Cambodia Islands and the Best Cambodia Destinations


Cambodia Islands and the Best Cambodia Destinations

Although Thailand’s iconic islands are more famous and well-known, Cambodia islands occupy the same sea, the Gulf of Thailand, but are much less populated and also seem to be cheaper to enjoy within the location.  

Bioluminescent plankton night walks, exciting jungle excursions, tasty freshly caught seafood, and rustic secluded beaches with the most vivid sunsets of bright pink and gold. Cambodia’s islands are certainly some of the most incredible places many visitors have said on their journeys.

The southwest coastal area is very secure in a developing country plagued by much of the terrain in the west being contaminated with landmines remaining over from the war. Due to the rise in hotel and restaurant growth in most major cities over the past several years, the islands of Cambodia have mainly stayed intact.

Highlighting a natural and unpopulated attraction with a blissed and refreshing atmosphere, the slower pace of life along beautiful beaches across the coastline of Cambodia is a must on your itinerary in South East Asia.

Even though some of these islands have been scarcely explored for a long time before the hardship that Cambodia endured from the Khmer Rouge Regime, the nation has fully recovered enough to lure tourists from backpackers to luxurious sun-seekers.

The islands are therefore easily reached by ferry from Sihanoukville, which has plenty of fast and slow boat choices at different prices with several crossings per day. Please be aware that some resorts also include private boat transportation.

Get to Sihanoukville by bus, minivan shuttles, or flight from the capital city of Phnom Penh or Siem Reap town. There are also multiple airlines flying straight to Sihanoukville from cities in China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

For over 60 Cambodian Islands from which to choose, that’s difficult to determine which tropical paradise to jump to first. But here is the list of the best Cambodian Islands due to the compilation of information from a variety of websites.

Cambodia Island Koh Rong

Tourists traveling to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap or Phnom Penh should be willing to leave as soon as they reach downtown.

Many speed boats and ferries are heading to Koh Rong.

They will carry visitors to the first island.

The Serendipity Pier is the perfect pier to get a boat at.

The time taken to get on the ferry from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong depends significantly on the driver and if they are on time as listed in the schedule or not.

Therefore, be well prepared and book the seat in order not to lose any ferry or night bus connections on the way back.

Koh Rong, possibly the island’s most famous, is also the most advanced.

Yet fortunately, uncrowded stretches of white sand beaches are still to be found, such as the beautiful Long Beach.

However, since you are searching for some action, Koh Touch Beach has gained a kind of party credibility.

Many companies sell water sports activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, as well as rentals for bicycles.

Several bars and restaurants are offering traditional Khmer cuisine.

In Chai Family Restaurant, Elephant Guesthouse, or The Moon are places I would encourage you to try it.

If you’re still a Western food consumer, try Enocafe for Italian, Da Matti? Or Treehouse Bungalow, get Koh Lanta burgers or join the Rising Sun for vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Offering good Thai food from Sea and Lake or Sigi.

Find out at Nest Beach Club, Skybar, Vagabonds, and Monkey Island if you’re eager to discover the nightlife of Koh Rong. Dragon Den Pub, the very first bar in this busy zone, is still alive and kicking.

There are many choices at varying prices when you’re able to get some shut-eye.

Most of the accommodations are in Koh Touch; however, the rest of the island has plenty of cottages and resorts.

I strongly advise Sunflower Guest House, Unicorn Guesthouse, and Coconut Beach Bungalows for cheap hotels that stay between USD 5 to USD 30.

Tamu Koh Rong, Sweet Dreams Koh Rong, and Long Set Resort are good enough to justify it if you can overspend a little, which will be around USD 100-200.

The Royal Sands Koh Rong is a complete-service resort with beachfront scenery villas if you can jump your expense up to USD500 or more.

Cambodia-Islands-and-the-Best-Cambodia-Destinations-Koh Rong

Important Tips:

  • Be careful of the Koh Rong stuff. Most passengers on their way to the island end up being sick in their stomachs.
  • Either from cross-contamination with old rotten meat after the electricity went off (which often occurs) or unhealthy water, be very mindful about what you put in your mouth.
  • Many options that will help you avoid getting sick is just eating food that needs to be prepared before it is served.
  • Chowing down on fried food may sound too unhealthy to handle throughout your entire holiday on the islands.
  • However, for those who don’t get sick, they will feel glad, as many tourists on these islands often do.
  • The next section is going to give you brief information about the beaches in Koh Rong. For more details, please click the link to Koh Rong Holidays.

