Hanoi to Sapa

Hanoi to Sapa

Hanoi to Sapa

What Sapa Known for?

Sapa is a city in northwestern Vietnam’s Hoang Lien Son Mountain. I can say Sapa is one of the most visited places in the northern part of Vietnam. It is a popular base for trekking. Sapa is overcrowded by tourists and travelers. It overlooks the Muong Hoa Valley terraced rice fields and is close to Phang Xi peak that has 3,143 meters​height. It can be climbed through a steep, multi-day guided hike. Hill tribes like the Hmong, Tay and Dao make up a larger part of the local population of the city. You can visit this place very easily y a new cable car from the town. You possibly try a local homestay of the ethnic tribe of Hmong and Red Dao. The travel distance from Hanoi to Sapa is about 320 km.  

How to go from Hanoi to Sapa

According to the location of Sapa, which is also considered as a long way to go from Hanoi, it may require you slightly more effort to reach the place. However, I’m sure you would find it simple to make the effort to go. You have lots of options the way down from Hanoi to Sapa actually. You have choices to travel by bus, train, or minivan.   Hanoi to Sapa

Which is the best way to go to Sapa from Hanoi?

Most of the travelers would prefer to take a ride on an overnight sleeper train (about 8hours) or an express bus (about 5.5 hours) while there is no airport in Sapa, then you need to cross out the option for the flight off your list.

However, you have to consider the pros and cons of both options whether to be on the train or bus.  

Good Points to travel by overnight train to Sapa

  • Save your time.

  • You can choose the soft-sleeper option, or you can pay for the whole cabin. It means you have to pay for four tickets to make it as your private cabin.

  • The cabin is beautifully decorated, soft pillows and mattresses, slippers under the bed.  There was also free water, snacks, and toothbrushes in each cabin.

  • You are allowed to charge your device in your cabin, this way you don’t have to worry whether your phone or laptop will be dead when you arrive Sapa.

  • The train also has bathrooms in western fashion for those of you who are worried about it. The toilet in the train remained relatively clean and had bathroom paper throughout the night, but I still recommend you bring some of your own for just in case.


Hanoi to Sapa. Sapa terraces


The disadvantage to travel by overnight train to Sapa

  • You won’t see many landscapes because, for most of your journey, it’s going to be pitch black outside.

  • Due to the age of the train and the railroad tracks, you may be rocked back and forth. It somehow disturbs your sleep.

  • The train will stop in Lao Cai. You still remain another 38 km to go to Sapa. Then you may have to spend another 45 minutes with a local public bus or private bus from the train station to Sapa.

  • Good Points to travel by bus to Sapa

  • The bus is considered so comfortable to travel in.

  • You have to travel in the daytime with the bus. This way you can see all the scenery along the road from Hanoi to Sapa.

  • Bottle of water, a packet of snakes, blankets, and neck pillows are provided for the passenger

  • The bus will stop halfway for break time at a servo-type stop point.


The disadvantage to travel by bus from Hanoi to Sapa

  • Sapa’s highways are fairly bendy and winding with steep cliffs, the bus is going rapidly, so some passengers may get sick from movement.

  • It ridiculous but true and you have to be really aware of it. There is only one toilet break, so it is essential to regulate your bladder.

  • Do not expect them to drop you off at your selected place point. You will have to find out your own way from the bus station to your accommodation.


Hanoi to Sapa. Sapa terraces


How many days do you need in Sapa Vietnam?

The length to stay in Sapa Vietnam depends on the option that you made for the transportation you would like to take. Most of the people say that 2-3 days is a suitable duration to spend on your trip to Sapa. Here are some activities and destination you should try:  

  • Trekking downhill to Y Linh Ho and Muong Hoa Valleys

  • You should arrange for a picnic while Sapa is a great place for having a picnic

  • Have a walk to Sapa Valley which is the most beautiful place in the area

  • Enjoy an alluring landscape and the waterfall in Cat Cat Village

  • It would be great to walk along the rice paddies and small hamlets to learn about the life of the hill tribes right here and discuss with villagers in Lao Chai


When is the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam?


  • March-May: perfect weather – warm and dry – the best time for trekking and outdoor activities

  • June – September: rainy weather and crowded with Vietnamese tourists

  • Late – September – mid- December: cool dry weather – perfect for photos and trekking

  • Mid-December – February: harsh winter but few tourists while the temperature is virtually zero Celsius accompanied by a cold wind.  Thus, tourists, particularly those from tropical countries, should, therefore, avoid this moment.

  Hanoi to Sapa.


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