A Complete Guide to Visit Kep

A Complete Guide to Visit Kep

A Complete Guide to Visit Kep

Kep Province Points of Interest

Kep City is a town in Cambodia with the status of a province. Kep is simply a couple of kilometers from the border with Vietnam situated and utilized to be Cambodia’s most famous beach town. However, it has fallen on difficult times during the Khmer Rouge Regime, but now we are all blae to visit this wonderful and peaceful province, so enjoy this complete Guide to Visit Kep. 

A lot of Kep’s, primarily French vacation homes, are deserted, however, a few of the town’s previous splendor is still apparent. At the colony time, many French living in Kampot or Phnom Penh had their holidays home and villas in Kep beach.

Taking a boat to the close-by islands is likewise a spectacular experience. Another travel plan, which needs not to be missed out on, is a trip to the peaceful waterfalls of Tuk Chhou located about 10 km from Kampot. Kep City lies in the Southwest of Phnom Penh. 

The city is accessible by the National Roadway No three from Phnom Penh through Kampot province (173 km) or by the National Roadway No two from Phnom Penh through Takeo province.

Kep is quiet!

However, it is establishing gradually as more visitors go there each year. It is an excellent spot to unwind for a couple of days and delight at a slower speed of life. 

When Phnom Penh weekenders get here in droves to take pleasure in the beachfront, the primary public beach is a large sandy cove and popular with residents and travelers alike, specifically at the weekends.

Kep seems to experience something of a renaissance, with numerous mid-range and high-end guesthouses and cottages just recently opened or still under construction. 

A Complete Guide to Visit Kep

The seafood is cheap, tasty, and abundant

Especially the rather well-known crabs. Kep is likewise house to an extensive national forest covering some mountains with deep green jungle.

The sea is lined with prominent pathways and some big statues that now appear mainly out of place.

 The king developed a palace ignoring the Gulf of Thailand; nonetheless, it was never ever provided and now sits empty. An excellent, paved roadway links the village with the 15km far Kampot. A little darker beaches than in Sihanoukville are primarily spread with mangroves and black rocks. 

However, Koh Tonsay, which means Bunny Island, is simply to reach by boat within an hour and a half.

The French recognized Kep City throughout the colonial time in 1908. Today Kep is generally favored to the domestic travelers, who pick Kep as their vacation location. What is more, Kep uses excellent seafood and spectacular views of the mountains and the beaches.

Particularly throughout the 1960s, during the time of Sang Kum Reas Ni Yum, the city was established as a stunning seaside traveler resort for the abundant and federal government.

The history related to the name of Kep stated that there was a king called Sa Kor Reach, who had a magnificent spell. He put a sleeping spell on a leader at Angkor Thum, than took the leader’s white horse and run away together with his troop to the Southwestern beachfront.


Guide to Visit Kep. Living in Kep Cambodia

Kampot is simply a couple of kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand, but it is still a drowsy riverside town; a lot of the guesthouses and hotels are positioned on the Kampot River.

It is an up-and-coming traveler location, and expats are likewise rapidly finding its appeals. Its small-town feel and low-cost real estate make the town ripe for an increase of immigrants.

Kep was when Cambodia’s leading seaside resort, however much of it was damaged throughout the Khmer Rouge duration. You can still see burned-out estates dotting the town.

Kep is just now ending up being a popular traveler destination, and the majority of the expats who are living here are running guesthouses or otherwise operating in the tourist market.

Kep is understood for having the very best seafood in the nation.

Very clear fact after you try the first seafood restaurant!

 Peaceful Kampot and Kep are gradually acquiring traction with foreign expats, because of their gorgeous surroundings, offered land, and slowly enhancing facilities.

There are not many task chances here, although a variety of Christian NGOs call Kampot house. For those who discover Phnom Penh hectic and too loud, Kep and Kampot each deal a better, and more unwinded way of life.

The Weather Condition in Kep, Cambodia

Cambodia can be checked out throughout the year. Those strategies to take a trip thoroughly by roadway must be prevented in the last two months of the wet season when some countryside roadways might be blockaded.

The average temperature level has to do with 27 degrees Celsius; the minimum temperature level has to do with 16 degrees. From December and January are noticed as the coldest months, whereas the most popular in April.

  • Cold season (in Cambodia): November- March (20-26c).

  • Hot season: March-May (29c -34 c).

  • Wet season: May-October (22-30c, with humidity as much as 90%.).