Long Beach, Koh Rong

As the biggest and most advanced island in Cambodia, Koh Rong attracts all the attention, with most visitors heading straight to Koh Touch.

But peace continues to remain comfortable enough to find, thanks to the 28 beaches on the island.

Long Beach (also known as Sok San Beach) is, without a doubt, one of its absolute best, with the seven-kilometer stretch of bright white sand crumbling under your feet flanked by delightfully clear waters.

The coastline, a genuine tropical island, offered the backdrop for the reality TV show Survivor’s 32nd season. It is home to a guesthouse sprinkling, the upmarket Sok San Resort and the newly opened luxury five-star Royal Sands Koh Rong.

Cambodia Islands and the Best Cambodia Destinations
A view of Sok San Beach

Lonely Beach, Koh Rong

Situated at the isolated northern coast of Koh Rong is known as Lonely Beach. Construction still has to hit the area, and there is only one resort there, which means that visitors have this remote paradise for themselves.

A late-night dive can light up the waters if you’re fortunate, as bioluminescent plankton like to hang out here. Remember to pack all the necessities because there’s no shop at the site.

Nature Beach, Koh Rong

If you’re planning on staying off the tourist trail on Koh Rong, Nature Beach is a tranquil location to be considered a single destination from the invasion of the Koh Toch Pier visitors walking across the beach.

Be informed that the facilities of Nature Beach comprise tents, on the ground, as well as on wooden planks. Channel and go for your inner outdoor mutation.

Nonetheless, it’s not as harmful to sleep in a tent as you think, particularly for USD 5 per night.

Koh Rong Holidays A simple guide to the best locations

How to reach Koh Rong from Sihanoukville

Cambodia Islands! Koh Rong Samloem or Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloeum is cogitated as the sister island of Koh Rong. It is quieter, smaller, and less advanced. Due to its sparkling white sand beaches, most of the facilities are based on the sunny Saracen Bay.

The most advantage of this island is for snorkeling.

People say it is a fantastic place to enjoy this kind of activity. When millions of bioluminescent plankton light up the water, the glitter of the water in the dark. On the northern end of the island, you can also see some waterfalls and mangroves.

On the other side of the island, the southern part, there is an old lighthouse.

You may enjoy having breakfast at Seapony Bungalow Café and Sara Restaurant.

These places have a good rep for food from Western and Khmer dishes. Here you will enjoy your food and a plus of a beautiful sea view.

You probably need to please yourself with a high standard accommodation.

These lodges, such as Sweet Dreams Samloem, Sara Resort, Pipes Resort, and Secret Paradise Resort, are what I suggest you try during your visit at Koh Rong Samloem.

However, if you wish to save your budget for your next destination and don’t want to spend much for your bedroom, try to experience with these places:

  • Moonlight Resort
  • Cita Resort
  • Longvek Hostel
  • GreenBlue Resort
  • Easy Tiger Bungalows

The average price is staying around USD 10.

The next section is going to give you brief information about beaches in Koh Rong Samloem.

For more details, please see the other article Holiday in Koh Rong Samloem.

Cambodia-Islands-and-the-Best-Cambodia-Destinations. Koh Rong Samloem

Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem

While Koh Rong Samloem’s island is a long way from being overwhelmed by visitors, if you really want to leave away from the crowd, then migrate to the Lazy Beach.

Located on the island’s western side, a 40-minute stroll across the jungle from Saracen Bay’s major tourist beach.

Fortunately, for those customers who stay at the Lazy Beach Resort can use the speedboat service travel straight from Sihanoukville.

Koh Ta Kiev

There are significant resort designs for the northern part of this island, controlled by a French company that also leases Koh Russey’s part. A Chinese-Malaysian company also licensed a large amount of territory and constructed a road through the thick jungle, sadly.

However, you can engage with some cheap hotels that stay along the three yellow sand beaches. It’s probably a piece of good news while the location is mostly undisturbed.

Make sure to pack everything you would need because there are no ATMs on the island, and you won’t be able to buy a lot there.

