Best Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

Best Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

Best Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

You need to discover the quietness and look inward to discover clarity and cultivate strength, motivation, and creativity, so take your chance to join the meditation and yoga retreats in Chiang Mai, which is the ultimate place to relax and fine-tune your mindset to a lifestyle, is exceptional and prosperous.

Everyone should be encouraged to have the intention of concentrating on stuff going on around them but not to forget to take care of themselves.

People struggling to find out what they want. They’re not even familiar with what they feel.

Yoga is important for you and crucial for your well-being

  • Amayen Sanctuary, Chiang Mai
  • Taladya Chiang Mai Homestay
  • Flow Yoga Chiang Mai
  • Saraphi House 
  • Mala Dhara Chiang Mai
  • The Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Om Ganesha Yoga
  • Wild Rose Yoga
  • Freedom Yoga and Café
  • Yoga Mind Yoga Body
  • Yoga at the Four Seasons
  • Mahasiddha Yoga
  • Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai (Nimman Branch)
  • Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai (Jing Jai Market Branch)
  •  Namo Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai has a varied collection of yoga classes, regardless of whether you’re just passing through or staying for a while. There’s something to fit most tastes from hardcore yogi courses to spiritual retreats and so much more.

Best Yoga Retreats in Chiang Mai

Within this section, I am going to list down and provide rooted information about the best yoga retreat centers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Amayen Sanctuary, Chiang Mai

Amayen Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand is your most secret and ultimate transformative travel destination to take time out, relax and recharge your mind and body to enjoy an exceptional, enjoyable lifestyle and real personal freedom.

Take time out for this real activity, a best-kept secret that stands apart as an intimate wellness retreat that is all-inclusive. Enjoy this transformative restful experience while looking with a sense of view at your present position so you can take the needed measures to improve.

Taladya Chiang Mai Homestay

Patrick and Nicole, a French couple in love with Chiang Mai, will welcome you like their own family in their Luxury Homestay and make your Yoga Retreat the most enjoyable, unforgettable and relaxing experience.

This homestay is located close to nature but not far away from downtown, just 35 minutes away from Chiang Mai International airport.

Flow Yoga Chiang Mai

Flow Yoga Chiang Mai, meditation and yoga studio, home and retreat, is surrounded by natural streams, rice fields, and sounds of nature.

While it is close to urban amenities, restaurants, local markets and temples in a quiet rural environment.

Chiang Mai International Airport is only 20 kilometers away.

At distinct times of the year, you can experience village festivals such as the wealthy harvest period.

You will remain in a peaceful and calm setting during the retreat to reflect on life.

Saraphi House 

Saraphi is the name of the Chiang Mai district in which the yoga spot is located.

It is the name of a local flower, blossom and develops with Chiang Mai people. Saraphi House is an eco-friendly sanctuary encircled by 12 acres of magnificent tropical nature and an organic vegetable and fruit orchard nestled in a local village in Chiang Mai, Saraphi District.

Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday lives and spend your time with Saraphi House, taking care of yourself while experiencing Thailand during one of the year’s most lovely and festive moments.

This retreat presents activities and techniques that will enhance your well-being. You’re going to leave healthier, fully uplifted, relaxed and motivated feelings.

Mala Dhara Chiang Mai

The Mala Dhara Resort itself is a vision that has lately reflected, but with deep roots in the thriving Chiang Mai yoga society that is globally acknowledged.

Yoga at Mala Dhara is not just a service or outdoor space they can arrange for you, it’s their lifestyle in fact.

Mala Dhara provides personal yoga courses for their clients either with a variety of yoga professors or with Kru Ploy, the proprietor and the host at Mala Dhara.

In a magical land, this is an intimate reunion. Explore your internal depths and celebrate them, as well as enjoy a fresh and interesting nation and culture.

The Yoga Tree, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yoga Tree is a popular destination for all. Located within the southwest of the Old Town, this place has courses of yoga, motion meditation, and dance in luxuriant gardens and hosts workshops, wellness activities and tiny festivals. There is also an on-site café that offers healthy delicacies.

Om Ganesha Yoga

Two sisters formed Om Ganesha Yoga. They focused their philosophy on offering yoga to individuals of all skills. Om Ganesha Yoga offers a range of yoga styles and both personal and public courses.

The studio is spacious and inviting, ideal for those who prefer a little additional space. This yoga spot offers regular yoga courses in a quiet, tidy and contemporary studio. All levels, Beginners, Intermediate and Advance are appropriate.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 18:00, Sat 10:00 – 18:00, Sun 10:00 – 16:00

Location: 65/1 Soi Chantharawirot, off Arak Road, Chiang Mai Old City

Tel: +66 (0)62 283 9915

Price Range: 300 baht for single drop-in class

Wild Rose Yoga

Hidden away in the Old City down a tight road, in a tiny and authentic Thai neighborhood, right behind the Chiang Mai Gate Market and Fon Soy Temple, Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai is located in an ancient Thai teak market house, formerly used to store ancient Chiang Mai Gate Market food carts for Thai sweet and snack sellers.

