How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island

How to go, for a full-day tour from Khao Lak, to visit the impressive Phang Nga Bay and the famous James Bond Island. From Khao Lak to James Bond Island you can experience really unique landscaped and the beauty of being outdoor sightseeing Phang Nga bay nature!

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and of island tours then a tour from Khao Lak Island to James Bond Island will be the best tour for you.

Phang Nga Bay tours are among the most popular tours in Thailand along with Phi Phi islands because of the thrill and the fun that comes with these kinds of tours.

It is a great way of touring with lots of activities and eyesights you have never seen before.

So what is the best way for you to tour from Khao Lak all the way to James Bond Island?

Well, there are a few ways you can do this to get the best out of your tour.

Touring in Phang Nga Bay By Longtail Boat

This is a very amazing way of taking your tour.

You will have a full day of the tour from Khao Lak through many islands to the famous James Bond island enjoying the spectacular view of karst formations along the way as you go through the evergreen mangrove forest until you reach James bond island and also explore the famous Suwan Khuha Cave temple.

The trip will include a free hotel pickup and drop off after the tour, you will have an English speaking guide, and the entry fee at the Wat Suwannakhuha will be catered for, you will also have lunch at a restaurant in Koh Panyi.

The only limit to this tour is to those people using a wheelchair, apart from that, you are good to go.

You can carry along your swimming suit and sunglasses among other important accessories.

Description of this tour

This trip will take about 8 hours which has a free pickup service from your hotel in Khao Lak between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, after this pickup, you will get on this traditional longtail boat where you will experience the best karst formations as you cruise on this tropical waters of Phang Nga Bay.

You will be able to see the amazing mangrove forest from different islands too in different directions as you move. You will take an excursion to get a close look at the limestone rocks.

After here you will directly head off to James Bond Island where you will be thrilled by the unique rock formations on the island.

Around this place, you will be able to visit the floating island famously known as the Muslim village to enjoy the delicious meals for lunch.

You will then end your trip at Suwan Khuha cave temple to see the Buddha statue before you take your trip back to Khao Lak.

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island.

Touring in Phang Nga Bay by speedboat

This is the most interesting way of taking up this tour.

This will be a 10-hour tour with a live guide taking you through. In this tour, you will be provided with soft drinks, beverages, and water.

You will also get a buffet lunch. You better carry your swimming suit because you will enjoy the best swimming experience in the crystal clear water when you reach Khai Island.

Other things will include spectacular sights of amazing landscapes and different famous islands including the fishermen village.

The only limitations here are that you cannot be able to go via a speedboat of you are either pregnant, an infant of below one year or you are aged person of 65 years or more and you have a medical complication.

James Bond island tour by Speed boat from Khao Lak

What you can expect on this tour?

First, you will have a free pickup from your hotel or the meeting point early in the morning because the departure is either 7:00 in the morning or 7:30, this is only possible if you are in a hotel in Khao Lak.

The tour start s at Phang Nga Bay and your thrill start immediately you get to Panak Island where you will have a great time going through the caves in this island and sightseeing of the lagoons and the stalactite, this is so close to the next island which is Hong Island where you will be able to enjoy the fun activities going through the mangrove forest and the lagoons.

You will have a lot of free time to be able to visit the famous James bond island and the fisherman village.

Your fun will get to a climax when you now get to Khai Island, this is where you will have to get your swimming suit out because that is the best activity you can do here.

If you are not much into swimming, you can enjoy the breathtaking sites like the ice cream cave.

After this entire thrill, you will head to Panyee Island for a delicious buffet lunch and head off to Khai Island to finish up your tour with swimming and snorkeling, you are free to engage in any other activity here until 17:00 hours which are the time to go back.

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island. Visiting Khai islands for snorkeling time.
How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island. Visiting Khai islands for snorkeling time.

Khao Lak to James bond island distance

The distance from Khao Lak is approximately 54.7 km, which is 33.989 miles. It can be a great distance to tour for a whole day with thrilling scenes.

Excursions from Khao Lak

There are very many excursions, some of these includes;

Khao Lak Elephants

This is the best place to get to for a short time when you are in Khao Lak for your trip, it can even be just a half a day, you will be picked from your hotel to the elephant camp where you will enjoy being near elephants through the tropical forest, walking, bathing and feeding them.

Khao Lak nature safari

These are short nature walks to view the natural sights in the jungle and to the waterfalls by foot which may just last for at most 2 hours.

You will get lunch and snacks for free on this short trip.

Rafting tours and days in Phang Nga Bay

Bamboo Rafting in Khao Lak

Khao Lak Fishing trip

You will go for a fishing trip on a traditional boat in the Andaman Sea with a guide where you will try fishing all kinds of fish available in the sea.

You will keep trolling as you head to the best fishing spot.

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island

Where to go in Khao Lak

There are quite a lot of places you can visit in Khao Lak for your fun, some of these places include

Khao Lak national parks. 

This is the most famous national park nearby Khao Lak, it has very many varieties of creatures, and you will get to see bears, elephants, and marbled cats among very many other animals.

The green jungle also gives a good atmosphere to hike.

Khao Lak Tong Chong Fa Waterfalls

This is the amazing scenery you cannot miss to see when you are in Khao Lak, the best activity here is swimming and fish foot bathing, where the fish takes care of your foot just like you are in a spa.

Lam Ru National Park

This is the home of all wildlife in Khao Sok, you will have an amazing time watching the birds, the thousands of types of butterflies, other big mammals, and reptiles, the park has amazing blue water point that decorates it.

How to Go From Khao Lak to James Bond Island

The elephant camp experience

If you are a fan of elephant trekking, then you must visit the elephant camp to experience this.

You will have plenty of fun. enjoying the company of the elephants in the green tropical forest and back to the camp.

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