Please ensure that your luggage contains sunscreen, bath towels, mosquito repellent, and shampoo. And also, don’t assume much from electricity or Wi-Fi. This is the spot to disconnect.

Thus more than 150 species of birds are flying all over the island will be enjoyed by bird watchers.

Moreover, rare orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants could be identified here as well.

There are some labeled trails in the jungle, and one will take you to a small fishing village in which you can buy freshly caught fish or crab lunch while another will take you to Naked Beach on the island’s southern side.

A few places to rent a kayak are available and most guesthouses have snorkeling gear.

To be more excited, you are advised to rent a boat to Elephant Rock.

Right over there, you can enjoy the sunset and jump off a cliff, which is 26-foot high. After that, you can go to the bioluminescent plankton for a night swim.

Actually, there are only a few bungalows and beach huts such as

  • Ten103 Treehouse Bay
  • Koh Ta Kiev Bungalows
  • Crusoe Island, Kactus
  • The Last Point

I recommend you to take the hammock along with you from the mainland or rent once you are on the island. You can discover the ultimate reward of nature and set up a camp near one of the resorts.

BUT, make sure to ask permission from the owner in that area before setting up your campsite. 

Coral Beach, Koh Ta Kiev

Koh Ta Kiev persists to be the optimal, almost untouched paradise, with palms wafting softly in the wind, barren beaches interrupted only by battered wooden fishing boats, the odd cluster of bamboo huts, and incredibly clear waters tantalizing tourists to swim.

Coral Beach is among the most beautiful, providing accommodation and food and drinks in several locations. The sights make it worthwhile trading in modern life for back-to-basic services and minimal WiFi and electricity.

Koh Thmei

The pristine island of 15 square miles, part of Ream National Park, is habitat to only a small fishing village of about 200 citizens and a few small bungalows. Nevertheless, in 2010, the government has allowed foreign firms to buy extended licenses from several parts of the park, so many more resorts are expected to be constructed in the area or probably a road to the mainland.

The first impression is a beach lined with opalescent seashells. You will notice it when you arrive at the port and there’s white sand on the eastern side.

There are several mangrove forests and lots of bird species, as well as some endangered animal species such as brahminy kite, fishing cat, and feline wetland.

There are also several named trails in the jungle and there are two hills in the center of the island.

A few local guides are providing the island’s cheap tours, as well as renting bikes.

The price of the tours stays around USD 10.

You’re not going to be willing to buy something there, and there’s no WiFi or a lot of electricity. It is actually just like Koh Ta Kiev.

Koh Thmei Resort, which has a private beach and garden with comfortable yet clean bungalows that use solar energy for electricity, is reportedly the only great location to spend the overnight on the island.

Cambodia Islands and Private Island Resorts: Koh Krabey, Koh Russey, and Koh Bong P’Oun (Koh Song Saa/ Koh Ouen)

Only one luxury resort is located in each of the three islands. You will not be allowed to touch the beach here unless you’re a customer of the resorts.

Koh Russey used to operate as a base for the Cambodian navy, roughly means Bamboo Island. Currently, the island has only one accommodation to stay, the architectural style stunning Alila Villas Koh Russey, launched in November 2018.

The luxury resort, which meshes perfectly with the surrounding nature, offers private pool villas and lounges, some confronting the jungle and some overlooking the ocean.

The white sand beach is clean and peaceful, and restaurants at the resort serve top-quality Khmer, Thai, and Western food alternatives.

Please do not miss to order a fresh-squeezed juice or cocktail from the pool influenced by Angkor Wat. Because this resort is a bit of overspend. The price of the room begins from USD 280; however, throughout this price range in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia, you would be challenging to seek private island lodging.

Transportation to the island by private boat is already included in excursions are available to different parts of the mainland, such as Kampot and Bokor National Park. Non-electric watercraft are available, and it is possible to arrange boat rides and picnics.

These luxury bungalows enable you to experience a unique spa as well as a fitness center and yoga studio.

In 2019, Koh Krabey established Six Senses Krabey Island’s residence.

The wellbeing-focused swanky resort features 40 pool villas, a large spa, a sunset lounge, two restaurants, an ice cream parlor, an outdoor workout circuit, a lap pool, a seaside boardwalk, beachfront sundeck, open-air cinema, and sky observatory. Water sports, boat trips, and private wellness programs vary from experience.