Guide to Visit Kep. General Details About the Environment in Kep Cambodia

The old colonial beach resort of Kep province is simply a short tuk-tuk distance from Kampot (about 30 minutes). It deserves a see to walk the gorgeous National forest or take a poke around a few of the decomposing pre-war french rental properties, all of which were ruined by the Khmer Rouge.

Kep is a seaside town situated on a group of hills decreasing to the beach. Vietnamese and Cambodian islands are simply oceanic. Kep is just a half-hour drive from Kampot and Vietnamese border, and 2 hours from Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

Cottages, hotels, rental properties, and guesthouses lie on the hillside and the beaches. Primarily a location for relaxation, delighting in fresh seafood, choosing strolls, traveling through the hills, boating, fishing and island journeys, cycling and mountain cycling, resting on the beach, and as a stopover en route to or from Vietnam.

Yummy mixed drinks, white wines, beers, spirits, and sodas will match all budget plans, and a natural choice of treats and ice creams are offered. If you elegant waking up in this terrific waterside area, one guestroom B&B is provided on the website!

The sundowns are remarkable, as is the food. Anticipate an abundance of fresh prawn, steamed shrimp, fried squid, and the well-known Crab with Regional Pepper ( cost any of the coffee shops at the Crab Market neglecting the ocean) will have the foodies among you in raptures!

Kep Beach: Party on the Beach is What Kep Famous for

Kep Cambodia Hotels

Regardless of Kep being quiet, there is an entire load of lodging choices to select for your itinerary. Varying from the budget plan (Tree Leading Cottages provide 21 wood cottages and two tree leading homes on a gigantic fruit farm from USD 5-25 a night, and the friendly Kepmandou from $3 a night) to (a lot) at high-end, such as Terrace Natural Resort. It is a unique nature retreat nestled in a peaceful hillside, with high-end private cottages.

Eat and Drink in Kep Province, Cambodia.

Kep Independence monument

There is likewise an increasing variety of dining establishments and bars turning up, all of which are exceptional. The Waterside Beach Club and Lounge Bar provide a beautiful cooled beachfront setting with totally free sunbeds, beach huts, visitor shower, and WIFI and its own tidy, peaceful sandy beach with gorgeous views over the Cambodian islands.

Next to the lucrative fruit cropping such as coconut, durian or mango Kampot Pepper, which is likewise grown in Kep, has been renowned for years as one of the very best peppers worldwide. This pepper has an incredibly unique flavor and odor, mainly when its fresh gathered.

It establishes a fascinating fragrance, robust, fragrant, and fragile. It is popular in the world and exported to lots of nations. Kep likewise attempts increasingly more to concentrate on the traveler sector as there is instead a great deal of interest by regional individuals and by immigrants who still can find Kep and its rural countryside as a natural, docile, and remote location being positioned on the gorgeous coastal line of Cambodia.

We would likewise suggest the preferred Kep Lodge, located listed below Kep National forest with stunning ocean views, an infinity salt-water swimming pool, complimentary bikes, a dining establishment serving Khmer and Swiss specialties, and outstanding WiFi.

For more seafood dining, do not miss out on Holy Crab at The Crab Market, which serves Khmer and Western food, and yep, you thought it, crab! Knai Bang Chatt, a high-end dining establishment offering great dining next to the sea, is worth a checkout.

Guide to Visit Kep. Kep Pepper Farms

Pepper Plantation is the most magnificent natural peppercorn farm in Asia, set in the middle of the spectacular wide-open countryside.

Surrounded by the sea, the Kampot pepper growing location has a remarkable environment as concerns direct exposure to the sun, ocean breeze, the quality of the land, and rains throughout the rainy season.

In 2018, the Genuine Premium Kampot Pepper production reached 73 heaps and increased to 90 lots in 2019.

Throughout the civil war in the 1970s, pepper growing was deserted. When the households of generations of pepper planters started to return to their lands, it slowly began once again from 2000 onwards. Kampot pepper is grown utilizing conventional ancestral approaches.

New business outlets are making it possible for these households to bring back plantations, and brand-new plantations have actually likewise been developed just recently.

Today, if you stroll in the Kampot and Kep countryside, you will observe a great deal of brand-new pepper plantations emerging. The renaissance of Kampot pepper remains at full speed.

This area is renowned for the appeal of its farming landscapes, with palm trees showing in the rice fields at sundown, fruit trees (mango, durian) heavy with fruit, and magnificent pepper trees increasing towards the sun. It is likewise renowned for its lifestyle and the smiling welcome of its residents.

