Doi Suthep waterfalls trekking


Doi Suthep waterfalls trekking

Planning a trip to Doi Suthep? Well, you are in the right place. Doi Suthep waterfalls trekking, Doi Suthep is an elegant place to be with everything that you need to make your trip memorable.

When it comes to waterfall trekking, Doi Suthep is simply the best. Some of the most beautiful waterfalls are found in this region in Chiang Mai and if you love hiking, then there is no better place to be than Doi Suthep.

Does Doi Suthep have the best waterfalls?

We have been offering tour guides to thousands of people traveling to Southeast Asia.

There are lots of places in Southeast and specifically in Thailand where you can do waterfall trekking but we have to say that Doi Suthep offers the best waterfalls for trekking. So yes! Doi Suthep has the best waterfalls.

Are Doi Suthep waterfalls a trekking fun?

It depends on your passion, especially for hiking.

If you love hiking and trekking, then we can promise you that you are going to enjoy one of the best trips in your lifetime.

Trekking through the waterfalls of Doi Suthep is an experience that is second to none.

Doi Suthep is also surrounded by other major tourist attractions sites so if you get tired of trekking you can be sure of trying something else.

A preview of what to expect in Doi Suthep

There is a lot to see and a lot to do in Doi Suthep and several waterfalls where you can do trekking and be sure to have plenty of fun.

The Doi Suthep national park, Mok Fa waterfalls, Bhubing Palace, the Doi Suthep temple, Bua Thong waterfall, Huey Kaew waterfall, Dtaat Mok waterfall, Mae Sa waterfall, the monk’s trail, and the Yod Doi Pui Campsite among other things.

Mae Sa Waterfall

This has always been one of the most famous waterfalls to trek in Ching Mai, if you are a hiking lover, then this is a place that you must visit.

The waterfall is located about 26 kilometers from Chiang Mai when you are traveling on highway 107.

The waterfall has 8 levels and the environment is green making it a very beautiful palace for you to take some photos as you trek the area.

Climbing the waterfall is easy as you can easily do that from the paved stairs on either side which lie in a big shade.

The spot is breezy and it makes a perfect spot for hiking for both the travelers and the tourists.

The entry is 100 Thai Baht and because you will not be using any motorcycle, you will not need to pay the 20 TB for parking.

This is not the only waterfall you can visit in Doi Suthep, there are more than you can visit on the same day.

Mok Fa Waterfall

Probably the most famous waterfall in Doi Suthep.

The waterfall is accessible by car and once you park your car, it will only take you around 5 minutes to get to the waterfall.

The entrance is on the highway 1095 when you are traveling from Chiang Mai to Pai. Mok Fa Waterfalls located around10 kilometers from the main area of Doi Suthep national park.

It is a perfect spot for hiking and your experience here will stick on the back of your mind for a very long time.

The accommodation in the area is very affordable and comfortable and you can be sure to rent a bungalow for 1500 TB per night.

This is actually a bargain considering all the things that you are going to see there. The Mok Fa Waterfall is a must tour place when you are in Chiang Mai.

Mo Tha Than waterfall and campsite


Another place that every person who loves hiking out there will fall in love with!

This magnificent waterfall is located about 10 km from the Doi Suthep national park, meaning if you have the energy you can decide to trek from the Mok Fa waterfall to here as you enjoy the green environment on your way here.

Since it has campsites, it makes a very affordable place to tour. If you are not a great fan of the campsite, you might want to consider trying out the available bungalows that go at a price of 1500 TB per night per person.

The waterfall is nine-tiered and it is quite busy so if you love socializing, you can be sure of making new friends.


Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple

A tour in Chiang Mai can never be complete without visiting the magnificent Doi Suthep temple!

It is believed that this beautiful temple was built back in the 14th century and up to now the temple stands strong and it is one of the most beautiful temples you will ever see!

The temple is built near the Peak of Doi Suthep Mountain and it is about 14.5 kilometers from the city.

The Doi Suthep was founded as a Buddhist monastery and up to now it is still a working monastery and it is actually one of the most sacred places in Chiang Mai.

The aspects of the temple draw from Hinduism and Buddhism.

It has a model of Buddha and a statue of the Hindu God Ganesha. You can access the temple through the main road through the national park.

You should make sure that you are dressed properly before visiting the temple.

Shorts are not allowed and your shoulders should be covered.

Don’t panic because there are clothes for sale available near the temple so you can be sure of accessing the temple at any time.

The temple opens up early in the morning at around 5 am and closes at around 7 pm.

Huey Kaew waterfall

Not as big as Mok Fa waterfall but it will give you an amazing place for trekking.

It is very common with the locals because of the many butterflies around the waterfall which provides beautiful scenery. It is located at the edge of Chiang Mai city just a walking distance. 

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