Going from Cebu to Bohol

Going from Cebu to Bohol

Cebu to Bohol

Are you preparing for a brand-new experience for Cebu and Bohol? Here is an easy travel guide on how to get to Bohol from Cebu and delight in a wholesome experience!

Cebu is still thought about as a leading location for numerous travelers who have actually gone to the nation.

Whether you wish to Visit Osmena Peak or from being a cultural scholar in museums and old heritage traveler areas to being a passionate traveler in water parks and white-sand beaches, this location is an overall plan for visitors and backpackers alike.

Let’s go from Cebu to Bohol

Each year, countless individuals around the world are trying to find a fantastic site that manages them the chance to delight in gorgeous beaches, amazing environments, and a beautiful place to experience the world and its various cultures to its maximum.

Unfortunately, lots of people stick to the standard locations that draw in countless individuals to them — places like Rome, Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and so forth.

No location provides you this type of adventure at a rate that is incredibly affordable like Bohol in the Philippines.

They desire the culture and the various type of historic monoliths that they can discover there; they likewise need to sustain big crowds, contamination, and expensive expenses that include going to these locations.

This is why many people are choosing those alternative areas in Southeast Asia, which provide a much better chance to enjoy their holiday to the max, at a cost that is a lot more inexpensive.

Cebu and Bohol have it all!

When compared to other islands, the location will be packed with such lots of individuals, particularly throughout summertime vacations, considering that it is a leading traveler location.

Do you wish to leave from that turmoil and still experience a summer season like no other?

While both Cebu and Bohol are islands, and any tunnels or bridges do not link them, you are going to need to cross the water to get from Cebu to Bohol, throughout the Cebu Strait.

It is approximately 38 kilometers (24 miles) in a straight line from one side to the other; however, the primary ferryboat crossing, in fact, goes to Tagbilaran, on the south end of Bohol, which makes this more like a 90-kilometer journey. There is a basic ferry which is quite slow.

Nonetheless, a better choice for travelers is to take a fast ferry. Although they are called a fast ferry, they still take around 2 hours!

Capturing a flight from Cebu to Bohol is another choice; however, there are no direct flights that are suggesting you go elsewhere first and after that get a connecting flight.

With the expense and the inconvenience of taking a trip by airplane from Cebu to Bohol, we actually would not advise it unless you are incredibly negative about taking a trip by ferry.


Going from Cebu to Bohol


The majority of tourists going from Cebu to Bohol decide to take the ferry.


Well, the response is easy. It’s faster than taking the airplane, considering that it has a direct path.

Before offering you the details about taking the ferry, we would like to notify you that there are two entrances you can get in Bohol from Cebu.

One is through Tubigon, and the other is through Tagbilaran.

Tagbilaran is the more popular path, and considering that it acts as a central city, getting transfers to other locations in Bohol or Panglao is a lot much easier.

For this factor, we are going to determine Tagbilaran as the primary entry point.


Cebu to Bohol Ferry. How long? 

Cebu to Bohol Fast Ferries 

There is an overall of 5 ferry companies that provide quick service from Cebu to Bohol, and they all have numerous departures every day.

FastCat and Weesam Express do have fewer departures than Super Cat, OceanJet, and Starcraft.

However, they are still excellent choices, and no matter which ferryboat operator you choose to go with, the crossing time must constantly be around 2 hours, so no company gets much faster than the others. 

You can schedule ferries from Cebu to Bohol online through the travel site 12Go.asia.

They have actually partnered with OceanJet, who have numerous departures all through the day, beginning as early as 5:10 am.

There is not generally a lot more than an hour in between all of their departures, and in some cases, less when they have extra boats running throughout peak early morning and afternoon times.

The last ferry of the day that is run by OceanJet will leave at 6:40 pm from Cebu, getting to Bohol at 8:40 pm. 


With OceanJet

you have 3 various ticket alternatives, depending upon your budget plan.

The most inexpensive is to purchase an Open-Air ticket. This will offer you a seat (not a specifically comfy one at that) on a deck that is open to nature without windows.

While convenience levels are not as excellent here, it is a unique approach to take pleasure in the breeze and the fresh air and view the landscapes.

For simply a number of dollars more, you might choose to purchase a Tourist Class ticket. This type of ticket will offer you a comfier seat inside where there are cooling and TVs for home entertainment

However, if you desire a much more comfy seat go with Business Class as the seats are even more cushioned in this cabin. Business Class tickets cost about double what the Open-Air tickets do.

