Best things to do in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Best things to do in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Best things to do in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sihanoukville is one of the most popular provinces in the Southwest of Cambodia. Its popularity and fame are owed to the fact that it features the very best of tropical islands and the jungles that are filled with mangrove trees especially in Ream, one of the leading national parks in Cambodia for when it comes to the richness in nature. Another renowned attribute on Sihanoukville in Cambodia is that it is located amidst a deep-water port in the peninsula making it jut into the provincial capital.
Because of her desirable features, this place remains one of the best places to visit in Cambodia.
Sihanoukville in Cambodia features some of the best places in the world to sleep, eat, see and even travel. Traveling only becomes fun if the destinations for travel offer the traveler with experiences and sceneries that the traveler can bring with them even after they leave the place. Sihanoukville is one of those places where you travel to and leave with a bountiful of memories and a place where you cannot fail to collect souvenirs.

Sihanoukville Cambodia. Introduction

Sihanoukville is an enticing place to visit especially when you read about it or see the pictures of the different places that can accommodate visitors from the world over. There are certain specific things, which the residents of this place in Cambodia brag about because they know that their region holds status for when it comes to these attributes. Some of the activities include diving in the sea and on-air, visiting the expansive beaches, going to waterfalls to relax, enjoy and take pictures, taking day trips with friends, family, and loved ones, shopping in the malls and outlets and other general activities. However, it may not make sense to list these activities without having to name some of the places that offer these exceedingly amazing activities in fair shares to both the locals and foreigners.

Some of the places that hold desirable activities to engage in include but are not limited to the following

Going to the beach

Ochheuteal and Serendipity beach

Many places in the world have beautiful beaches with amazing sand and sun and the waters of the seas providing a cool relaxing breeze. However, of all of these, none beats the Ochheuteal and Serendipity beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
  • This place provides visitors with a 3 km stretch of the beach.

  • In this stretch, you get the marvelous opportunity to witness the beautiful array.

The area also constitutes of the Serendipity beach, an area in Sihanoukville where you will experience the rowdy road along which there are multiple guesthouses at affordable prices as well as bars and a ferry pier. In your endeavors in this part of Sihanoukville, you will find that this is indeed the busiest region particularly for when it comes to tourism; an element that has contributed to its extensive number of accommodation provisions.

Otres Beach

This used to be a lonely place because people would avoid it and the number of visitors here at any time of the year would be significantly low. Otres Beach offers a wide array of things to do; you can start from the cafes, which is not just serving the locals. This is evidenced by the fact that you will see multiple tour guides and many dive shops that have been packed along with the poolside resorts.

Sokha Beach

This is among the most beautiful beaches in the world with a stretch of well-organized and neat sands. As such it remains a very clean place that surprisingly, is never spoilt. Guests are the only group who will get to enjoy this place because due to the multiple resorts in this place, there are guards who will in most instances, send away idlers and non-guests.

Independence Beach

Independence Beach is another place to go to the beach in Cambodia. This rather quiet place stretches for up to 1.5 k and boarders Sokha beach to the north. What makes this beach stand out is the fact that it has multiple places where trees have been planted, making it provide both shade and sun that the visitors can always enjoy. There are many other beaches in Sihanoukville, Cambodia such as the Hawaii and Victory beaches all of which offer a wide range of activities to engage in.

Diving activities

Diving and snorkeling in Sihanoukville

Diving involves jumping from the sky. During the year, the months between December and April form the best times of the year that you can go diving at Sihanoukville in Cambodia. This is because, during these times, the weather is dry making aspects such as visibility very reliable. This place offers among the cheapest scuba diving experiences especially because the waters here are not so crowded making it more fun. During other months such as July through to September, the weather is not good for diving because then there is a lot of wind and storms are very popular. This poses a challenge against visibility, which is a very important attribute in diving. Diving activities will, however, be present all year round in Sihanoukville especially during the days when there is a window opportunity provided by the storm free rainy season. Some of the places in Sihanoukville where you are likely to find diving activities include the Eco Sea where PADI courses are available. You can also access diving activities at the Karmakazi Tours, a place that is located on the shores of Otres who offer even day tours. Koh Rong Dive Center is another popular place where you are likely to find diving activities offered. This center has an edge over the others because they provide programs specifically for children. The Scuba nation, The Dive Shop and The Sunboat Tours are yet other places for this activity.

