Best Thailand Cycling Tours to choose for a great outdoor experience

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

Thailand is considered a well-established vacation spot. During your priceless holiday, you can relax on world-class beaches, you can also find unique itineraries with the best Thailand cycling tours, to visit inspirational historic sites, walk through magnificent mountain and jungle landscapes, eat some of the most delicious food on the planet, take a yoga or meditation course and, if you still have the energy, just go shopping.

Thai people have a reputation for being welcoming and warm due to its convenient and stress-free nation to travel in and the ideal location to enjoy by bicycle. The nation has an outstanding network of transport and some really beautiful housing. And to top it all off, Western standards still hold excellent value.

Thailand is the land of smiles not only for the warmth of the local people itself but also for the smile on each tourist’s face during their cycling trip in Thailand.

Uncover everything from beautiful beaches to beautiful temples, vibrant markets, amazing hills, rainforests, rice paddies, and busy towns!

There is a welcoming of a local culture beyond the renowned island beaches and iconic temples. Associated with a diverse natural landscape and a network of picturesque highways, Thailand is making a totally adventurous and enjoyable cycling trip.

Then, what are you waiting for?

Some Best Bike Tour in Bangkok

Cycle hidden streets, stop at amazing pagodas and Buddhist sites, walk through the biggest and most vibrant flower market in the country, and then treat your taste buds to delicious street food. You will encounter another side of Bangkok on a bicycle. A lot to explore Bangkok’s capital by bike. Escape the crowded roads and tourist sites and make it possible to see another excellent spot in this beautiful city.

Bangkok Jungle Bike Tour

Reveal the jungle of Bangkok by bicycle and experience in the core of the town a concealed heaven. To those who want to attempt something else in Bangkok then cycling, markets, parks, nature and local life, these are the ultimate experience.

Morning or Afternoon experience with Bangkok Jungle Bike Tour

Invest your time for biking in Bang Kra Jao, an undeveloped jungle in Bangkok, possibly in the morning or evening. Visit an ancient temple, an incense workshop, and a floating weekend market along the path through trails and walks among canals, villages, and the wilderness.

It is an ideal choice to travel back in time by bike to ancient Bangkok!

Enjoy a wilderness of jungle and rivers is still untouched by industry and modern civilization. It is just across the Chao Phraya River in Thailand’s capital town. Beginning in the downtown area, you will cross the river by ferry before walking along tiny highways as they disappear through this extraordinarily quiet place, cycling through tiny villages and their temples and schools along the way.

You will stop at a workshop along the route to watch the incense being produced and visit a 250-year-old Ayutthaya temple with a sweeping teak ceiling. You will also have the chance to visit the extraordinary floating market of the area on weekends.

The ride of 20 km is very simple and mostly quite comfortable, although it is essential to be especially careful along some of the tight elevated walkways.

The riding shall be finished in around four hours.

From the metropolitan city to a wide-ranging half-day jungle adventure, experience a Bangkok that few visitors even know!

Bangkok Classical Bicycle Tour

Explore the unknown Bangkok on a 3-hour cycling tour of Chinatown and the river Chao Praya. Cross the river by pedestrian ferry and discover shop houses and Thonburi’s historic neighborhood through backstreets.

The 3-hour event will take place in the heart of Chinatown and exposes the frenetic market environment, winding through tight streets and alleys. The sights, sounds, and smells of a thriving community in motion should bring the senses alive.

Riders are going to pass through shops that sell anything from Buddhist amulets to recycled truck engines. Locals venerating in hidden temples, the ritual burning of paper, and the ubiquitous spirit house show evidence of a culture that has been in the making for centuries.

Get over the Chao Phraya River, with spectacular city skyline views behind you, and explore Thonburi, Thailand’s historic third capital. As you cycle through various residential communities, serene components of local Thai life galore in contrast to chaotic Chinatown.

Inquiring smiles and friendly salutations strengthen the feeling that you have really left behind the beaten track and are now undergoing authentic Thailand on a less well-known Bangkok tour.

Unseen Bangkok Electrifying E-Scooter Tour

Chill out on an electric scooter in a small group of people on the streets of Bangkok is another ideal task to be completed. It probably a wonderful way to discover such amazing sights as Chinatown, the Muslim community, and temples that are unseen. Capture the sounds and smells of Bangkok’s ancient city.

