Experience yoga retreats Phuket


Experience yoga retreats Phuket

Phuket is one of the most vibrant and famous beach resorts in Asia. Besides many exciting and relaxing beach missions, the yoga retreat is what Phuket is best for you to attempt, is a relaxing and health-focused experience. Experience yoga retreats Phuket and you will also have plenty of time relaxing, taking your time to visit also the splendid island from all corners.


Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat (CCs Hideaway)

The yoga retreat here is intended to appreciate and care for those who are looking for the ideal combination of wellness and recreation. This retreat is the perfect location to go if you need a change of scenery or a break from a stress-filled position.

This is not a fasting and strenuous exercise hardcore program, but rather a program designed to help you rebalance your employment-life situation by meditating, getting some exercise, relaxing, sightseeing, and having some fun along the way.

Through relaxation, meditation, physical exercise, and good food, they will assist encourage happiness for everyone. They also give completely inclusive retreats with ecological adventures, tours, and events for those who want some adventure or experience more of Phuket.

Meditation and yoga are among the most popular stress relief exercises. It is known that meditation overcomes negativity and replaces it with a positive attitude. Learners become stronger through yoga and meditation and learn how to master their feelings.

The yoga retreats session here is throughout the year and you are welcome to begin any day of your choice!

Address: 36 Patak Soi 10, PO Box 18, Karon Post Office, Karon, Phuket

Tel: +66 (0) 76 333 222

The Yoga Shala Phuket

There’s always an opportunity to change, no matter what was before, and it’s here and now waiting for you. During the course, you will study Ashtanga yoga’s primary elements and principles and put the understanding into practice. Students will be motivated to consistently practice a number of pranayama techniques, take their time to deepen this ancient practice’s awareness, and strengthen breath control.

During this retreat, you will explore Ashtanga Yoga’s primary elements and principles, putting understanding into practice. You will create a strong Vinyasa system-based practice, applying bandhas, Drishti, and using breath from Ajayi. You will uncover each asana’s foundation and its adjustments, alignment of the body, therapeutic effect of asanas, and additional training to build strength and flexibility to improve the practice.

You will learn kriya methods during the retreat (former cleansing exercises that assist purify the body and prepare yourself for the exercise of pranayama and asana). For these cleaning practices, students will be provided with basic equipment.

Without concentrating on mental tasks, this retreat would not be complete. Even asana, pranayama, and kriya involve a profound concentration, while learners receive extra Nidra yoga and meditation knowledge and preparation. It will assist alter the mind’s usual patterns, which are vital to self-development and inner growth. Students will also be introduced to yoga philosophy and major ancient yoga texts, as it provides the practice of a powerful theoretical basis.

Address: 26/8, Pattana Soi 8, Chalong, Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 80 698 0813

Experience yoga retreats Phuket

Yoga Republic

The Yoga Republic is an island-style modern studio providing the best quality hygienic facilities including yoga mats and towels, male and female showers, juice bar, outdoor gazebo, indoor chill, retail and more. They will join you to re-energized, revitalized, and definitely happier after your trip with them with their own mix and distinctive Yoga Instruction style, so come and experience it and be motivated!

This yoga studio provides an exotic combination of yoga courses and workshops to fit all yoga characters and kinds of body, including Bishnu Gosh’s classic heated 26 postures, Powerful and Gentle Vinyasa Flow sequences, and Yin’s inspired groundwork.

They also give personal and corporate yoga tuition, including classes, courses, and workshops tailored to your specific requirements, either in the studio or at home or company.

Address: 123/3-5 Moo.5 Srisoonthorn Rd, Tumbon Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket 831110.

Tel: +66 (0) 8 2280 3914

Phuket Action Point

Are you looking for the latest exercise trend? Here, Action Point Weight Loss & Fitness Resort in Phuket offers hot yoga training Bikram Method classes.

Bikram yoga is a program of 90 minutes consisting of a sequence of 26 positions. The postures involve all significant muscle groups to have long, strong and well-controlled contractions. The challenging nature of poses and heat is meant to increase your heart rate and tire your muscles.

Hot yoga is not for everyone because of its intensity and ability to cause heat-related disease. Be sure to check with your doctor if you have any health issues before you try hot yoga.

Hot yoga has all sorts of advantages for those who are dedicated to the exercise. The one most commonly claimed is detoxification: it is said that heavy sweating helps remove toxins from the skin. The heat also enables you to go into the postures a little more deeply and securely, so you realize that you really warm up the muscles and that you can really approach the postures from a safe place.

Working in a warm space also raises the heart rate, making the body more difficult to operate. It’s really for those who want a more intensive exercise and those who want to create power, flexibility, and tone along with a cardiovascular workout. Working in heat also enables the body to relax, increases breathing (which helps asthma-like circumstances) and focuses the mind, which increases mental concentration.

Address: 63/53 Soi Saiyuan 10 Moo 7 Nai Harn Rawai Phuket 83130, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 76 226 506

5 Elements Hot Yoga

Why not experiencing something that’s a little distinct and special while you’re in Phuket?

Each of the courses at 5 Elements Hot Yoga is intended for all levels, so if you’ve trained at any of the top Muay Thai coaching camps like Tiger Muay Thai, Top Team, Dragon or Train Crossfit at Unit 27 or Titan Fitness, you might need the additional profound stretch and treatment they give at 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort.

They cater to the athlete, the teacher of Muay Thai, and the starting yogi who need to cure the body, stretch the muscles, and repair the mind in the process.

You can assist cure an injury by stepping out of the arena and on to the mat, conditioning the muscles, and deepening the stretch required to go the distance and move on to fulfill your challenge.

If you’ve attempted yoga in other places before, you’ll discover that this studio is quite distinct from the traditional one, from the music to the movements, they cater for each student and their needs.

Address: 45 75 Soi Ta-iad, Tambon Chalong, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83130, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 94 592 2294

Baan Yoga

Baan Yoga Phuket provides hatha yoga courses that focus on body and mind connection through yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.

The exercise presents traditional postures focusing on sun & moon, reinforcing & stretching. Concentrate on alignment and breathe as you enter, hold, leave, and move from one posture to another. Appropriate for all levels, according to the level of exercise, suitable changes will be suggested to the learners. It is possible to include some pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

The mat class includes the genuine pilates exercises that target the nucleus while lengthening and reinforcing the abs, glutes, legs, arms, and back for a complete body exercise that challenges all fitness levels.

Address: 53/1, Sakoo, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 92 380 9200

Phuket Meditation Center

Welcome to the Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center in Phuket, Thailand. This unique team is mostly known and loved for amazing and life-changing retreats of mindfulness and regular free classes of meditation. They have created a beautiful little oasis of peace over the years. People choose to relax at this center because they want to experience a true heart vacation.

Getaway from it all and learn how to deeply relax both body and mind. The class combines a warm and easy atmosphere with genuine retreats for meditation. Every week, you will be provided free guided sessions of meditation and teachings. The classes are open to all.

There are also numerous choices available for one-on-one or pair therapies. Meet a professional team and generate enduring beneficial life changes.

Address: 69/509, Soi Chaofah 5, Chalong, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0) 87 279 7655

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