With your stay, transportation to the island is included and is just a 15-minute boat ride.

Koh Bong P’oun (Koh Ouen) is home to Song Saa, the country’s first luxury tropical island resort. The high-end environmentally-friendly resort, actually spread over two adjacent islands, comprises 27 sea-view villas; each room consists of its own pool as well as an open-air spa, gym, infinitely large-edge pool, yoga terrace, over-water restaurant, and seaside bar.

You will have to travel by speedboat from Sihanoukville and spend up to 35 minutes to reach this paradise island.

The two islands are linked by a wooden footbridge across an existing marine reserve with dense rainforests and white beaches surrounded by tropical coral reefs.

Discover with the new chapter of the world-class services provided in this island. There are snorkeling, kayaking and picnics for visitors.

A tour to a local village on the island is also included in the accommodation package of all customers, and visits to the waterfalls of the island are also accessible.

A speedboat will drive you in bioluminescent waters at night for swimming.

Song Saa Island is a true tropical paradise, a world above the other island resorts, but with a price tag to suit.

Koh Tonsay, Kep (Rabbit Island)

Koh Tonsay is literally named Rabbit Island because of its shape rather than being crowded with fuzzy bobtails, this one is much farther south than the others and can be reached by a 30-minute boat ride from a small town called Kep. It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

A great time to visit this island should be on a weekday while it will be many people during the weekend.

You can walk around the whole island in about 3 hours, but apart from that, you don’t have to do many lounges in the hammocks underneath the palm trees and eat your fill of the incredible seafood offered in this area. Snorkeling here, with plenty of tropical fish and shallow warm waters, is said to be very nice.

Nearby are also Koh Pos and Koh Svay’s surprisingly dubbed Snake and Mango Islands, which can be visited during day trips. Koh Pos has a fishing village and decent snorkeling, while Koh Svay is just a vast mango orchard in the middle with a panoramic viewpoint.

Kep Beach

Kep’s sleepy seaside town is a famous destination with the Cambodian crowd and often be loaded every weekend, with families picnicking in the shade, sprinkling their jeans and T-shirts in the sea, surprisingly, and chowing down on the nearby market’s freshly caught crabs.

Having started as a small stretch of beach, when the white sand was delivered from other parts of the country, it undergoing a retrofit in 2013. Small stalls pepper a shaded promenade, attempting to sell food and drinks and hiring tubes, sunshades, and seats for swimmers.

A Complete Guide to Visit Kep

Kampot Cambodia, the destination for my weekend

Koh Totang

Would you like to get away from a hectic society? Koh Tang, in which considered a marvelous island to pin yourself, is utterly off-the-grid that you have no alternative option but kick back, relax and refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Nomads Land, the one and only accommodation on the tropical island, is an environmentally friendly self-sustainable guesthouse with five bungalows, dependent on solar power, composting toilet system, and bucket baths and drinking water recycling rainwater.

With no WiFi for a far distance from the mainland, this is the ideal way to experience your hammock on the beachside, snorkeling despite tropical fish, kayaking around the island, and even taking a speargun class to learn how to fish with the traditional Cambodian technique.

Koh Pring

Koh Pring is a Cambodian island in Thailand’s bay, 65 km from Sihanoukville’s coastal town. Administration belongs to the Cambodian navy because the island is situated within the national maritime boundary, where it is an isolated point.

The island provides what is said to be Cambodia’s best diving options, but visitors have to be chartered or arranged via a dive shop.

Actually, Koh Pring is a small coral reef island. It is located in the west of Koh Tang. You probably don’t feel like you’re in Cambodia because of its geographical isolation. Koh Pring has substantial exposure for snorkelers and divers, making it easy to see healthy corals full of aqua life.

Koh Pring is located about three-hour south-west of Koh Rong Sanloem. If you wish to travel from Sihanoukville, Koh Pring, that can only be reached by boat, will possibly take you as much as eight hours by boat.

It is made up of three small islands. The main island, Koh Pring, has a tiny fishing village and two sandy beaches, the center being grass, trees, and the rock. Koh Moan, literally means Chicken Island, is the middle island with trees and rocky shores. The smaller island, also called a Naked Island, is a rocky outcrop.