As we pointed out above, when you are taking a trip from Cebu to Bohol, you’re going to reach Tagbilaran Pier on Bohol, on the south of the island, and when you leave from Cebu, you’ll be going from Cebu Pier 1.

Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol Province, and with resorts, beaches, and hotels here, it is a great location to begin your check out to Bohol.

Panglao is just 20 minutes away from Tagbilaran Pier.


Cebu to Bohol Slow Ferries


While the majority of travelers will choose to invest a little bit more to obtain from Cebu to Bohol quicker and more easily on the quick ferries, slow ferries are an alternative too and are specifically great if you’re attempting to adhere to a tight spending plan. 

The ferry company that is running from Cebu to Bohol consists of Trans-Lite Shipping Corporation, Asia Shipping Lines, and F.J. Palacio Lines Incorporated.

With a few of these, you can reserve through their sites, while others you will require to phone to book tickets.

Understand though, that since this is the most affordable way to travel.

It is incredibly popular with regional Filipino people who will seek to take a trip on the slow ferryboats throughout vacations and the high season, especially around the Holy Week, so you will have to find out and schedule your ferry from Cebu to Bohol as early as possible to reserve your seat. 

Both slow and quick ferry companies are excellent choices for getting from Cebu to Bohol, so which one you select will likely boil down to your budget plan and timescale.

Whichever one you pick, bear in mind that throughout the tropical cyclone season there may be hold-ups on the ferryboats, and perhaps complete cancellations if the weather condition is bad, so always alert yourself if you are preparing to take a trip from Cebu to Bohol in between September and February. 

Capturing a slow ferry actually does include a lot of time for your journey.

The journey will take you around 4 to 5 hours, so you’re at least doubling the time it handles a fast boat.

The most significant benefit is that these are the most inexpensive option to travel from Cebu to Bohol, and there are a couple of various ticket class choices to think about too, varying from Economy to a Private Room. 


Where to Buy Ticket from Cebu to Bohol? 


To guarantee you do not need to hurry on your target departure date to Bohol, you can buy your ticket at Bookaway.

The site will reveal to you all the offered travel times and the company leaving for Bohol.

You can likewise purchase your tickets straight in the port terminal, however, buying it at early guarantees you get the best seats in the ferry.


Best Ferry from Cebu to Bohol


There are many ferry operators to select from. The most popular are Ocean Fast Ferries, Supercat Fast Ferry, and Oceanjet Ferry.

Absolutely nothing glamorous, simply a comfy seat, all you require actually.

There are food and beverages offered on board ( just like on an aircraft). However, it is very pricey. Seriously, they charge more than many resorts for drinks.

I encourage loading your own treats for the journey. 

While there are numerous different ferryboats to pick from, they all use practically the very same thing. If you’re questioning, what is the most elegant ferry from Cebu to Bohol?

I would not put many ideas into which one to choose. Eventually, all you desire is an effective and safe approach to take a trip to Bohol, and this is what the majority of them use.


Going from Cebu to Bohol


Supercat Cebu to Bohol


For Cebu to Tagbilaran way, there are several journeys daily.

If you are flying-in from Mactan Airport, go canyoneering in Badian, the trip to Bantayan or Malapascua, check out the latest city tourist attractions, and after that, you prepare to go to Bohol, SuperCat is an excellent choice for you to take! 


Cebu to Bohol, here are the journey schedules


SuperCat Cebu Pier 1 to Tagbilaran, Bohol. The first journey is 5:50 AM, Last journey at 7:15 PM. 

  • 5:50 AM
  • 8:15 AM
  • 11 AM
  • 1:15 AM
  • 2:30 PM
  • 3:35 PM
  • 6 PM
  • 7:15 PM 


SuperCat Tagbilaran Port, Bohol to Cebu Pier 1. The first journey is 5:50 AM, Last journey at 9:30 PM.

  • 5:50 AM
  • 8:15 AM
  • 11 AM
  • 1:15 PM
  • 3:35 PM
  • 4:45 PM
  • 5:45 PM
  • 9:30 PM


* Schedule might alter without previous notification.


Cebu to Bohol Ferry Schedule 2020


Check the schedules and prices here for the different companies heading to and from Cebu vs. Bohol.