Kampot Pepper takes its name from the province of Kampot, in south-west Cambodia, some 140 kilometers from the capital of Phnom Penh. The pepper growing location of Kampot covers six districts situated in the province of Kampot, which of Kep (which was just recently separated from Kampot).

The area now boasts numerous hundred plantations, varying from family-run farms, with several hundred poles, to plantations covering more than 20 hectares.

Sothy’s makes all three kinds of pepper on their natural farm. Throughout the trip, you will discover and see this procedure in more depth. Since you will be consuming Kampot pepper on numerous meals throughout your time in Cambodia, it is actually intriguing to discover the process.

It is understood as Kampot pepper; the natural pepper farms are quickly available from Kep through tuk-tuk (a little motorized car) or motorcycle. The drive to the farms takes around twenty minutes. Among the most popular pepper farms to check out is Sothy’s Pepper Farm.

While unripe peppercorns are green, all kinds of pepper originated from the same type of peppercorns. Unripe green peppercorns are gathered, boiled for 2 minutes, and sun-dried for a week.

This makes black pepper. When you take the black skin off, you can make white pepper, which is less hot. They will be red when peppercorns are ripe. These red peppercorns are gathered, boiled for 2 minutes, and sun-dried for a week to produce red pepper.

Trips at Sothy’s are totally free; however, you might wish to tip your guide. Throughout the journey, you will discover how to grow peppercorns. After developing for three years, peppercorn vines might be cultivated for twenty years if they are adequately looked after.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm. My favorite farm to visit in Kep!


Sorn Sothy and Sothy Pepper Farm

Jut a 25 minutes Tuk Tuk drive from Kep beach!

Sothy Pepper Farm Educational

More than expanding pepper, Sothy’s Pepper Farm intends to enlighten the world concerning the subtleties of a seasoning that’s frequently considered provided, and win global acknowledgment for the specifically exceptional pepper grown in the Kampot-Kep area.


The importance of Sothy Pepper Farm!

As a matter of fact, the ranch is currently part of the official Kampot pepper geographic area– the very first officially secured geographical appellation for any Cambodian product.

The product I find the most interesting of Sothy Pepper Farm

A scenic tour in the Pepper Farm

Sothy’s site says trips are also supplied in German, Spanish, Japanese, and also Vietnamese as well as Khmer.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm began, in this form, on 11 March 2013, when SORN Sothy took it over from its former owner, that had actually grown what is currently our major pepper area in 2007. Another pepper area had actually been added in 2011, and also, the 3rd area was included in September 2013.

The overall area is a little over 2 hectares.

In large part, the Farmland is covered by fruit trees, Rambutan, Durian, as well as Mangoes. The Durian trees are anticipated to begin yielding their fruits just in 2015.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm is devoted not just to create pepper and other fruits but is also committed to sharing info about the Farm collaboration with its visitors. The Farm gives totally free Pepper Tours to our site visitors in English, however also in Cambodian-Khmer, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and also Vietnamese.


Kampot Pepper is the very first Cambodian product to take advantage of the World Trade Association status of Protected Geographical Indication, like, to make use of widely known examples, Champagne from the area of the Champagne in France, Italian products like the Parma Ham.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm is a member of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association.

All participants comply with the guidelines of the French organization EcoCert.

The Farm is certified to comply with environmentally oriented treatments: the Farm also does not make use of chemical plant foods, neither uses chemical pesticides to control some pests which do damages to the pepper plants, yet utilizes particular neighborhood plants to make our own pesticides.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm is also adhering to other objectives of utilizing natural deposits: power on the farm is generated by photovoltaic panels and by a wind generator.

At present, likewise, an easy bamboo hut thatched with coco hand leaves is being included, in reaction to the concerns by lots of site visitors if there is likewise the opportunity to stay here overnight.

Sothy’s Pepper Farm map

Things To Do in Kep.

Kep National Park

Many visitors to Kep do a little bit more than consume crab, relax on the beach, and take pleasure in sundowners.

If you have currently tried all of those alternatives, just turn around, and you will see that right behind you is a jungle, Kep National Park, that is house to traveling and strolling (or moto) routes, serene surroundings, and beautiful vistas.

Just recently, nevertheless, many visitors handled to get off the bed in the early morning and take extremely pleasurable morning trek that was well worth the early start and aching feet later on.