Going to places with waterfalls

Visiting places with waterfalls is another activity you can engage in when you visit Sihanoukville, Cambodia. In this place, you can get accessed to extensive amounts of mangrove forests as well as low hills and freshwater marshes. A good example of the most popular waterfall is the Kbal Chhay Waterfalls, which stands 18 km towards the North of Sihanoukville. Waterfalls stand among the most popular attributes in Cambodia, as they exist in multiple numbers. Locals in this region visit the waterfalls especially during the weekend for activities such as picnics as well as family gatherings. This is because waterfalls form the best sites where families can really bond and connect.

Day trips in Sihanoukville

Taking day trips at Sihanoukville, Cambodia is another fun-filled activity in this part of the world. There are many places where people go for day trips in Sihanoukville. These could be parks, beaches and many other places some of which are very free while others are chargeable.

Ream National Park

Ream National Park is a mainland attraction site in Sihanoukville which is in some ways gnawed out along the edges but has still managed to maintain her well organized and arranged forest that stretches to make mangroves and winding creeks which provide very good accommodation for both plant and animal life. Aside from the national park, there are also other places ideal for day walks and can accommodate the entire family. The day walks are safe as the level of security in Sihanoukville is reliable despite the fact that there are few incidences of crime owed to the fact that Sihanoukville is growing to be an economically stand up region.

Motorcycling in and around Sihanoukville

The fun of this is that it does not matter whether you have your own motorcycle. There are places where you can simply rent a motorcycle at only $5 for a whole day. Using this motorcycle, you can span the whole of Sihanoukville if you want. You can take the motorcycle to the beaches if you want or through the roads. The routes are not so far when it comes to considerations of distance. Some of the favorite places for taking motorcycle rides include the Golden Lion Roundabout, which goes towards the clockwise direction and finally ends at the Ochheuteal beach.


Shopping is one of the most interesting activities to engage in as it offers you a chance to spend wisely while at the same time acquire things that can really help you. Being a sea oriented region with long stretches of beaches, one of the things that people will often be found shopping in Sihanoukville are kinds of seafood of different kinds all of which come while fresh because they have been extracted directly from the sea. There are also shopping stores where you can find authentic and professionally made jewelry made out of sea ornaments for purposes of decoration of either self or household. The number of fun activities that you can do or engage in at Sihanoukville in Colombia is endless because for as long as one is willing to put themselves out there, then there is no limit to the amount of fun and excitement that you can expose yourself to. This stands in respect to the fact that individuals have varying tastes and preferences. However, in Sihanoukville, there is always something for everyone.
Sihanoukville view
Sihanoukville view

How to go to Kho Rong Island

Kho Rong Island is a tropical paradise that is accessible via the great capital city of Cambodia, the famous Phnom Penh. Once you reach the capital city, you have to take a shuttle that will drop you off at Sihanoukville province. This is in fact where Kho Rong is located. The advantage of traveling to Kho Rong Island by road is that you expose yourself to different parts of the city, which are all beautiful to see, and would really serve as a good background for a picture. Until recent times, it was previously not easy to reach Kho Rong Island. Now, depending on the specific place where you intend to go, it is possible to reach Kho Rong Island either by road or by shuttle or by a private longtail boat and sometimes even using a ferry transfer. Once you reach the Sihanoukville pier, you have to board a ferry that will ship you to the Kho Rong Island itself. It is important to include the round trip ticket because there are travelers who prefer to remain at the mainland but would want to pay the beautiful Island of Kho Rong a visit.

The ferry ride to Kho Rong Island

This is a 45-minute ride that normally takes place between 3 and 4 times every day depending on how fast travelers come to board the ferry as well as the number of passengers there. The ferry has specific times that it leaves and this brings an issue for concern because there are instances when the flight is delay and travelers actually get stranded at the shore because the ferry may have already set out. In this regard, the traveler is expected to seek accommodation in either one of the existing guesthouses in the mainland. There is also an option where travelers who are open to paying more, will be taken by a special ferry to the Kho Rong Island. The only issue is that this special ferry will only leave when the threshold for the number of travelers who have to be taken to the ferry has reached. Without the pre-determined quorum, the special ferry remains at the dock.

Flying to Kho Rong Island

Another option for travelers to reach this amazing island is by taking a helicopter, which alights on the island. Although this is a more expensive way to reach the island, it is faster, safer and more fun as the traveler is able to get the beautiful aerial view of the entire region. Experienced pilots who have served there for many years spearhead the trip. therefore know what to do about every situation and the best places to land. This requires that the traveler knows where they intend to go on the island because the Kho Rong Island in itself is a very extensive region. For travelers who choose this means, the trip will take up the top 90 minutes before they finally alight at the island.