See the Cebu to Bohol Ferry Schedule 2020


Cebu to Bohol Ferry Fare 2020


The price of the ferry ticket should stay between 690 PHP ($13.50) to 1,300 PHP ($25), depending upon which part of the ferryboat you want to be seated.

Both ports need a terminal charge to be paid, so ensure you comply before you board the ferry. The terminal charge at each of the port is 20 PHP ($.40) per individual. 


An Additional Fee for Baggage


Going from Cebu to Bohol


There is a security check and waiting for location at all ports, which is similar to at airports. As soon as you have actually paid your terminal cost, you will continue through security where your bags will be executed the security scanner.

From there, you can head over to the luggage counter. 

Generally, you require to pay for your luggage at the counter, and then a porter will come over and tag your bag. From this point on, your luggage remains in the hands of the porter.

Because all the luggage simply stands there waiting for somebody to carry it onto the ferryboat, it may be a little distressing.

As soon as you reach Bohol, all the travel luggage is put on the ledge beside the ferryboat (where you disembark), and you can get your bags as you leave. 

The luggage cost differs according to the size of your bag. It usually just costs about 50 PHP.

However, be well prepared to pay more if you have big bags.

When it comes to little bags, you can generally take them on board with you.

There is an area at the front of the ferryboat where a couple of small bags can be put.


Going from Cebu to Bohol


Cebu to Bohol Flight


You can capture a flight from Cebu’s Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Bohol-Panglao International Airport in Bohol if you are not extremely great with sea travel.

Fares differ depending upon your airline company provider. However, it is a bit more expensive than traveling with a ferry.

The flight time would take around 40 minutes. 

Presently, just Air Juan provides flights from Cebu to Bohol after the operations of Tagbilaran Airport were relocated to Panglao Airport. 

You can take a taxi, jeepney or van to head to your hotel in Tagbilaran or in Panglao Island when you show up at Panglao International Airport.

When you get a van or taxi to take you to your location, to avoid overpricing, make sure to bargain. Alternatively, you can likewise ask your hotel if they can organize airport transfers. 


Spend Sometimes to Explore Panglao, Bohol


This post will not just offer you information on how to get to Bohol from Cebu; however, it will likewise provide some concepts on where you can most likely remain for the rest of your staycation. 

Panglao, Bohol is the popular location for staycation hotels and spaces. From the port, you require to ride a van or a bus to Panglao. 

Henann Resort Alona Beach probably the right choice for you to choose in Panglao, Bohol. When compared to Hennan, Panglao Regents Park is a bit more cost-effective.

This hotel likewise provides impressive services, and the personnel is accommodating to the visitors. They have a pool outside a restaurant and the hotel coffee shop where you can go and chill whenever of the day. 

You are encouraged to book your hotel ahead of time to have discount rates and to make sure that you get the spaces you desire. Make a booking for service pickups from the Tagbilaran/Tubigon port to the hotel where you are dwelling to prevent hold-ups. 

You can lease an entire van that would take you to Panglao if you are making a trip to a big group. You can organize a pickup service from the hotel that you picked. 

You can likewise conserve yourself from all these expenses by entering into dormitels and hostels around Panglao. You can have a look at much of these online.


Panglao Island Activities and Attractions


Cebu to Bohol Questions and Answers Sections


How much is the ferry from Cebu to Bohol?

For a one way ticket, from Cebu to Tagbilaran to Bohol, the standard ticket price is 690 Pesos for Tourist Class and 1,300 Pesos for Business Class. 


How long is the ferry ride from Cebu to Bohol?

It is a fair time of around two hours. 


How many hours travel from Cebu to Bohol?

The overall travel time between Cebu and Bohol depends upon the ferry and your port of location.

The duration of the journey is around 2 hours through OceanJet if you are preparing to take a trip from Cebu to Tagbilaran. The travel time is just 1 hour through MV Starcraft if you’re heading from Cebu to Tubigon. 


How far is Cebu to Bohol?

The distance from the City of Cebu to Bohol is 166 km. 


Is there a grab taxi in Bohol?

Yes, grab is operating in Bohol. Somehow, it is not really accessible as I see some of the comments on Trip adviser.

It probably the right choice; once u have a friendly driver that serves as well, he can also be your contact for all your tours. You can also ask them to help buy you a Ferry ticket.




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