The primary entryway is simply behind Terrace Natural Resort; however, there is gain access to point behind Kep Lodge too.

The entryway cost is $1 for immigrants, and even though there is an unmanned barrier behind Kep Lodge, a ranger will most likely discover you and take your entryway charge later.

The primary circuit around the park is a simple 8-kilometer track (about 5 miles). It is possible to take a moto around it; however, where is the experience that you wish to remember?

Take your own materials, as there are no locations to purchase food or beverage on the path. (except for Led Zep Coffee shop, which likewise has complimentary maps of the park). It takes 2 to 3 hours if you wish to do the entire path, and more at a leisurely speed. And ensure you have time to return before nighttime, around 6 pm — no lights in the park.

Great deals of unique birds, monkeys, and other little animals that you will not see in the area. Signposts around the tracks ( think thanks to Led Zep Coffee Shop). Several Buddhist pagodas, and great views of Cambodia (and Vietnam).

You can sneak in any location around the park (about 25 kilometers around) and walk, however without a path or roadway, make sure that you’re not going too far.

A very nice place to stay in comfortable bungalows very near the entrance of the National Park:

Bird of Paradise Bungalows

A Must See! The Kampong Trach Wat

Jut a 40 minutes Tuk Tuk drive from Kep beach!

The Kampong Trach Wat

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

The trip from Kampot to the major community goes through some stunning backwoods.

There is a brand-new side street to Kampong Trach town that skirts the base of Phnom Voar, (where the sufferers of the 1994 Khmer Rouge kidnappings were held.)

These hill locations of Kampong Trach was just one of the last Khmer Rouge holdouts. Kampong Trach community is small and relatively dull. The location’s main attraction is a collection of sedimentary rock caverns and tubes that have been carved.into a neighboring mountain.

The roofing of a big collapse the center of a mountain has fallen down, making a small, enclosed forest.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

Pagodas and also temples have actually been built amongst the caverns, attending to some superb photo opportunities. Bring a flashlight and also use great strolling shoes.

It is not an uncomplicated path as well as it might be far better. Set aside the bulk of a half-day to dedicate to the journey to the caves as well, and back.

Pretty vacant on weekdays, more people on the weekend breaks and holidays.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

You can get here by automobile, van, motodup (motorbike taxi), or tuk-tuk (cart pulled by a motorcycle), yet the best way to obtain below gets on your bike (automatic scooter) that you lease in the area for $5 a day.

No charges to get in here, however at the Wat, you might wish to make a $1 or even more donation for the upkeep of the Wat and caverns.

Two tourist attractions out right here. When you get to the mountains visualized below, you turn right for a one min flight to a Wat (you understand, like Angkor Wat). To the left, a few mins is a cavern you have to stroll down one minute, and also can swim, or walk up a mountain a number of minutes to a little cave, yet with a great view.

At the Kampong Trach Wat, you’ll intend to obtain drinks and also a meal. Mineral water is 12 cents, as well as 75 cents for a rice meal or fried noodles with veggies and an egg.

A couple of horse carts provide countryside scenic tours for $5 as well as up. A new Wat they’re building, as well as an old Wat have some intriguing paintings and statues.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

The entryway to the cavern is a small gateway, as well as you go down a few steps to a very boring cave. Get your flashlight out, and perambulate 20 seconds through the cave. That’s all we’ll state for now. Really fascinating beyond.

The Swimming Cave gets on the other side of the mountain, concerning a 3-minute drive from the Wat. You can stroll down to the cavern and also swim in freshwater, or walk up a path on the mountain a number of minutes, to a not so interesting cavern, but with great views.

You can see numerous sedimentary rock hills around, and these are all filled with small caves at the base of the mountain, as well as going up.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

The area’s main destination is a collection of limestone caves as well as tubes that have actually been carved.into a nearby hill. The roofing system of a big cavern in the facility of a mountain has actually fallen down, making a tiny, encased jungle.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

To the left, a couple of mins is a cave you have to stroll down one minute and also can go swimming, or stroll up a hill a couple of mins to a small cave, however with a great sight.

The entry to the cave is a little entrance, as well as you go down a few actions to a very dull cavern. Get your flashlight out, and also stroll around 20 secs via the cave.