The first thing you will notice about Wild Rose Yoga is more than just a yoga studio while it is surrounded by a lush urban garden and intended to integrate the building’s ancient initial architectural legacy. 

This is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest and most established yoga classes. Wild Rose provides courses among the most popular in a variety of yoga styles. Although periodic class attendees tend to be very experienced, courses for beginner yogis are also open and adaptable.

One of my picks

Opening Hours: Class schedule available on their calendar

Location: 4/1 Phraproklao, 50200, Thailand

Tel: +66 (0)89 950 9377

Price Range: drop-in 250-400 baht (depending on the class), five-class pass 1000 baht.

Freedom Yoga and Café

Freedom Yoga provides everything from traditional Hatha Yoga to Yin Yoga and also Pilates, meditation and yoga workshops.

The Freedom Cafe and Juice Bar is an excellent location for class mixing and socializing.

It is a nice place in generating excellent vibes, a relaxed atmosphere and a powerful community of people interested in working together to explore happiness, health, and personal growth. 

This studio is located near the Thapae Gate and is great for both travelers and locals.

One of my picks

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 19:00, Sat 09:00 – 18:00, Sun 09:00 – 11:00

Location: 36-37 Kampaeng Din Soi 1, Night Bazaar

Tel: +66 (0)84 369 4339

Price Range: 250 baht for single drop-in class

Yoga Mind Yoga Body

Yoga Mind Yoga Body is the studio of Gernot Huber, one of the best-known overseas educators of Chiang Mai.

He provides personal courses in his studio, but at Wild Rose and the Yoga Tree, he also teaches periodic courses. Gernot is particularly an excellent teacher if you’re interested in learning more about anatomy and alignment.

He will assist you to maximize your yoga’s advantages by emphasizing both the mental and physical dimensions and the links between the two.

Yoga at the Four Seasons

Heading to the quiet and luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Mae Rim If you’re for something a little distinct.

The Yoga Barn of the resort provides regular public and private courses led by the skilled resident yogi Dheeraj Singh Patwal.

Here, you will be able to choose with any kind of yoga courses such as Sunrise Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Hatha Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, and Meditation.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri, by appointment only

Location: 21/6 Ratchaphuek Road, off Huay Kaew Road, behind Chiang Mai Lodge

Tel: +66 (0)89 758 6872

Price Range: 2,000 baht for private classes, 200 baht for each additional student

Mahasiddha Yoga

Mahasiddha Yoga is a Tantra Yoga specialist. Join them with exciting yoga and tantra courses or workshops, presentations and retreats.

This is one of your best choices in the town for those looking for genuine, spiritual methods.

The studio of spiritual yoga provides an oasis of peace.

This yoga studio is home to authentic yoga courses. Here, through easy but spiritual training methods, you will discover the ancient secrets of spiritual yoga come to life.

You can become conscious of who you really are and who you can become through the exercise of Yoga. You are encouraged to try and explore the incredible changes you can make.

Opening Hours: 09:00 – 20:00

Location: 49 Chang Lor Road, Chiang Mai Old City

Tel: +66 (0)61 378 4194

Price Range: 220 baht for single drop-in class

Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai (Nimman Branch)

If you’re a hardcore yogi who loves being pushed and doing a decent job, then Yoga Ananda is the ideal location for you.

The instructors here are outstanding and all guided by Nok, Yoga founder Ananda Chiang Mai. Rock up early to select a nice place as courses tend to be hot and crowded.

Yoga Ananda provides certification courses for teacher training two to three times a year.

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 09:00 – 19:30, Sat – Sun 09:00 – 18:15

Location: Room 110, Hillside 3 Condo, Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 8, Nimman

Tel: +66 (0)81 884 0122

Price Range: 250 baht for single drop-in class

Yoga Ananda Chiang Mai (Jing Jai Market Branch)

Yoga Ananda Jing Jai Market, a sub-branch of the flagship Nimman branch, provides a distinct yoga experience. Space itself is bigger and the course is less busy than it is at Nimman Branch. In their strategy, the regulars attending courses here also tend to be a little more relaxed.

Opening Hours: Free classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am at One Sala courtyard

Location: Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 502000, Thailand.

Tel: +66 (0)52 080 900

 Namo Yoga, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Namo Yoga provides a variety of wellness courses including massage courses, health and wellness courses, and yoga classes, of course.

They concentrate on the general well-being of all their tourists, including mental and physical pros of yoga class participation.

They have daily, drop-in courses and it is not necessary to book in advance. Drinking water is available free of charge, and all level of yogis is welcome.

Mats are also supplied, so just take yourself with one of their skilled educators and prepare for an epic 90-minute session.

Appear about 15 minutes before the class start, and grab your spot! Namo also provides a half-day massage course in relation to yoga, a two-day and three-day intensive massage training course, and a course on how to give a Thai massage style. Each participant will get a textbook after finishing your course!

Opening Hours: Open daily (except Sundays), Drop-in classes at 10 am and 6 pm.

Location: 99 Sridonchai Road (inside Maninarakorn Hotel)

Tel: +66 (0)64 0235 157

Price Range: Drop-in 280 baht, five-class pass 1200 baht.

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