The visibility of the water varies from 10-30 meters deep. Then the average point stays at 20 meters depth into the water. The depth of the ocean in the area is around 10-40 meters. Whale and sharks are seen at the island zone in December and May. Its geographical isolation allows this island to become an extraordinary trip to seek for.

While there is no direct boat traveling from mainland Sihanoukville to Koh Pring. First, you should take the ferry to Koh Rong Samloem, then continue to make the trip to Koh Pring. You can travel by Buva Sea Cambodia, GTVC Speedboat, or Speed Ferry Cambodia. It seems a bit challenging to do this.

If you really don’t want to waste time worrying about that complicated stuff, while you’re in Sihanoukville and undoubtedly eager to go to Koh Pring, I would strongly advise using the service at The Dive Shop Cambodia. All equipment appeared to be in high standards. Moreover, all of the instructors have been very friendly and helpful.

If you’re an easy-going person, it’s well worth visiting. The Live on the boat is pretty simple with no private bedroom, but you’re sleeping on the top deck under canvas on mattresses. It’s to be assumed as the trip is great for 2 nights at USD295 for each customer, including all food, beverages, and 8 dives.

Koh Poulo Wai

Koh Wai is a group of two small forested and unpopulated islands in the Siam Gulf, also known as the Wai Islands or Poulo Wai Island. The islands are far from the sea, 95 kilometers (59 miles) southwest off Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s shore. Koh Wai lies under the jurisdiction of Kampot Province.

Koh Poulo Wai is Cambodia’s much further-outest island with a navy base. Military members regularly return to Sihanoukville on the Suntour boat over Koh Rong Samloem. A chartered boat is the only way to get there as a non-military; however, the military does not allow tourists to reach the island.

The island was part of Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam’s foundation for conflicting territorial disputes. The three nations used different methods from the islands to determine the scope of their regional water zone. In 1975, the territory around these islands and nearby Koh Tang noted as the island of the Mayaques attack, the Vietnam War’s last military operation involving the SS Mayaguez’s rescue. One month later, the Vietnamese military captured the island, and there was a war for island sovereignty between Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese troops. Eventually, Koh Wai was expelled in August by the Vietnamese.

Koh Poulo Wai has been off-limited to tourists for several years, they can recently be visited on arranged journeys, as mentioned by unofficial declaration. Because the trip is too long to go and return on the same day, tourists tend to stay overnight on one of the nearby islands.

Important Tip:

Koh Poulo Wai is not developed for the purpose of a tourist site but a military base. It is about 100 kilometers from Sihanoukville.

You can reach the island by using the service of Suntour charter, Speedboat charter, and the Victory beach. The price of the trip will be a bit high and possibly USD1000 per day.

Cambodia-Islands-and-the-Best-Cambodia-Destinations-Sok San Pier
Cambodia-Islands-and-the-Best-Cambodia-Destinations-Sok San Beach Pier

Mainland Beaches, Cambodia

Only little details about Cambodia’s beaches on the mainland. When you wish to spend time here, go down to Otres Beach rather than staying in the middle of Sihanoukville.

Even as Sihanoukville has some famous central beaches in Serendipity and Ochheuteal and there are plenty of food choices and late-night bars, it’s not really so much of a night-falling location. There are several parts of the city between the sex tourists and child panhandlers that have a seedy and unpleasant feeling about them.

Otres Beach, Sihanoukville

While undeniably still a quieter option to the other offerings of Sihanoukville, Otres is gradually being built up, with concrete accommodation that includes swimming pools and Air conditioning. Such structures are nearly more than the bamboo huts that cover the sand. Otres draws a more relaxed traveler with a chilled-out atmosphere.

The beach is surrounded by shacks that sell food and drinks, as well as cheap places to relax. There’s more upmarket accommodation just from the other side of the dirt track with more bars and restaurants.

Otres 2, Sihanoukville

Notwithstanding Otres maintaining much of its elegance, some travelers turn to the quiet shores of neighboring Otres 2 due to the rapid pace of innovation. Marketing itself as a more boutique variant of Otres, lodging, eating, and drinking alternatives are more flashpacker than a backpacker, with a handful of mid-range options added to the mix. You may have to spend around 30-minute by walking from Otres along a remote part of the beach. However, it’s not recommended to walk at night. You are also able to take a tuk-tuk for about five minutes to reach the zone.

Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville

Serendipity Beach is also recognized its formal name Ochheuteal Beach, and if you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing moment to focus on life, that’s not the venue. It’s probably Cambodia’s noisiest party beach. Meeting friends and colleagues, embarking on a round of cold beers, and a soccer game on the sand is a likely target. After the sun sets, the atmosphere really begins to get alive with fire displays, ovens set up by the local restaurants on the sand to cook the day’s catch, and occasional fireworks set off by young children.

Victory Beach, Sihanoukville

For those who want a peaceful escape, Victory Beach is the best alternative. It’s far less populated than Otres or Ochheuteal beaches due to its far distance from downtown. Not too empty, though. You’ll find a few seafood cottages for a local meal at the northern end of the beach. The only Victory’s actual superiority over the other beaches? It possibly a great place to observe the sunset.

Koh Tang Island, Sihanoukville

Koh Tang Island is one of the most excellent spots for scuba diving. With two dumps to discover and a variety of marine life such as barracuda, eagle rays, stingrays, whale sharks, leopard sharks, and seven reef systems. Find out all details about such activities in Sihanoukville’s Scuba Nation or Dive Shop and schedule a journey to the entirely undeveloped island. Please be aware that Koh Tang is only indicated for experienced divers, but snorkeling is also beautiful here. Between December to April, the season offers the best and most accurate views under the surface of the water.

Best things to do in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sner Beach, Koh Kong

Marginally off the beaten path, Sner Beach enjoys solitude from the crowds and wild elegance. The stretch of sand is kitted out with hammocks, primarily used by Cambodians, to gallivant the day away. The capture of the day is served by several beach huts and small local restaurants also fresh prawns, crab, and fried squid dishes with piles of rice and vegetables. Seafood picnics at sunset can be seen crackling along the beach, washing it down from one of the cottages at the beach with beer choices.

Sabay Beach, Kampot

Actually, it’s not a beach. BUT, it should be spread out to the world due to its beautiful spot. In fact, there is a lucky beach in the resort lining a small stretch of the shore, complete with sunbeds, tables, and chairs. Then at least I don’t say something inaccurate.

Since its opening in 2017, Sabay Beach has now become a great destination to enjoy the peaceful life along the river Kampot, which is just a few kilometers from downtown. Take the boat ride via the mangroves, paddle-board, just take a dip in the river, or just lounge on the beach and enjoy the spectacular sceneries.

When is the perfect time to go to the coast of Cambodia?

It is known as a high season from November to March, with peak periods in December and January. Most of the lodging on the smaller islands close down due to the storms coming in throughout the low season.

The government even continuously sells several land leases to hotel construction firms, so the tourism sector on these Cambodian islands will undoubtedly grow. Now maybe the time to visit these picturesque and peaceful paradise pieces, because if the Sihanoukville construction is anything to go by, it may not be the most efficient or well-planned out there.

Opponents of the Islands in Cambodia

However, these islands do have their fair proportion of neglected animals and insects besides being considered as the best beaches in Cambodia. The sand flies are nuts unless you’re filled with particular high-quality bug spray, you are not recommended to go near a beach after sunset. So itchy and much worse than mosquitoes are the bites.

Be cautious if you’re walking in the forest because the islands have some poisonous snakes, scorpions, and centipedes. Some of the islands even had rat issues, and if you don’t wish to have any chomp holes, make sure not to take the trash of food in your bags. The hostels are going to keep stuff in their refrigerators. When you are at sea on some beaches, do keep your eye out for jellyfish and sea snails. 

How to become a Responsible Traveler in Cambodia?

In Cambodia, plastic pollution is cogitated as a significant issue. Driving from Sihanoukville to Otres Beach, you’ll see hundreds of water bottles, beer bottles, and plastic wrappers tossed onto the side of the road that has now turned into substantial garbage piles.

Expatriates and the local people who are living in Otres Beach come together during the high season to help clear up the garbage. Sadly, to defeat the exponentially increasing plastic crisis, there is no effective waste management mechanism, so litter continues to enter the ocean.

Utilizing disposable water bottles to reduce the plastic epidemic dramatically has been practiced by most of Sihanoukville restaurants and guesthouses and islands. Moreover, those leading service providers offer cheap water refills. You may make yourself involved with this project by stopping using lots of plastic bottles and straws, also single-use plastic. Instead, try to bring along with your reusable stuff.