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

The Kampong Trach Wat map

Very interesting attractions to visit nearby The Kampong Trach Wat are also:

  1. The Kampong Trach Water Cave
  2. Sankar Sana Cave

Koh Tonsay Trips from Kep

Travelling, caverns, and checking out: Check out the limestone caves or trek to the top of Phnom Salei (in the mountain locations of Kampong Trach). Take a look at this motorcycle trip of Kampong Trach, which begins in close-by Kampot.

Cambodia’s islands are a delicate paradise, quickly losing their backpacker ambiance, so the time to visit them is Take the 30-minute boat trip to Bunny Island (Koh Tonsay). We would undoubtedly advise remaining overnight!

Take a stroll: Stroll along the long boardwalk ignoring the sea, stopping at The Crab Market, or a few of the coffee shops near the pier, where you can likewise relax in hammocks and look out onto the ocean.

How To Go From Phnom Penh or Kampot to Kep Beach?

From Phnom Penh (3-5 hours): Buses leave the city two times daily, at around 7 am and 1 pm. Some buses go through Kampot.

From Kampot (30-45 minutes), 25km away, this journey needs to take 30-45minutes and is paved and smooth. A good one to travel by motorcycle.

You can get a taxi on the street or order a bigger SUV taxi online. Anticipate the journey to take 3-4 hours, depending upon the number of stops you make along the way.

Kep likewise attempts more and more to focus on the traveler sector as there is much interest in regional individuals and by immigrants who still can find Kep and its rural countryside as an extremely original, docile, and remote location, which is located on the stunning coastal line of Cambodia.

You have second alternatives if you wish to receive from Phnom Penh to Kep: you can take a bus for 4 hours or a taxi for 3-4 hours. Rates are between $7 and $40.

Taking the bus is rather practical and, likewise, the most affordable choice to reach Kep from Phnom Penh. We advise you to take a trip with Cambodia Post or Giant Ibis; however, there are other businesses that you can choose.

PassApp Kampot

Tuk-Tuks are common in Cambodia and, without a doubt, the simplest method to navigate the capital city of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap city, and other cities and towns. Working out fares and describing instructions to motorists who you typically can’t interact with (and who often can’t check out maps) can be truly aggravating.

Pass App presently operates in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kampong Cham, and Kampot, with more places to present in the future.

Pass App Cambodia is a trip hailing app that makes it simpler to discover a tuk-tuk or taxi. It was established in Phnom Penh, making it the only regional app of its kind. For this reason, it’s more popular amongst residents than the primary rival, Grab. It likewise has a more prominent associate of motorists.

YOu can use both PassApp or a Tuk Tuk from your Hotel to visit all around Kep!


Useful Functions about PassApp Cambodia

It’s quick. The longest I have actually needed to wait on a tuk-tuk is 2 minutes (and the fastest I waited was 15 seconds!). There are fixed fares. No more bargaining over cash or succumbing to double prices.

You input your location on a map, and there is no requirement to discuss instructions to your motorist. After your trip, you get a billing directly to your email. It is excellent if you’re budget-savvy or you require to keep tax invoices.

In general, utilizing Pass App Cambodia has actually made my time here a lot simpler. There are some drawbacks to the platform, too.

When Pass App got here in Cambodia, it brought with it a brand-new fleet of rickshaws or apes– enclosed three-wheeler lorries that are incredibly various to standard Khmer tuk-tuks. I like riding in these far better, as you feel less exposed.

There’s no choice to pre-order a trip. You can get just an instantaneous book.

You can just pay for cash. Unlike Grab, you can’t connect your charge card to your account. ( Regional users can get in touch with Wing.).

The business’s reporting and feedback systems are really weak (although I anticipate this will improve with time).


Is PassApp in Kep safe?

With Pass App, you have the choice to include an emergency situation SOS contact to your profile. Before you leave Cambodia, keep in mind to erase your account.

With Pass App, you have the alternative to include an emergency situation SOS contact to your profile.

I likewise advise against including a profile image (there’s no requirement) and suggest utilizing a label instead of your complete name. Before you leave Cambodia, keep in mind to erase your account.

In my mind, taking a trip with a tuk-tuk scheduled through Pass App is no various to hailing a chauffeur off the street. I feel much safer understanding my path is being tracked, and my chauffeur understands precisely where they ought to be heading.

Pocket pickers are still a huge issue in some cities in Cambodia, and it’s not unusual for individuals ( specifically travelers, however residents too) to be targeted while they’re riding in a tuk-tuk.

Kep Cambodia Map

Kep amazing memories

What is important to know about Kampong Trach Wat?

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