This exciting electrifying e-scooter driven small group tour of Bangkok culture starts with a trip to the Old Customs House right on the river through an incredibly rich Muslim community. For ancient travelers reaching Bangkok, this was the first stop and the greatest place to start your adventure.

From there you are going to weave through the labyrinth of woven streets that make up the vibrant and busy Chinatown of Bangkok.

Through the various cultures that make up this vibrant part of town, you will discover everything it has to offer.

Since taking in the Chinatown culture, it’s better to move on to the river to get some cool air and absorb the Flower & Vegetable markets’ fragrance and sights. Not far from where you’re going to cross the mighty mother of all rivers, the Chao Phraya River, by ferry to port at one of Bangkok’s most beautiful temples.

Start your journey by discovering the river’s Historic Thonburi side, stopping at the beautiful Princess Mother Memorial Park, where you can enjoy several flower gardens and exhibitions.

You will also enjoy trips to the temples of Wat Prayoon, Wat Kalayanamitr, and Wat Arun after that.

These are all classic examples of magnificent temples and culture in Thailand that cannot fail to impress.

A quick visit back to the starting point to relax and discuss the day’s adventure with your tour group, perhaps even buy a refreshing beer or two, after you’ve taken in all the culture.

Bangkok-Bang Krachao Bike Tour

Return to nature on a bike tour of Bang Krachao’s artificial island and reveal one of the best-kept secrets of Bangkok. Ride through small farms, mangroves, and villages along the elevated bike trails.

You can flee the modern city of the downtown area of Bangkok in 4 hours and take a bike ride on Bang Krachao’s artificial island on the Chao Phraya River.

Enjoy looking at the concealed enclave mangrove forests, coconut plantations and gardens as you cycle at a leisurely pace along the quiet paths. Look for birds, squirrels, and even lizards and stop at an old betel nut plantation for refreshments.

Keep move on to get a glimpse of what Bang Krachao was like in its natural state in a mangrove conservation area. Wheel along a maze of tree-lined paths to the Hindu god Ganesh’s shrine. Sum up with a visit to Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nok and the market.

Bangkok to Phuket Bike Tour

This is a picturesque and beautiful road bike tour with seemingly endless beach views in Thailand. Riding down the country’s smallest part, the tour loops along Thailand’s east and west coast, showcasing the beauty of Thailand’s Gulf and Andaman Sea beaches. The cycling starts just outside Bangkok and ends at Phuket’s beach.

The itinerary includes rides along the coastline through charming little villages with dramatic calcareous cliffs and passing through Buddhist temples.

The lodgings include beautiful resorts where, before engaging in some fresh-off-the-boat seafood, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool. Just what you need to retrieve from your exhilarating but challenging rides!

The amazing itinerary 10 Days Bangkok to Phuket Road Bike Holiday in Thailand

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

Chiang Mai bike tour

My personal picks:

Chiang Mai cycling temples tour

Chiang Mai cycling explorer tour

Discover more about Chiang Mai’s finer details on the bike, where you’ll ride through the hidden alleys, universities, famous temples and local markets. Furthermore, you can end up your local-style tour with a great dinner on the street.

Your bike tour begins in the afternoon by heading to Chiang Mai University, where you get a sense of student life in Thailand. You will also encounter the regional fresh market with a variety of local sales items and the beautiful flower market, one of Thailand’s biggest.

We’ll start the historic part of the tour at Tha Phae Gate and Chiang Mai’s Old City Walls. You are going to visit Wat Chiang Man and Wat Chedi Luang, where the famous monk temple chanting will also be experienced.

Chiang Mai offers some of the best pleasures in the country with its northern Lanna cuisine, and you will be able to taste a delicious street food dinner at the night market before completing your exploration.

If you’re interested in making the most of your visit to Chiang Mai, learn about the rich past of the city and the specialty of the city, RIGHT then this excursion is really fitted you!

Explore Chiang Mai’s Countryside by Bike Tour

Realize the beauty of Chiang Mai’s landscape by bike and expertise its lush green scenery in the traditional northern way of life. You will be taken to the south of Chiang Mai, where the bike tour starts.

Encounter Wiang Kum Kam’s old ruins and lost the town. This former city was the capital of the country but was discarded a few hundred years ago due to flooding.