 Cambodia islands map

National Parks in the Southern Part of Cambodia

Ream National Park

Ream National Park would be just around 17 kilometers far from Sihanoukville and has vibrant flora and fauna, an exquisite coastline, beaches, mangroves, and forests that shelter endangered species, including pileated gibbons and Sun, bears. The Park was created in 1993. 

Whether it’s depression you’re seeking, spend a night in one of the few guesthouses under the stars, allowing you to sleep with the soft breeze and cricket tone. There are well-marked trekking paths that take you to move across waterways and forests along the north side of the park. With Ream Yacht Club, you will receive a riverboat tour where you will move through mangroves and probably see the Mekong freshwater dolphin between December and April.

Botum Sakor National Park

Botum Sakor National Park is known as the country’s largest park. It has grasslands, dense jungles, and marshes. By kayaking on the river or hiking via the National Park, you can encounter otters, sun bears, and many species of birds. You can set camping at the Cardamom Eco-Camp and stay in the distance at the horn of elephant calls under the shade of trees in a safari-style shelter.

Right over at the park, you can see a lot of Cambodia’s endangered animals live, including the largest population of Asian elephants, such as the Malayan tapir, pileated gibbon, and clouded leopard. The Cardamom Tented Camp provides three or four days of trekking and adventure package tours.

Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park is an incredible journey from Kampot. Visit the charming, highly scenic old casino, a relic from the colonial times of Cambodia, and also spectacular waterfalls, plus an incredible, winding ride that takes you more than a kilometer above sea level. It’s a perfect, exciting day, and I strongly suggest doing this under your own pace instead of with a group tour so you can take the time to wander at your pleasure.

Founded as a mountain resort by the French in 1925, throughout World War II and the Khmer Rouge timeframe, Bokor was deserted twice. In 1993, the region, including the mountain of Bokor, was developed as a national park, with its 1,500 square kilometers covering four provinces of Cambodia. It is still habitat to leopard cats, hornbills, gibbons, civets, and sun bears, and it is despite extensive illegal logging of the people.

The positive development of an ostentatious new casino, hotel, and hangar-like conference center may have influenced the hill station’s ghostly atmosphere, but they have added a stunning curving route to the top of the hill, making it much easier to get to Bokor.

Kep National Park

Most of Kep’s tourists do more than just eat lobster, enjoy at the beach, and admire sunsets. Nevertheless, once you feel this is not what you really need for your vacation, just turn around, and you’ll see a jungle right behind you. Kep National Park, a host for walking or trekking, has peaceful scenery and beautiful views.

Just take the dirt roads closer to the bottom of the mountains to get to Kep National Park, and you will find yourself on the Hiking trail. The main gate is located just behind the Veranda Natural Resort, but it is also available to get to the park through Kep Lodge entrance. For foreign visitors, the entry fee is USD1 and although there is no one behind Kep Lodge, you will likely be found by a ranger and eventually take your entrance fee.

The park’s primary circuit is about the eight-kilometer path. You can drive a motorcycle around it, but where’s the excitement in it? There is some beautiful scenery at some points. It will put you out on what seems like a significant path at some point; however, if you keep following it to the right, you will achieve the circuit and end up where you have begun.

The real beauty is the inner paths that carry you further into the forest. In the beginning, the roads are well tagged with yellow signposts and yellow signage on trees and rocks as you walk along. The trails are well preserved so you won’t have any problem distinguishing them.

The signboard along the trail gives you an indication of how long you can intend to take a hike and what you can see on the way. From temples to butterfly farms to waterfalls, and stunning scenery means there is everything to pursue your interest within the Kep National Park.

The challenge is one aspect that is not stated. Walking to an abandoned shrine and jungle temple is a bit of trouble. The hike was good and it is quite praised by most people, but some parts were really steep, both going up and down. If you wish to experience a full option of the park, try to scale up one side of a mountain and strolled down the other side.

At the one twenty meters segment has a rope firmly attached, and the tourists have to make their way back down the mountainside by helping themselves with the rope. It sounds impressive, right! And yet, it may not be a good idea for a frail to try this kind of activity. If you are physically weak, you probably wouldn’t have gone that far.

