Best Doi Suthep tour (Doi Pui National Park activities)

The best Doi Suthep tour (Doi Pui National Park activities)

The best Doi Suthep tour, Doi Pui National Park activities and attractions.

Introduction to Doi Suthep

It is a national park in Chiang Mai province in Thailand. It consists of a Buddhist temple and a Bhubing palace. This palace was a winter residence of King Bhumibol and his family. It is a protected park with its flora and fauna and habitat.

It is formerly known as Doi Ayo Chang and the present name came after the Hermit Sudeva, who lived for many years on the slopes of the mountain.

This park is located in Chian Mai, only a few kilometers northwest from Chiang Mai city. The park is physically separated into two parts with areas between not managed by the park authorities.

The main attraction of the park is wat Phra Dat Doi Suthep which is built near the peak of Suthep. Few waterfalls, viewpoints, caves are also the main attractions for this park. It is located at the high altitudes and covering about 250 square km. different variety of species and other enjoyable things are present in this park.


The best Doi Suthep tour (Doi Pui National Park activities)


There is also an entrance fee for adults and children. Some extra charges can also be applied if you want to visit other attractions.




It has no long history from ancient times but it is here for centuries. Its old name was Doi Ayo Chang and then that name was changed. The new name is on the name of a hermit who lived in this forest for many years.

Administration i.e. the royal forest department in 1973, proposed that this and other 13 forests be designated as national parks. It became the 24th national park in Thailand in 1981.




It was formerly known as Doi Oi Chang. Then, its name was changed. After 1981, more area was added to this national park and its territory was increased. This mountain is the basic part of this tourist place.




Forest is amazing and the views are awesome. We are advising you to visit this and trekking in this forest. Everyone can start this trekking.

It starts from Doi Pui Hmong village and ends in Ban Mai Sae Mai. A lot of people trek in this beautiful forest.

They travel from village to village and interact with people in different places. Locals welcome the tourists from the depths of their hearts. No one can deny the natural beauty of this national park. All people are under the charm of this place.




At the end of this trekking in Mai Sae village, you can find elephant camping and eagle track ziplines. Mountain biking and ATV tours are also options that should be in a tourist’s mind. The Mae Sae valley has a variety of activities for tourists such as bungy jumping, orchid farms and snake shows as well.




There are several villages in this national park and all are part of tourism. In every village, you will find a new natural thing and sometimes, people provide you amazing things. Different experiences with new things often amaze people in those villages.




The best Doi Suthep tour (Doi Pui National Park activities)


There are three main peaks in the park. 1. Doi Suthep 2. Doi Buakha 3. Doi Pui. These are the main attractions for tourists and many others in this park. Some of the attractions are explained as follows.




This palace was built in 1961. This was built for the royal family and their guests. When the royal family visits to the northern areas of Thailand then this palace is used.

A number of guesthouses are also present there for state officials and other state guests. These are amazing villas and the public is not allowed to enter there except in the palace.

Palace was opened for the public. It generally opens from the morning and closes in the afternoon.

This palace shows the marvelous architecture of Thailand and the greatness of the royal family.

This palace is 4km west of the main Suthep national park.




This is a Buddhist temple and a sacred place. Many shrines and other small temples are also present there. It is structured at the top of that Suthep mountain.

It is about 1055 meters above from sea level. It has a long distance from the main city and a large height also requires a lot of work to reach there.

It is about 14.5km away from the center of the city. Tourists can reach the temple by walking 309 steps steep or by tram.

To maintain the sacredness of the temple, no one with shots and trousers is allowed to enter the temple. Clothes at rent are also available there.

People often go from 5 or 6 am and it closes at night from 6 to 7 pm.




A small waterfall located at the edge of Chiang Mai city. It is famous among the local tourists. It is at the start of the national park.

Many butterflies are there and you can identify a number of different species of butterfly there.




It is located on the north side of the park. A guide is required to reach there otherwise you can be betrayed.

About 7km long circular trail is required to reach there and it is a tiresome work as well. About 200 THB is required to hire a guide for a single group.




it is a site for camping. People often go there and camping. About 405 THB is required to take a complete camp on rent and you can spend your night easily.

Sleeping bags are necessary at night can be cold. Sometimes, its temperature can fall up to 6 degrees Celsius.




Chiang Mai is full of trails. Many trails are not signposted. A guide is necessary as there are cross trails in this park and one can easily get lost. Just one click on the map, you can see these trails.

From all these trails, the monk trail is the best one and well known.




One of the most known trails in Doi Suthep, starting from a trailhead west of Chiang Mai University and ending at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep.


Doi Suthep FOREST


The best Doi Suthep tour (Doi Pui National Park activities)


There are two types of forests on the top. The deciduous forest below about 1000m and evergreen forest above.

The deciduous is further divided into two types. Deciduous-dipterocarp oak forest in the driest areas and mixed evergreen forest around streams and gullies.

Common species are trees of different families. In November, you can observe rare spuria and also Himalayana.


Doi Suthep FAUNA


Wildlife in this national park includes muntjac, common macaque and small mammals. Wildlife in this park is rarely seen though.

This park is a paradise for bird lovers. More than 300 species of birds are present in this park.




The very first thing you will see in this village is Thai Skura, a well-known tree. It is a large tree of pink leaves just like Japanese Skura.

It is looking so charming and beautiful and no one can deny its beauty.

There are bunches of Skura trees in this village and all are important in their own way.

The atmosphere at that place is so romantic, it is good to go there with your loved one.

You both will remember the evergreen beauty of this amazing place.




It is located in the tropical region of the national park forest. If you are going away from this city, you should stop a minute and visit this place last time.

We can’t fill ourselves with the entire beauty of this amazing place.




It is the three steps waterfall. The most amazing and great one waterfall it is. Three steps mean that it has steps and they play an important role in increasing the beauties of this place.




the monument was built in the commemoration of a Buddhist monk, Khru Ba Si Witchai. This is a worth-visiting place as well.

This monk led the local people to built 12 km uphill road to Suthep in 1934.

This monk made the locals active. So that they started to build such a large road.

This road played an important role in promoting tourism in this area.

This place is heaven on earth. If someone is a nature-loving, so visit this place to fill the emptiness of your mind.

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