The bike tour shall be conducted along charming country roads, going through rice fields and orchards of fruit. A stop to Mckean Gardens is a must-see in this town. Here you will experience on dirt roads through a bamboo tunnel and marvel at the lovely green esplanade.

Thai lunch will be delivered in a nice little hidden restaurant in the middle of the rice paddies, before heading back to Chiang Mai with many small communities, villages, local temples, orchards and so much more.

Another great pick! The 7 Days Discover Northern Highlights Cycling Holiday in Thailand

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

Rajapruek Flora Bike Tour

Let’s appreciate some of Chiang Mai’s greatest on a half-day bike tour. We will examine one of the most beautiful places in Chiang Mai, The Royal Flora Rajapruek Park Here, in enormous 30 ornamental gardens, you will see more than 8,000 plant and flower species on a huge field and exhibit in various themes.

After leaving from your hotel, we’re heading out to Wat Umong, where the bike tour starts with its underground tunnels and headless Buddha sculptures, Wat Umong is a very different temple. We’re going to start the bike tour along the green Chiang Mai foothills scenery with amazing views of the surrounding Chiang Mai Mountains.

Then we’ll attain the Royal Flora Rajapruek, with its huge 100,000 square gardens, as well as the Royal Pavilion, it’s a great place to take our moment and loop around within this beautiful spot.

We’re going to leave the hillside and ride east through Chiang Mai’s outskirts and paddy fields. A traditional Thai lunch will be served on the way to a small village. We’ll arrive early in the afternoon at Baan Tawai. It is a small village that specializes in the handicraft of traditional wood.

After a day full of great and beautiful encounters, we head back to hotels in Chiang Mia in mid-afternoon.

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

Chiang Rai bike tour

Enjoy Half Day Cycling Tour to the White temple

Wat Rong Khun, the glittering White Temple of Chiang Rai, nestles a few miles from the city center in the countryside. A good-quality mountain bike with 24 gears, mostly following the Lao River, will cover about 13–16 miles (20–26 kilometers).

We start cycling through villages and rice fields and then downwards along the Lao River. Because of the river’s proximity, the bike ride is fun with plenty of greenery.

You can experience real rural Thailand while cycling and see the local lifestyle in Chiang Rai’s outskirts.

We’re going to ride through various orchards of fruit, rice fields, rubber plantations, and teak trees. At the White Temple, the cycling tour will be completed.

After that, we’ll have an opportunity to visit the white temple (Wat Rong Khun) and then have lunch near the temple at the local restaurant. A pick-up truck will take you back to your hotel after lunch.

Best Thailand Cycling Tours

3-Day Bike Tour of the Golden Triangle

Examine the Golden Triangle on a 3-day tour from Chiang Rai by bike and learn the medieval heart of the trade-in opium. Study the history of drug trafficking in the area at the Opium Museum and witness rural life in a remote Thai village.

3-Day Tour Exploring the Golden Triangle by Bike in Viator

Follow a 118-kilometer path through rural roads with the help of an air-conditioned van as you ride to Chiang Saen’s Mekong river city.

Looping on a bike to the Golden Triangle is a great way to explore the famous Sop Ruak area, the Golden Triangle’s official center. It is here in Chiang Rai wherein the rivers Nam Ruak and the Mekong meet, and where the region has consumed as the crossroads for Thailand, Burma and Laos border trade for centuries.

You can start the trip from Chiang Rai, the northernmost of all the seventy-six Thai provinces, and cycle north to the hotel on the beautiful Mekong River.

We head out for a brisk afternoon ride through the spectacular countryside and the ancient river city of Chiang Saen after checking into the hotel.

We set off the following morning after breakfast and visit the Opium Museum, which records the opium trade background.

We then follow the Mekong River in the direction of Chiang Khong, taking extensive views of the Mekong, the natural border separating Thailand from Laos. On the third and final day, we’re traveling west towards Chiang Rai to areas usually overlooked by most visitors and on the way experiencing true Thai rural life.

Over most of the course of three days, we cycle a total of 118 km and will be fully endorsed by an air-conditioned automobile specially modified for cycle tours.

The vehicle is following us all the time and getting bikes on and off is very easy, so you can relax when you’re tired and ride whenever you’re feeling like doing it.

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