Awesome Tours to Gili Islands (from Lombok)

Awesome Tours to Gili Islands (from Lombok)

Awesome Tours to Gili Islands (from Lombok)

Gili Islands, one of the most amazing Islands for that unique holiday you’ve always imagined. Although there are other islands of interest like; Bali, Lombok, Nusa Penida, Komodo, Nusa Lembongan, Moyo Island.

Gili is your spot, do you want to know why?

The Island is less rowdy, serene and still has its charm; no motorised transportation, less concrete, no skyscraper buildings.  

How do I get to Gili Islands from Lombok?

  You can take a fast boat from Bali which would stop by Senggigi on the way to Gili Trawangan. The boat stops at Senggigi port, which is located between Kila Hotel and Villa Santosa near the Senggigi peninsula. It is only available in the morning and costs around Rp. 175,000 per person You can also take a private speed boat from Teluk Nara. The service is only available from morning till 5 PM. The price goes for Rp 350,000-500,000 per boat. From Lombok, you can also take a taxi to Bangsal harbour and a boat to Gili Air; you can take a fast boat which is scheduled per hour from Morning till 5 PM it goes for Rp 85,000 per person. Or take a public boat that leaves only when the boat is full. It goes for Rp15,000 per person

You just have to keep on reading this…

It can be very cagey knowing little or nothing about that wonderful place you’ve always heard about. Maybe, you just need that extra opinion to convince you on a trip. well, you have it right here. Hey! Just hold on you’re about to discover how incredible this island is.   Awesome Tours to Gili Islands (from Lombok)

Tours to Gili Islands. Why can’t I just go to Bali?

  Well, I know you’re looking for a very natural spot. A place where you feel some natural energy and vibrancy.

Something serene and close to spiritual?

Same place; as you should know Gili’s still got its charm; it is very less polluted in comparison to similar places of tourism and is still quite full of the earth’s magic. A totally natural scene that is devoid of any obstruction.

Gili can be very bubbly, it can be quiet too.

It depends on which part of Gili suits you and your purpose, the north of the harbour around where Villa Almarik is located is a quiet spot where you can relax and not worry about the wild parties.   The beach in Gili Air also has crystal clear water. The view of the blue clear sea can be calm   Gili also offers a very good view of the sunset.   Now that you have an idea what to expect from Gili, I’m pretty sure you’re buzzing with some excitement already  

Tours to Gili Islands What exactly does Gili have to offer?


Gili has three islands; Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.

  Gili Trawangan is where most travellers settle. It is the biggest and most lively of the island. Nighttime here is very lively as the parties are turned up; it is one of the top places to party in south-east Asia. Accommodation in the area is reasonably affordable. The beach is gorgeous and scuba diving is cheap. Gili Trawangan offers the best snorkelling.   Awesome Tours to Gili Islands (from Lombok)   Gili Air is smaller than Gili Trawangan. It has a higher population minus tourists because the locals prefer the quiet and serenity there. The place has plenty of bars and restaurants, which are quite exquisite. Tourists that don’t like the noise of the Gili Trawangan come here. You can get around Gili air by rented bikes, horse carts or foot. Gili Meno is the smallest and least populated of the three islands. It is for people who want extreme quiet and serenity. Life is a bit more expensive here. There are dive shops that offer PADI certifications and trips to dive sites around Gili. Gili has an amazing view of the sunset and you can’t miss. It is an opportunity for couples especially to mesmerise themselves with the view.  

Tours to Gili Islands. Things to enjoy in Gili Islands


  Scuba diving is one of the major activities on Gili Air. The waters are clear and the water temperature is very comfortable and the sea has plenty of turtles, amazing right? Don’t forget you can also become a certified scuba diver. It is available with a Three-day open watercourse. There are different dive operators to choose from, a friend of mine recommended Ocean 5, they are also a disabled diving centre.  

Gili islands Snorkelling

There are local stores renting snorkel sets. They are various good snorkelling spots around the island. A spot in Gili Meno has underwater statues. It is a major attraction for turtles and fishes. One Manta Dive Resort at Gili Air offers 21 beautiful rooms with air conditioners, hot water and safety box. It’s also got 3 pools and a generator. You can snorkel right in front of the resort.  


The live music offered at bars in Gili is Great, remarkable what other sweet words can I attribute to it. There’s the live performance of mainstream music and the atmosphere seems to amplify the quality of the sounds. Food and Drinks Are Good and cheap. The Raja bar offered a nice atmosphere with fresh quality seafood and friendly staff. It is also has a good view of the sunrise.  


If you want to start yoga or you’re a regular and want to continue the practice. There are some places in Gili where they offer various yoga classes How else do you have an amazing yoga class than in such a blissful environment with the breathtaking view of the sea beyond? SUP Yoga can be more challenging if you dare. I tried H20, a yoga and meditation centre that operates two times a day; yoga classes, workshops and yoga retreats. There’s this treehouse yoga studio in Trawangan I loved the quietness of the area, It is peaceful and not rowdy. The morning classes were awesome with the ocean breeze and the incredible views The classes cost about 100,000 IDR (USD$7 and SUP Yoga around 270,000 IDR (USD$20) plus the board hire.

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