is a great place to have a picnic so we would suggest that you bring along some nice food like sandwiches crisps and nice cold beverages but stay away from the monkeys and do not try to give them food because those sneaky thieves will snatch the food out of your hand.

The island is a good place to take a walk due to the pristine beaches and nice cool breeze you can just sit down under a tree and enjoy the weather or if you want to get your tan on you can do that by lying on the beach and enjoy the sun.

If you want to go snorkeling that too is available. You can snorkel around the island which is has some amazing undersea scenery that everyone can enjoy and admire. The place is full of beautiful coral reefs and multicolored fish all of these sites and sounds take your breath away. Do keep in mind however that the area is a famous tourist destination so there is usually a lot of boats and the traffic in the sea makes the water incredibly dirty so you cannot really sea and is not the best time to go snorkeling if there are a lot of boats in the water. The monkeys on the island are not only a treat to see but are also a funny menace.

They will jump out of the trees and storm the beaches in search of food jumping in the trash cans and flinging garbage about. You get a total of one hour to enjoy the island before you are all carted back onto the boat and taken back to the staging area. The entire experience of island hopping takes about three to four hours and is truly a great way to explore Langkawi.

Things to keep in mind for the Langkawi Island Hopping

It is recommended that the age of children on this tour should be three to eleven years old due to the type of activities that are on offer on the tour. Keep in mind people of old age or people with health problems should not book the tour because the island hopping tour activities can be slightly strenuous. Other activities that are not a part of the tour like parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat rides are not included in the package and will be charged for so do keep that in mind when you decide to go. Please wear proper clothes that are fit for trekking and workouts.

What do I need for island hopping?

Bring along

Bring along your own water bottle, swimwear and towel and do keep in mind that none of the islands have restrooms or changing rooms so you will have to dress accordingly. If you bring your own food please be responsible and pick up the trash and take it with you so you can dispose of it at a dustbin. Most tour operators require bookings four hours before the tour starts so that they can arrange everything else and also pick you up from your hotel. Please make sure to be responsible for your other travel buddies and be at the pickup point ten minutes before the van arrives because others have to be picked up as well. For this reason, if you are late they may leave without you.


This is a great way for you to see the islands of Langkawi as you get to explore great beaches and lakes. These tours are not only cheap but are one of the most popular tours on the island and it should definitely be on everyone’s travel itinerary.

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