Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car

The Jewel of Kedah should not need an introduction but for those of you do not know of one the world’s most beautiful islands, Langkawi is an island archipelago that consists of ninety-nine beautiful islands. Langkawi Cable Car is a really scenic way to witness these magnificent islands are found 30kms outside of Malaysia.

How about Langkawi?

Langkawi falls under the administrative district of Keda and out 99 Islands only two are populated the first being Langkawi itself and the second being Tuba Island.

Two out of the 99 Islands are not even visible until the tide is low. Langkawi is famous for its tropical islands it’s beautiful and fine grain beaches and turquoise water.

The islands have some of the world’s most beautiful diving spots and are host to thousands of foreign visitors every year that go exploring the lush green island paradise.

The island is even home to some exotic animals and the sea life surrounding the island has some incredible creatures. The island envisages what an actual paradise island should look like with the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea surrounding the islands and the white sand under your feet.

Many coconut trees give shade from the sun on the beach so that you can lie down underneath the beautiful leaves of the trees and have a relaxing time.

Home to a lush green and dense jungle Langkawi offers many people a mixed bag of everything you can want from an island.

If you are interested in breath-taking views than you can take a trip on the cable cart or if heights do not bother you much then check the view from the sky bridge.

All in all, Langkawi offers a once in a lifetime opportunity and is a must-visit for everyone.

The Cable Car

One of the biggest attractions the island of Langkawi has to offer the cable car or Sky cab as it is known will take you on a fifteen-minute journey that you will remember for your entire life. To get to the to sky cab you must first enter the oriental village which is near the Telaga harbor which is about 30 minutes away from the town of Kuah by car.

Langkawi Cable Car price

The cable car will escort you all the way to the top of mount Mat Cincang in fifteen minutes and to a staggering height of around 708 meters which is the second-highest cable car ride in Malaysia only coming in second to the Genting Skyway which is far bigger than this one.

Once you have bought your tickets from the ticket station in the oriental village, which costs around

  • 45 Malaysian Ringgits (RM) for an adult which around $10USD

  • for a child around 30RM which comes to about $7USD

This ticket accounts for a two-way journey and grants entry into the Skybridge and is for foreigners since locals get the tickets at a lower cost.

More about the Cable Car

The gondolas or sky cabs come can accommodate around 6 people and continuously come in a loop from top to bottom every one minute or so, but they do not stop so you have to hop on in.

Once you are in the automatic doors shut and you will notice there is only a small window shaped slit in the car that acts as a source of ventilation.

This car will start to ascend to a point of 650 meters and you will feel the rush of fresh air wafting in through the small window and the temperature will start dropping the further up you go.

The steepness of this ascent is the steepest gradient in the world at 42 degrees.

At a height of 650 meters, the cable car will reach the first station otherwise known as the middle station where you can get off and enjoy the view from the observation deck.

Even though this is not the highest point from which you can see the magnificent vistas the view from this height too is beautiful.

Once you have done everything you need to do at the observation deck you can then get onto the other cars coming up.

The car will jolt upwards which can catch people off guard but once it settles in it maneuvers slowly up the mountain.

Once you start climbing you can see the magnificent views and even the red roofs of the houses in the oriental village. During this part of the journey, the temperature will drop to its chilliest but as soon as you are admiring the views and soaking in everything you will have reached the top of the mountain.

This decent is around 450 meters to the top. Do not despair however since this is where the fun is enhanced.

Arriving at the top with the Cable Car

As soon as you get off the platform you will be greeted by many people both tourists and people with stalls selling things from souvenirs to drinks for you to enjoy your time.

Now you should make your way towards the staircase located on both sides of the platforms that will take you up all the way through a narrow rainforest. It is at this observation deck that your jaw will drop.

Taking in the views from this 360-degree viewing platform will just make you breathless. From the viewing platform, you can see the entirety of the Langkawi archipelago.

You can take in the beautiful views and take note of the beautiful rainforest below all sprawled out towards the Andaman Sea. From this height, you can see most of the islands and if you look closely and in the right direction you can even see the coast of Thailand and just make out some of Indonesia.

This is a great place for you to take pictures of one of the world’s most breathtaking views. Enjoy the panoramic views and jaw-dropping vistas and just admire how Mother Nature shapes the world into pieces of art that we take for granted so easily.

Once you are done taking in all the magnificent views I would suggest you take some time to stop and by some souvenirs from the stalls to keep on reminding you of how beautiful this place is and then take the trip all the way do in the cable cart.

Take the hike downhill on the sky trail, you will not regret the views!

If you are interested, you can even take the sky trail which is a walking track from the top of the viewing platform all the way down and it stops off at the middle platform. On the way, you can enjoy the beautiful lush green jungle and also stop off at the seven wells waterfall known to the locals as Telaga Tujuh.

This is called the seven wells because the waterfall has over time created seven pools of water that are just magnificent to behold.

The total height of the waterfall is around 90 meters to get to it you can even go from the car park and take a short walk to where the waterfall is.

Here you can even take a dip in the water and enjoy. If you want, you can climb the 638 steps to the top of the waterfall at a height of 480 meters.

The walk will include magnificent views of beautiful plants and animals like the macaque monkey and the beautiful great hornbills.

Although my suggestion is to take the cable car up and then walk your way down so you do not get so tired that you cannot enjoy the beauty of the cable cart.

Important things to know about the Sky Cab and how long does Langkawi cable car take?

The actual price of tickets can vary but the recent ticket prices are 45RM for adults and 30RM for children aged two to twelve. Make sure to go on in clear weather since if the weather is a little bad with high winds then the sky cab may not be taking tourists to the peak.

Sometimes it is even down for maintenance, so it is best you check with sky cab before you go. Also, do try and avoid rush hour since queues can take up to 45 minutes.

If you do manage to get a gondola do not get out at the middle station because you will have to wait another 45 minutes just to find another sky cab.

Langkawi is a perfect place for deep relax

Langkawi is an island full of beautiful places to see and for you to relax and enjoy a true island paradise. The island is host to a plethora of wildlife and plants that you can see in the rainforest. You can go swimming in the Andaman Sea and enjoy scuba diving in the reefs.

The cable car is a beautiful treat for sore eyes and is a rejuvenating trip for anyone. Even the beautiful oriental café is host to many nice things to see.

NOTE: You can enjoy a nice meal in a cozy and quaint café. Enjoy a nice drink and some great seafood cooked by some great local chefs who know what they are doing. Then hop on the sky cab and make your way to the top where you can enjoy breathtaking views from the summit of Mount Mat Cincang.

Langkawi truly is a great place to visit and should be on the bucket list of anyone who wants to backpack around and take trips to a tropical island paradise.

Check the official website if you like!

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