Cardamom Mountains

The Khmer Rouge soldiers identified this mountain range as their home, and empty burial jars containing human remains are scattered across the mountains, providing some insight into ancient burial practices. Wildlife, including lions, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, and bears, migrate through the mountains, rivers, and wilds. Wildlife Alliance rescues these creatures from smugglers, which rehabilitating them in Phnom Penh afterward.

Through helping feed the animals and watching their freedom through installing the camera-traps are what you can involve assisting the rangers in their release when those animals are taken back to wildlife release stations in the Cardamom Mountains.

The top of the mountain is unexceptional, reaching no more than 1,800 m, yet the trees and mysterious mountain past attracts many tourists for its trekking incentives to Chi Phat, Osoam, and Mount Aral.

The region is also a habitation to some of Cambodia’s Khmer ethnic groups. Well, it means you have an extra option to fulfill your itinerary by enjoying a homestay in Chi Phat to explore some of Cambodia’s local culture in the southern part of Cambodia.

Question and Answer Sections

What is the best island in Cambodia?

  • Best Island for partying: Koh Rong.

  • Best Island for relaxing: Koh Rong Sanloem.

  • Best Island for luxury: Song Saa.

  • Best Island for nature-watching: Koh Thmei.

  • Best Island for laying in a hammock: Koh Ta Kiev.

  • Best Island for diving: Koh Tang.

  • Best Island for unplugging: Koh Totang.

How many islands are in Cambodia?

There are 61 islands in Cambodia.


Are Cambodia islands expensive?

Traveling to Cambodia is super cheap. If you’re a backpacking tourist, you’re going to spend around USD 25 a day.

If you enter Angkor Wat (you are probably), the consideration is that the entrance fee is USD 40.

However, the food, transportation, and accommodation are at a low price compared to the neighboring country. 

The islands are inexpensive and you can find a pretty fair range of pricing also for accommodations on the islands.

Is Koh Rong or Koh Rong samloem better?

You have to identify your interest in getting an accurate answer to this question. If you’re hunting for a fun party scene, then Koh Rong’s major tourist beach (Koh Touch) is perfect for you (although there are a few party spots on Koh Rong Samloem now as well).

Are Cambodia islands safe?

Very safe!

The country is usually safe.

The only exception to this claim is Phnom Penh’s remote areas at night time. In the nation, violent crime is uncommon. Small crimes such as a backpack, snatching purses, pick-pocketing and other forms of minor offenses possibly be reign.

Is Cambodia cheaper than Thailand?

Indeed, Thailand has a great shopping experience and a very modern feel that attracts some.

Yet, Cambodia is a much better alternative for budget travelers. Hotels and guesthouses in Cambodia are all cheaper.

 Is it safe to eat street food in Cambodia?

Visitors could assume that the only street food in Cambodia is fried bugs and other insects, but street food in Cambodia is much more diverse than that, and it’s the way most Khmer people eat. Street food is cheap, delicious and fresh, as it’s all cooked once you purchase them.

How much money do you need a day in Cambodia islands?

Unless you do a lot of activities and drink a little bit, you could reach your spending plan from USD 15 to USD 30 a day and anyplace in Cambodia.

Is Cambodia hotter than Thailand?

Thailand has three seasons per year. Dry, cool, and wet seasons. However, the cool season is much hotter than in most countries.

No exception, Cambodia, the neighboring country of Thailand, divides its season into two: dry and wet seasons. Yet, the temperature between the two countries is quite matched with each other. 

How can I avoid getting sick in Cambodia?

Eating street food and unhealthy meals are one of the most popular options for getting sick. Unless they have been soaked or cleaned in safe water, avoid fresh fruit and salad vegetables.

Sequencing local street food, nevertheless, is one of the best things to do with travel, and Cambodia is no exception.

What kind of money to bring to Cambodia?

Don’t pay any concerns about changing money, the U.S. dollar is the second official currency of Cambodia. The currency transaction in Cambodia is so free.

The most popular way to spend your daily activity is using the US dollar and Khmer Riel.

You can even use Thai Baht to purchase items in some parts of the country. Don’t worry!! There are many currency exchange counters at the tourist location.

What’s the best time to go to Cambodia islands?

Between November to March, numerous travelers visit Cambodia. The best way to experience Cambodia is from May to early October.

If you want to avoid the masses and get the benefit from the low price in the low season. Cambodia is warm throughout the year, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 °C in every part of the country.


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