Hiring a private boat to Kho Rong Island

This is also another option to reach the island and is particularly for the travelers who miss the ferry but retain their burning desire to get to the island on the specified day. There are multiple boats around there, particularly the ones used by the locals for activities such as fishing. The only limitation of this effect is when the weather does not allow the use of the fishing boats. Depending on how you book this private boat, the price will vary because middlemen exist who would want to take advantage of the desperation of the travelers. On a good day, a traveler may have to part with a clean $100 to $150 with each boat having a carrying capacity of up to 15 people. When the boat is full, the travelers will have to travel in the boat for a duration of between 2 and 3 hours before they finally reach the shores of the great Kho Rong island.

Important things to note before going to Kho Rong Island

Primarily, it is important to note that the Kho Rong Island is a very extensive land area and accommodates up to 4 distinct villages and a total of 28 beaches. This means, therefore, that alighting or disembarking at the unintended place could mean a total change of plans for yourself and the people you have traveled with. If you happen to alight at the wrong destination, the only option to correct this mistake would be to board another boat, which in most cases would be the ordinary fishing boat used by the locals of the island for their fishing practices. The existence of many the multiple villages and many beaches vis-à-vis the limited number of ferries demands that a schedule be put in place which determines the specific time individual ferries ferry passengers to their designated destinations. This makes time an important factor when it comes to going to different parts of Kho Rong Island.

Best things to do in Sihanoukville! How to go from Sihanoukville to Kho Rong

You can travel from Sihanoukville to Kho Rong in multiple ways. This includes;
  1. Traveling by shuttle bus
This is one of the cheapest means and includes traveling by road. In traveling by shuttle bus, the traveler has to pay a maximum of $4 for the ticket. This shuttle will most often be found awaiting the travelers right outside the airport when they alight. With this shuttle bus, the travelers will travel through to the center of the great town of Sihanoukville. From this point, it becomes very easy, even for a new person in town, to find their way around because they only have to find the pier. To get to the pier, the traveler has to board a tuk-tuk that will quickly take them to the pier.
  1. Traveling by tuk-tuk
There are instances when the traveler may miss the shuttle and there is no other shuttle around. In this instance, the traveler is forced to go by tuk-tuk to the center. In this regard, it is important to note that this is a slower means, which also features a lesser carrying capacity. Being an emergency means, it is more expensive than traveling by means of a shuttle bus. The traveler pays $20 for this service.
  1. Traveling by taxi
This is an option set aside for travelers who are more focused on comfort as opposed to saving cash. Taxis are faster and offer a better ride because of the absence of congestion. The traveler can also get the luxury of choice to engage in activities such as getting a snack or going to the restroom because taxis will be at the traveler’s bidding. The luxury that comes with taking a taxi comes also with a higher charge as the traveler will then have to part with up to $60 to be taken to Sihanoukville from where they will connect to Kho Rong.
  1. Buses to Sihanoukville
Multiple bus companies engage in this transportation and offer both economy class or low class and VIP or first-class buses to Sihanoukville. This is, in fact, the leading means of traveling fro Phnom Penh to Kho Rong. In going by the economy class of the buses to Sihanoukville, the traveler is expected to pay up to $6 on average. This trip is by a bus whose carrying capacity is up to 50 passengers. On a higher note, the VIP option constitutes a bus whose carrying capacity up to 15 passengers each is paying up to $10. Between these two, the latter is the faster and most convenient option and the passengers will most definitely arrive at their destination more comfortably because, for reasons such as using the restroom, the driver can pull over.
  1. Direct train.
It is also possible for the traveler to take a direct train after which they will have to connect by a tuk-tuk that will then drop them at the final destination. This is, in fact, the most enjoyable option as it provides the traveler with better scenery as well as the opportunity to take a lot of pictures. It takes between 4 and 6 hours.


Sihanoukville in Cambodia is a place with desirable features making the place remains one of the best places to visit in Cambodia. Sihanoukville in Cambodia features some of the best places in the world to sleep, eat, see and even travel. The connection between this place and the Kho Rong Island cannot be ignored because they both form important contributors to the tourist economy of the region. The most important consideration for when it comes to the vast offerings in this place is that nature has been instrumental in shaping these places into one of the most enticing places to visit in the world. One can engage in visiting these places multiple activities all of which will be instrumental in creating beautiful memories with friends and loved ones. Sihanoukville in Cambodia features some of the best places in Cambodia to sleep, eat, see and even travel. Going to the beach and to the islands nearby.
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